It was a perfect sunny day, this past Saturday, for porn superstar Ron Jeremy, sex kitten Obsession and ‘freaks of the industry’ Shock G (Humpty Hump) and Money B of Digital Underground, to throw a release party for their DVD titled, “Sex and the Studio.” This is a Vol. 1 edition of the first ever adult music video magazine which features Naughty By Nature, Caramel, De La Soul, Bishop Magic Don Juan, Tiffany Mason, Rass Kass, Lacey Duvalle, Joey Buttafuco and more. You’d remember Ron Jeremy isn’t a stranger to the hip hop world, since in he paired with DJ Polo of Kool G Rap fame to release an album back in the mid 1990s. Today, although with the ratio of men to women being about 10 to 1, the freaky atmosphere of naked women soaking in the attached Jacuzzi, sex Olympics of all sorts for these professionals to display their ‘talents’ and the many secret doors leading to who knows what, still turntablists such as DJ Fuse, DJ Dense and others took turns on the decks of this multi-story mansion. This was definitely the place to be at on the weekend.

Beginning at 2pm and supposedly scheduled to finish at 2am, this wasn’t your average release party. To get to this event, you would have to drive to the Valley then park your car in a lot. A shuttle bus would then take you on a roller coaster-like ride high into the Hollywood Hills towards a mansion overlooking the entire city. Security was tight. And by the look on their faces, some seemed upset that we’d get the opportunity to enter into a world they probably preferred to take the day off for. Most of the freaks either were in or near the pool, or walking around in dripping robes covering their naked and damp bodies. With West Coast hip hop banging in the atmosphere, most of the action took place poolside with masturbation and dick-sucking competitions being the highlight of the night, at least for us innocent onlookers. For those that took a chance to slip into those secret doors, pulled their pants down on the dance floor and for the professionals being filmed in upstairs locations, their highlights would be much different of course.

Various fully-clothed male porn stars, members of The Luniz, Outsidaz and honorable hosts Shock G and Money B seemed busy running around back and forth, trying to handle their business, but then again, who was keeping eye on these cats all night really?