Stones Throw Records‘ store has recently announced that Edan’s new album Echo Party will be released by December [click here]. The vinyl version of the album will also feature hand-drawn covers, while the music is a  slew of classic old school Rap records that Edan has transformed into something new.

The project finds Edan going into Traffic Entertainment Group’s back catalog where he was given freedom to use work from old school Rap labels like Chocolate Star and Magic Records and a few others to modernize as he pleased. Using tape echo, guitar and kazoos, among other instruments, he was able to craft half an hour of new material.

Taking the time to make sure the packaging is done, he has also decided to hand-draw every LP cover. They will come in a limited supply as only 1,000 will be made. The CD also comes with a 12 page book, one that details what the listener is hearing as the album plays.

This is Edan‘s last album since the acclaimed 2005 album Beauty & The Beat [click to read].

Echo Party will be released November 23. LP’s should arrive at with CD’s arriving soon after.