Controversy surrounding an impromptu Beanie Sigel [click to read] appearance during a Jay-Z [click to read] concert in Philadelphia on Friday suggests a latent diss towards Hov.

After being brought on stage by label mate Jadakiss [click to read], who Sigel at one point and time had beef with, the Philadelphia native, did a short set, performing his own 2005 hit single “Feel It In The Air” and a rewritten version of Jay-Zs Blueprint 3 introduction.

Jays original verse reads “Grown men, they want me to sit them on my lap / But I ain’t got no beard and Santa Claus ain’t black.” Following Sigels revised,  acapella version, rumors indicate that his implication was that he isn’t on Santa‘s, or Jay-Zs, sack and that Santa can’t come in his house.

Beans, who has been signed to Roc-A-Fella Records since 1998, spoke highly of Jigga and Blueprint 3. In a recent interview with radio personality Jenny Boom Boom of Hartford, Connecticut’s Hot 93.7, Sigel confessed “I ain’t make it past the intro yet. To me, I think this joint might be it. I like it better than American Gangster.”

Video footage from Sigels surprise performance of “Feel It In The Air” surfaced on the web shortly thereafter also draws speculation as he recites the end of the first verse, “I read between the lines of your eyes and your brows / Your handshake ain’t match your smile / These niggas foul… Already.” Just before departing the stage, Sigel yelled to the crowd, “Love y’all, Philly. This is my muthafuckin’ house. I run this town tonight!” which is the title of Jay-Zs single, “Run This Town” [click to read] featuring Kanye West and Rihanna.

Whether or not this was a diss towards Jay or an admiration of his work and respect to Sigels hometown of Philly has yet to be confirmed. JayZ is scheduled to perform tonight in Amherst, Massachusetts at the Mullins Center.