Since its unveiling at the 2009 Sundance Festival earlier this year, Black Dynamite [click to read] has been well-received by large audiences. Aside from the captivating spoof plot and prototypal theme of blaxploitation films in the ’70s, the music behind the motion picture is both authentic and inventive.

In an interview with HipHopDX, editor and composer Adrian Younge, opened up about the making of the official Black Dynamite score. “Hip Hop has served as the generational bridge to the forgotten art of vintage recording and dark soul music. The creativity and recording ingenuity embedded within these vintage recordings is amazing,” expressed the multi-instrumentalist.

Embarking on the Black Dynamite score three years ago, Younge played several instruments ranging from a cello, Fender Rhodes, flute and drums, as well as an assortment of guitars including bass guitar, electric and acoustic. Furthermore, he recorded everything analog and used recording equipment and instruments dated between 1968-1974. “The music of these films were essential in creating the mood,” said Younge, “I tried to score the movie as they would have done so back then,” he continued.

Noting artists such as Ennio Morricone, Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes and Barry White as influences, Younge expressed how he was able to combine that with Hip Hop, capturing both elements. “Deejaying and studying the breaks, he revealed, “you have to study old music in order to make it, explore the composition, recording and playing perspectives of the time. I had to know the recording and playing limitations that existed during this golden era of vintage soul,” he said.

Currently, Younge is planning distribution for the 2007 documentary he wrote and directed titled Respond to Sound II, which depicts the evolution of black American street dancing from 1760-1960. The documentary, which features both footage and commentary from KRS-One [click to read], Black Eyed Peas [click to read], Sammy Davis Jr. and more, is slated to be released via Wax Poetics.

Black Dynamite
is currently in theaters in select cities and the official Black Dynamite soundtrack is available now on iTunes and Amazon via Wax Poetics Records.