Fetty Wap has updated fans on his current condition inside a federal prison while he waits for his drug trafficking case to begin.

On Tuesday (October 18), an audio clip surfaced online of the “Trap Queen” rapper seemingly in good spirits and thanking fans for all the support they’ve been showing him since he was arrested on federal drug charges ahead of his performance at Rolling Loud in October 2021 in Queens, New York.



“Ayo, yo, what’s good, man, you already know it’s your boy Fetty Wap 1738, you heard,” Fetty Wap said. “I just want to thank all the fans. You feel me? All the fans showing me love, sending all the reels and the stories and everything and all the tags, photos and everything like that you heard.

“You know I got my head up always, you know what I’m saying? Like never bent, never fold, I love y’all thank y’all for everything you know what I’m saying.”

The audio comes weeks after a picture popped up online of Fetty Wap wearing a brown prison jumpsuit and posing next to three other inmates. The New Jersey native was reportedly being held at a special housing unit at a federal jail in Brooklyn.

Fetty Wap was out on $500,000 bond but had been arrested on August 8 for his role on a FaceTime call in December 2021, where he allegedly threatened to kill another man. Fetty broke the conditions of his release and New Jersey state law, leading Magistrate Judge Steven Locke to send him back to jail, where he is still waiting to start his trial in Central Islip Federal Court.

Fetty Wap Thanks Fans For Support Following Multi-Million Dollar Drug Bust

The rapper pleaded guilty on August 22 to federal drug charges in connection to his interstate drug trafficking case. He was in Long Island Federal Court, where he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possess and distribute 500 grams of cocaine, according to the New York Daily News.

The guilty plea comes with a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison and a maximum of 40 years. “I agreed with other people to distribute cocaine,” Fetty told the judge during the hearing. “Guilty.”



Despite seemingly being in good spirits in the prison photo and the most recent audio clip, Fetty’s lawyer Elizabeth Macedonio explained during his guilty plea that she was “very concerned about his housing” and that he was subject to the “harshest of conditions.”

She also requested his transfer to another jail while he waits for sentencing, but prosecutors say the decision to move Fetty to another prison facility is in the hands of the Bureau of Prisons and the US Marshals Service.