Cam’ron has taken shots at Los Angeles Lakers forward Anthony Davis over an old video from his days at the University of Kentucky.

During a segment on his sports talk show, It Is What It Is, Killa Cam set his sights on the eight-time NBA All-Star after he stumbled upon a video of him getting harassed by his Kentucky Wildcats teammates during his freshmen season in 2011.

In the video, Davis can be seen scouring on the locker room floor, wrapped in a towel, while one of his teammates attempts to disrobe him. At one point, one of the teammates slaps Davis’ bare backside as the future NBA champion looks into the camera and sticks his tongue out.

Cam wasn’t too fond of the footage, and posted it on Instagram along with another clip of him dragging Davis for never being fully healthy throughout his NBA career. According to the Dipset MC, AD hasn’t played a full season because he’s too busy taking part in “extracurricular activities.”

“@itiswhatitis_talk found out why AD hasn’t played a full season yet (frame 2) his extra curricular activities are wild pauuuuussseeeeee,” Cam wrote in his caption. “Did the n-gga say.. ‘get his ass’? And did AD say ‘I love it’?”

He added: “Ima call @mavcarter about this Yo @bubbadub94 what’s wit n-ggas on ya team bro? Lake show gettin too freaky And out ya tongue back in ya mouth n-gga.”

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Cam’ron continued to eviscerate Anthony Davis’ injury record and even mentioned his Lakers teammate LeBron James to make his point. Bron spends millions of dollars in the off-season to protect his body, and Cam believes there’s no reason Davis can’t do the same.

“Get it together in the offseason, how about that?” Cam said during his show. “You always hurt. You ain’t play 82 games yet. I think you played 82 games never in 15 seasons, 12 seasons, however many fucking seasons you been here. Mind you, LeBron is spending $2.5 million on his body, pause, in the offseason to make sure he’s in shape. Meanwhile, you can’t do shit but grow a unibrow.”

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Anthony Davis isn’t the only NBA player to catch a stray from Cam’ron on his sports talk show. Last month, the Harlem native let it be known he’s not a fan of Chris Paul despite him having a Hall of Fame career.

“I don’t trust Chris Paul, he’s a jinx, and he’s a habitual nut puncher –pause,” Cam wrote on Instagram while sharing a still from a YouTube video titled “Chris Paul Cock Puncher.” “It’s crazy he has several videos on the tube doing this. This concerns me. @itiswhatitis_talk airs tonite.”