Blueface has taunted his girlfriend Chrisean Rock in a new Twitter rant that heard him refer to his baby mother as an ideal woman.

On Tuesday (January 18), the “Thotiana” rapper hopped on Twitter to vent about Chrisean and their rocky relationship that has been in the public eye ever since they made things official in 2020.

“Food for thought: rock didn’t fight or attempt to fight anyone in her family for me her explanation ‘i don’t agree with fighting my family’ but volunteer me to fight mine when put in the same uncomfortable position that’s crazy work stand on yo principles or be held accountable,” Blueface tweeted.

He continued: “It’s no beef my only point is don’t volunteer me to do some you wouldn’t volunteer yourself to do the truth could never be disrespect #accountability.

“If we pull up to a bank an you say hey you should go in there an rob it so I rob the bank successfully we pull up to da next bank an I say Ight it’s your turn an you say Im against robbing that’s a red flag I’m getting out the car.”

He then referenced his baby mother stating: “I’m so glad I got 1 BM an she a good one thank you Jesus.”

In the midst of Blueface’s tweets, Chrisean snuck in a few of her own to defend herself from her man’s rant. According to the up-and-coming rapper, she’s heartbroken and tired of Blueface mentioning the mother of his child.

“Not Finna beef with a n-gga on Twitter pull up. I’m not Finna have u use me as bait n let you side with ppl dat hate me,” Chrisean wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “Stop calling me rock it’s chrisean weird ass n-gga. Stop tweeting about me wen u can go be Blueface n be whatever n do whatever.”

She continued: “Leave chrisean out of the Twitter finger shit. You Not worried bout my mental health/ spirit rn. You a man tht break me apart bit by bit wen I’m at our house depress sleeping.”

Chrisean returned with some more tweets that are still on her page as of press time that called out Blueface for throwing his baby mother into the mix. She also called out the rapper for constructing all his tweets while laying down with her.

“All dis tweeting shit bout a bm is just so weird stop trynna make me mad clearly da shit u say ain’t really bothering me it’s just making u look vulnerable for the wrong reasons,” she tweeted.

In a second tweet, she wrote: “Tweeting but literally laying right next to me crazy.”

Blueface and Chrisean Rock have one of the most tumultuous relationships in Hip Hop. Their relationship has been so wild, Blueface and Chrisean have allowed The Zeus Network to document their lives on the show Crazy In Love.

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In one of the episodes, Wack 100 confronted the two about their relationship and how much of a distraction it’s been on Blueface’s career. Clips from the new episode surfaced online, showing the three having a meeting at a studio of some sort, and Wack wasted no time speaking to the couple about their wild relationship.

Meanwhile, Wack 100 has continued to troll Gunna by helping pen a new song he says is “inspired” by the rapper’s recent plea deal he took ahead of YSL’s RICO trial.

In a studio session broadcasted by Wack on his Instagram page on Tuesday (January 17), he played through a new track by his artist Yung Magnificent, and said the hook (“Told the truth on the stand he ain’t lie on time“) was inspired by Gunna’s recent actions.