These days, you can find everything on the ‘Gram. From updates about your favorite artists to discovering the future of the culture in pretty much every corner of the app itself, no moment goes unnoticed in a mass media driven world. Instagram has long been a mainstay for photographers and video lovers alike, but the app also serves a very special purpose for musicians, celebrities and anyone who wants to get their voice heard and connect with each other.

This week’s edition of Instagram Flexin’ includes Omarion joking about B2K’s upcoming tour and new music from Lil Xan.

Omarion’s Rules For B2K Reunion Tour

Omarion tells post-2000 babies to stay home and jokes about a dress code for the Millennium Tour.

Chief Keef’s Baby Mama Puts Him On Blast

Mila airs out the drill rapper, claiming he’s a deadbeat dad.

Swae Lee’s Got Vocals

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The Star “Swaengled” Banner ??

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Swae Lee sings his rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Lil Xan To Release New Single

Lil Xan will drop a song and video at the top of the year.

Chris Brown Charged With Illegal Possession Of Monkey

CB finds himself in legal trouble again, this time from an Instagram post. A video of his daughter holding a monkey has resulted in two misdemeanor counts for possession of a capuchin monkey without a permit.

Gucci Mane Flexes Basketball Skills

Guwop is practicing for a Master P-style run on the court.