On 6LACK’s soon-to-be critically acclaimed sophomore effort, East Atlanta Love Letter, there’s a lot of cocksure confidence the R&B rapper splices throughout engaging album with along the way.

This includes the deep-album cut, “Nonchalant,” which could possibly include some choice lyrics towards his direct competition and counterpart, Bryson Tiller.

Midway through the song, the dual-threat spits cleverness such as, “If you down and you need a lil’ help, it’s a way/If you hatin’ and you feelin’ insecure, Issa Rae/I’m somewhere between humble and hell nah /These niggas drop their second album then fell off.”

I'm somewhere between humble and hell nah<br> These niggas drop their second album then fell off
― 6LACK – Nonchalant

Also, during the song’s onset, 6LACK makes it clear that he’s sick and tired of the “sneak dissing.”

When one takes into consideration the ready-made comparisons between the R&B crooners (top-level writing, trap-n-soul sensibilities, etc.), that “second album” dig feels mighty particular.

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Despite debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and eventually being certified Gold, Tiller’s sophomore effort, True to Self, was met with lukewarm reactions — especially on social media — and even prompted a mea culpa from the “Don’t” singer himself.

6LACK and Tiller have never had any sort of public altercation, and the sly jab may either be an assertion for R&B dominance or rebuttal towards the unspecified sneak dissing.

At any rate, it will be interesting to see if Tiller ever addresses the cypher or non-cipher, seeing that the Kentucky native is generally reserved in every aspect of his artistry.

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