PARTYNEXTDOOR got social media buzzing this week after calling out an unidentified artist for being a culture vulture. The writer behind Rihanna’s hit single “Work” went on Snapchat to fire shots at somebody, leading to wild speculation by fans.

“The game done changed, man,” PND said. “You better learn how to sing, boy. We gon’ culture vulture your shit. Write the shit for you, sing it better than you.”

With rumors flying around multiple artists and PARTYNEXTDOOR doing nothing to quiet them, HipHopDX takes a look at the potential targets of PND’s rage and examines the merit of the conjecture surrounding the prime suspects.

Bryson Tiller

Pen Griffey appears to be the most likely candidate to provoke a reaction from PARTYNEXTDOOR. The video was posted on the heels of Tiller’s True to Self album release, which may have sparked the vitriol. The LP has not received the same overwhelming love that Tiller’s debut T R A P S O U L did, and PND could be calling out the lackluster performance. The two have similar styles, so PND may feel like he’s been the victim of biting.


Drizzy is always a popular choice of fans when an artist disses an unnamed artist. While many fans are speculating that PARTYNEXTDOOR is calling out Drake, it is far-fetched at best. PND was the first artist signed to Drake’s OVO Sound label and remains on the imprint to this day. The two just collaborated on “Since Way Back” from Drake’s More Life playlist, adding more doubt to the validity of such claims. Unless PND is orchestrating some grand plan to get dropped from the label, it’s complete nonsense to think he’s calling out Drake.


PARTYNEXTDOOR and Jeremih’s co-headlining Summer’s Over Tour didn’t go well. The latter got kicked off the tour due to his antics, which included him criticizing PND in the middle of a show in Dallas. It’s certainly possible that PND is still upset by Jeremih’s behavior and decided to air him out. Jeremih has claimed things are cool between them though. In an interview with Complex, he said there was no beef.

“I don’t have no issues with Party,” Jeremih said. “That was my first tour, besides the J. Cole tour, that I had been on. There’s a lot that I had to learn. And it was one of those things where our teams had differences, not necessarily me and him. Ain’t nothing against me or Party right now. If I bumped into him right now, I don’t think it’d be too much of any beef.”

Justin Bieber

This one might seem like it’s out of left field at first, but Justin Bieber was recently called out for mocking the Spanish lyrics of his “Depacito” collaboration with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. Bieber has been on the wrong side of the culture vulture allegations before, so it’s not implausible that his latest incident rubbed PARTYNEXTDOOR the wrong way. PND has written songs for Bieber, but none of them were recorded. The lack of a fruitful working relationship could make PND more willing to criticize Bieber in a public forum.