What up, HipHopDX readers. It’s Game.

In celebration of the R.E.D. Album dropping this week, I’ll be your guest-editor. I don’t really know how to be an editor, because I don’t really edit shit. I don’t edit shit on the radio, I don’t edit my lyrics, it just it what it is. But this week I’m making an exception and editing HipHopDX.com. Which means I’m helping to plan the content you’ll be reading as if I was in charge.

The site will reflect my tastes, and being controlled by me, means it’s a free environment. So browse as you will, listen, learn, love and appreciate. Try not to hate on anything this week on HipHopDX.com, ’cause that’s not what this is supposed to be about. This week, it’s about appreciation. Appreciate good music and good articles and just appreciate Hip Hop in general. So chill, relax, and we’re gonna take some time to remember how Hip Hop was when everybody loved it.

Look out this week for a Game approved feature interviews and exclusive R.E.D. Album info – including a DX staff review. You’ll get to know the album’s guests and collaborators, as well as artists I’m particularly influenced by. Additionally, we have a very special Black Wall Street DXnext, and we’ll close out the week with the Game interview you’ve all been waiting for.

Oh yeah go pick up R.E.D. on August 23rd…or don’t…and just appreciate good music and a dope website!



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