As the latest addition to Black Wall Street, you would think newcomer Kid Red would carry on the gang bangin’ tradition his cohorts have established since its creation in 2004. However, that is far from the truth as the 20-year-old plans to expand the label brand with music more attuned to the party scene. Head honcho Game has likewise given him full support, and it’s only a matter of time before Kid Red has a record like “How We Do” under his belt.

HipHopDX recently spoke with Kid Red, who described how he went from producing/deejaying to rapping, his visible cameo in the “Red Nation” music video and what Game expects of him music-wise. A frequent attendee for the R.E.D. Album studio sessions, he also stated which record impressed him the most.

The Mission Statement: “Kid Red is the young generation of Black Wall Street. People that don’t know me, but see the red hair and red tattoos, they basically thinking I’m a Blood, I’m always with Game troublemaking, but that’s not what I want people to see. I want to be known as the party dude for Black Wall. Like Game tells me every day, ‘You don’t have to do gangster, I done did it for you.’ And I want to make Black Wall Street as big as possible; I just want to expand that brand.”

Influence In Direction: “When Game was doing Red Room   and Brake Lights , I was messing around with Mars, making beats and stuff. But then I did a song in the Bay with one of my homeboys, and Game heard it overseers and he was like, ‘Why don’t you just rap? You got the voice.’ At the time I was deejaying too, so I stopped the deejaying and producing and started strictly making music.”

Learning From Black Wall Street’s CEO: “Game is a person I learn from everyday, good and sometimes it’s even bad, but it’s all good because I love it all. I love his attitude where it’s like, ‘I did the Hip Hop thing, Kid Red is gonna be known as the life of the party. You go out there and get the fans up in the club. Don’t get too serious.’ He doesn’t want me to get caught up in not having this lyric or not talking about this or that. Right now it’s all about partying and trying to make fun music.”

“Got My Red Dre Beats On / Tryin’ To Put My Peeps On”: “‘Red Nation,’ that was big for me. That Game and Lil Wayne video, I had a great time. We was there all damn night. [Laughs]”

“In that scene me and Compton Menace were both there, and he originally had the Dre beats first while I was carrying around this big 10-foot flag pole that I was swinging. Then Bryan Barber the director was like, ‘Let’s switch it up.’ After that cameo I get people everyday like, ‘Aye, you’re the kid from the ‘Red Nation’ video!’ I love it man.”

Current Work: “As of right now I’m doing artist development and working on my mixtape. Me and Game have been on the road working on songs. We’ll even be in the club just writing songs to the beat, but pretty soon everybody will hear from Kid Red.”

“So far I’m about half way through with the mixtape. With me, I don’t want to rush anything. With new artists these days, everybody just wants to come out the gates quickly. I want to take my time. Just seeing Game and Dr. Dre in the studio, they always take their time with records and people appreciate it more in the end because they see how hard you’ve been working.”

The Best Of R.E.D. Album: “My favorite track off the [R.E.D.] Album is probably ‘Drug Test’ , ‘cause I saw that whole song get made with Game, Snoop [Dogg], Dre and Sly. It was crazy. Sly is the next Nate Dogg, he’s the closest we’ll ever get to Nate Dogg.”