How does one measure success in today’s loopy recording industry? A few years back, it would have been by album sales, but with the major shift and thanks to acts like Drake and Nicki Minaj a mixtape can land an artist in a solid position. Travis Porter is no exception. With multiple mixtapes that have equaled over 50 million views to date, this trio just might surprise you. Now with the fourth highest ranked mixtape in livemixtapes history their career has exploded. 

While the fireworks are still spreading in the sky one must pause to remember that these young men only recently signed to Jive Records so the best is yet to come. While ripping back and forth across the state, the group Travis Porter stops to tell DXnext what all the fuss is all about.  

Intros: “You know, we’re from the east side of Decatur, and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. We started sneaking into the strip clubs by the age of 16. That’s when we started performing songs.”

The Meaning of the Name: “We were really just trying to find a marketable name. When we first started off went by the Hard Hitters, but that really didn’t catch people’s attention, so we decided to change it. Travis Porter just came up, and we ran with. We succeeded with it.” 

Choosing Music Over Regular Teen Activities While Growing Up: “For the most part we grew up together. We’ve all known each other since about the sixth grade. We stuck together.  Then we started going to the studio together, we all know what we wanted to do. That’s how we became Travis Porter.”

The Sound of Porter House Music Group: “Travis Porter’s music has a lot of energy. We make party music. Or even that music that will day help you get through your day sometimes. You know, we make music that people can relate to.”

How a Travis Porter Mixtape Stands Out: “When we hooked up with [DJ] Technique, we really didn’t know what we were doing in the mixtape game. DJ Technique guided us, and he’s been there ever since. We smashed out all our mixtapes with him. We’ve stepped the game up since the first mixtape.”

The release of Music, Money, & Magnums: “The Deejay’s on the mixtape are DJ Technique, DJ Scream and DJ Drama.  It’s a really good look because it’s our biggest mixtape so far. I feel like now that we’re signed to Jive, people are looking at what we’re going to do. So this mixtape is going to be a smash. Give the people what they want.  

Why Three DJs: “We wanted to make it a classic. So we knew the right deejay’s to get at. And that’s Scream, Drama, and Tech.” 

Mixtape Features: “Yeah, we have a couple of features on the mixtape. It’s mostly about us, but there are a few features on there. Young Money, G.O.O.D. Music…we got a couple.”

What The Internet Has Meant To Travis Porter: “Before we even start the project, we always make sure we have everything mapped out. For example if this month is January, I know what we’ll be doing in August. We have stuffed planned months ahead to stay on top of our game. So we can try to stay relevant. We can’t be caught behind, that’s how we think.”

Managing To Get 50 Plus Million Views: “We got 50 million views by our music being entertaining. Little kids love our music, because we make fun music. It was a challenge though. I remember back in the day on the road we used to have to pay to go on the road, pay for a hotel room, paid to perform. I mean, but that’s how it always is in the beginning though. The websites aren’t just going to put your music up there. You got to show them you’re hot, show them that you worked for it and earned it.  Eventually, they’ll come around.”

Getting National Airplay Before The Deal: “We stayed in all the deejay’s face and going to all the clubs and radio stations. We just had to show them folks that we weren’t playing about it.”

MTV’s Mixtape Daily: “It was a real good look, shout out to MTV. It was a blessing though. Just to be a part of that before we were even signed.”


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