Don’t let the title of “producer” fool you when it comes to 6th Sense. While work behind the boards has been his forte since the turn of the new millennium, this New York transplant has made his mark as an emcee, deejay and remix aficionado, all the while collaborating with Hip Hop’s elite and rising stars alike. Over the course of this tireless journey, 6th Sense has rightfully earned the respect and praise from his peers without taking a major label route. 

DXnext got the opportunity to ask 6th Sense about his work with close collaborator and Warner Brothers/Asylum rapper Outasight, as well as his production for The Kid Daytona’s much-anticipated LRG-sponsored mixtape The Interlude, due out next month. 6th Sense also reveals that fans can expect an album from him come 2011. Just remember, it ain’t official unless “It’s a 6th Sense beat yo!!”

Get To Know 6th Sense: “For the unacquainted, I’m a producer from New York. I’m very hands on, and my sound is very human and organic, with a strong sense of melody and swing. At least this is what other people tell me, but I’d have to agree. I love music with all my heart and I never half ass the passion when I’m creating.”

Influences:  “Everyone that was doing it in the mid-to-late ’90s especially if they were coming out of New York. [Notorious B.I.G.], The Fugees, Nas, Jay-Z, Wu-Tang [Clan]. Also, Outkast, The Roots, [A] Tribe [Called Quest], [Erykah] Badu, D’Angelo, Common, that whole Soulquarians movement, as well as the Rawkus [Records] movement.”

Beats Or Rhymes?: “Well to be honest, I’ve really fallen back from [emceeing] on records on a regular basis. I still drop a verse here and there for a collab, but I truly focus on the production side now. That’s not to say I still don’t write down phrases or rhymes in my iPhone. I’ll never lose the [emceeing] side, it’s just not a priority from an artistic standpoint. I find tremendous joy in expressing myself through melodies and rhythms as opposed to punch lines and metaphors. My [emceeing] background though drives my production, especially working with other artists because they know I’m not bullshitting when I give input.”

6th Sense X Outasight: “[Outasight and I are] always trying to push the creativity forward. We both have eccentric musical tastes, so we’re constantly putting each other up on different music that we might be listening to at the time. A lot of times we’ll be riding around with the radio on a Classic Rock or Oldies station and it’ll just spark the craziest of ideas. We’ve been working straight almost two years now, and at this point we feel like we can make anything. We don’t walk around thinking we’re God’s gift to music, but we’re constantly trying to evolve and do not believe in boundaries.” 

6th Sense “Inspire” from Kris Layng on Vimeo.

Mick Boogie University: “Probably the greatest thing I’ve learned from Mick Boogie is that there’s always an idea lying underneath the surface. You just have to find it, and when you do, don’t shy away from it. The guy’s track record speaks for itself, because putting together crazy projects is what he loves to do the most.”

Work On The Kid Daytona’s The Interlude: “I did four records including ‘On The Hill.’ ‘On The Hill’ came from an interlude on [Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s] The Main Ingredient. We redid the ‘4 Moms’ interlude from [A Tribe Called Quest’s] The Love Movement as well as the ‘My Way Home’ interlude from [Kanye West’s] Late Registration. The fourth record isn’t a particular interlude, it’s just a pure homage to the ’90s era.  I kept it real [DJ Premier], and that song is called ‘Learn.’ I also produced actual interludes between the songs for the project. Let me tell you, The Interlude project is classic! Every song is crazy, and I can’t wait for people to hear it and give The Kid Daytona the respect he deserves.”

What’s In Store: “The rest of 2010 I’ll be on the road [deejaying] for both The Kid Daytona overseas, and Outasight. I just wrapped up Mike Maven’s project, he’s an artist I work with that’s more in the soulful Rock realm that I’ll be helping shop around. I should also take the opportunity to announce that I am starting to work on my first official project as a producer. I’ll begin working on it when I return from touring and it will be out in 2011. The format will be in the Soul Survivor/The Chronic [by Pete Rock and Dr. Dre respectively] realm, but I’ll be bridging the gaps between all the genres that influence me, bringing artists together.”

How He’ll Be Remembered: “I think it will be that I was a new moon of sorts. You can’t see a new moon because it falls back and lets the stars shine. That’s a future I can unquestionably foresee. As for the rest, I’ll just have to wait and see and be grateful for whatever comes my way.”

6th Sense – “Story of No One” directed by Derek Pike from Derek Pike on Vimeo.

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