From New York to Japan, the Hip Hop range is stretching far for the emcee Dashah. Impressed with the way of life and how people live it, Dashah uses everyday lessons to teach his audience through his music. Some artists don’t place an emphasis on having a hard work ethic while others over do it like a nine-to-five, either way Dashah has found the perfect blend and is having a blast.

The former Ill Insanity member is pushing his latest effort Rap Burglar 3 and is very excited about the albums positive public progression. This is the next installment in the Rap Burglar series and if the demand continues to climax another addition could be easily on the way. Dashah sits back to give DX his two cents of knowledge towards his current musical journey.

Exceeding Expectations: “So far the expectations have been incredible the feedback has been sort of overwhelming because I didn’t expect it to take off the way that it did. I had two more volumes [of Rap Burgular] before [volume three] but the last one was like critically-acclaimed and a lot of people called it a classic so I just decided to jump into the lab and add another part to the series. This really might not even be the final part to the series because if the fans want another one then we have to give it to them. For now it’s going really really well it’s been incredible.”

Strengths And Loyalty: “My strengths lyrically are that I think I have a wide range of writing I can pretty much touch on any subject because I’m a writer first and foremost. I think that is what it is: I tell a lot of stories. That’s what I’m known for is my ability to paint pictures when I write. I’m a real visual artist and I like for people to see what I’m describing in my rhymes just as much as they hear them. I want people to be able to visualize what’s going through my head when I’m writing. I think that one of my strengths as far as being creative. I just try and touch on different topics and keep them interesting and not corny. “

In The Zone: “When I’m in the studio me and DJ Pause just go through the samples and start building a track. We just go into our Rainman stage and usually by the time he’s done building the track than I’m finished writing the song. Sometime I will just hear the track and just zone out to it. It’s different ways that I put a song together it’s kind of hard to explain. If I hear the beat and I like it I write to it and create a picture for it. Sometimes I will have a song title in my head already and I’ll bring it to Pause and tell him about it and make the beat and do what we gotta do with it. For the most part it’s all fun it’s not really work to us it’s just what we do naturally.”

Obstacles: “I would say probably the Internet. The sales have went down and people just aren’t buying music anymore. The climate of music has changed. The way to get the music out there now is really by downloading music which is why the last project Rap Burglar 2.5 and Rap Burglar 2 were so easily fulfilled but with this one I decided to do it free because if no one knows you than no one will download your music. No one is going to go spend $10 dollars on a record by a guy they’ve never heard of. Now I probably could start selling my music but on this project I’m more concerned with the promotion and getting exposure. The downloading just kills the industry but in that same breath it kind of helped a lot of artist by giving them ways to get their music out there. You don’t even need a record label now because you can just throw your project out there on the Internet. That gives people all the way from Germany to Switzerland a chance to hear your music, these are fans that you may have thought that you never ever could get but you did just by putting the link up to your project for downloading. The whole thing is like a double edged sword because it hurt and helped. To me that’s been the biggest challenge but if you can get past that then you’re good.”

Lingering Thoughts: “Just keep supporting real Hip Hop. The game has been at a standstill; no one is really putting out good music anymore so I’m going to do my best to make sure that I put out real music from the heart. My music will always be honest I may experiment with it and sometime I will get it right and sometimes I will get it wrong but it will be honest. I’m going to continuous bring raw music out the way it’s supposed to be. New York has been down for a minute I mean it’s gotten a little bit better but it’s time for us to rise up and start supporting each other. We’re going to just keep hitting people over the head with music and that’s just what it is. I want to thank HipHopDX for always showing love and supporting my music.”