Sparked by a fierce urge to prove his worth, The ILLZ is one Hip Hop practitioner ready to operate on the game. The Dominican/Syrian rapper was been popping up all over the map as his latest album The Pursuit willingly seduces fans. Since the prime age of 12, The ILLZ studied and pursued Rap music in order to emulate and re-create his own category. Some would say based on his latest LP, that he accomplishes this and proportions of so much more.

Hailing from Hudson County, New Jersey, The ILLZ should be associated with those elements that wish to be the catalyst of change in the Hip Hop world. Regarded as someone who keeps your minds absorbent and ears wide open, he defined word play sets the temperament of true Hip Hop climaxes. As an artist, The ILLZ has a subtle relationship with his latest material and the consequence are the fruits for us all.

The Culture Of Your Music: “The best thing I can take for that was just to stay humble. If you hear my music, it’s not anything that you’ve got to be flossed out to listen to. I think the reason I am able to connect so much to the everyday person is because I did grow up in the Dominican Republic, which has a culture of people who work very hard. That affected everything that I made and still make. I try and stay grounded and never forget where I came from.”

In Pursuit Of…: “The whole concept is really based on the time and place that I’m at right now in respect to the music business. It’s all about pursuing what you want. I feel like right now we’re all in pursuit of something that we haven’t really gotten the full grasp of yet. The whole theme of the album was to show a wide range of emotions that anybody can really relate too. I just wanted to really touch the normal person and what he or she goes through when they are pursuing in their everyday lives.”

What Made The Cut: “I basically took the songs that I felt touched on everything. A lot of people have been saying that the project is very good all the way around. We tried to make every song good within itself. Some of the songs had a similar vibe so I would take out the best one. It was just about making it the best. If you listen to it, it’s got alternative, it’s got Hip Hop and that basically what we wanted to achieve with it to be able to touch a little on every sound. I decided that I wanted The Pursuit to be rounded.”

Where Fans Can Get the LP: “They can download it here on, that’s my website.” 

Why Ladies Are Enticed By Your Tone:
“We try and use that as one of our secret weapons. We always receive a lot of comments like ‘Oh my God, is that your voice is that you?’ Sometimes I think that they might not know exactly what I’m saying, but the way my voice lays down on the track gets them every time. My voice is one of the things that separates me from other rappers.  The first thing the women say is ‘Oh my God, your voice!’ It always stands out and gets a great response.”

Where Hip Hop Is Evolving Next: “I see Hip Hop going in the same direction that it’s going in now. It happened simultaneously to change and head in my direction when I decided to change my sound. I’m a big believer that it’s a right time and place for everything. Hip Hop is experimenting a lot with Electronica. In the last couple of years it was all about the streets and gangsta rapping. I feel that it’s going to be less of that and heading to a more artistic deeper level. The music is going to mix all types of sounds and mature in the way that it’s made.”