Just two days ago rapper Bekay released his latest project Hunger Pains. While the project itself is fresh and very new, this Brooklyn emcee is certainly not new to the game. With a few releases and a couple of label situations already behind him he’s had his fair share of struggles and has paid his dues.

Without holding back, Bekay shares with DXnext about the new project, why kids should listen to his music, how his respect for the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard was the main reason he called it quits with the label TSOB and more!

The Vibe:With the lack of sounding like every other corny motherfucker alive and risking that right off the bat, I would say my music is real music for real people. A lot of the shit goin’ on nowadays, not to hate on anybody, seems like fantasy world. I’m not gunna change what I think is real music for real people just because it’s more cool to try and be popular now or something; that’s not my thing.

For The Kids…Maybe:Yeah I would say younger kids should listen to it. I mean, look, certain things should not be for everybody and that’s why there’s a sticker on the album. In the world we live in now I think young kids are exposed to a lot worse than music in the media, in real life, and just television shows in general, movies and all types of entertainment. There’s a lot of shit in there from when I was in say high school and I guess in high school, I wouldn’t have been able to buy this CD but I woulda got it anyway. [Laughing] This could help them relate to somethin’ when they goin’ through something rough at home with their home life, at school, with girls, or with whatever, gettin’ bullied, robbed, and stabbed or whatever it may be. They should have an outlet to relate to so they can put my music in the headphones and run away.

Caution! This Might Not Be For You:If you’re a sheltered little bitch and you have no experience in the real world and you wanna live on cloud nine in fantasy world then you shouldn’t listen to this. I would say the majority of the people on this earth can relate no matter what country you live in, what color your skin is, or what God you pray to ’cause we all wake up and shit and piss and breathe.”

Great Influences: When I was a little kid and I heard Beastie Boys, Run-DMC and Rakim that put me onto Hip Hop; I loved it and I loved listening to it because it was my escape at that point. As I got a little bit older and started to take steps towards freestylin’ and rappin’ and deejayin’ and stuff on my own I stared to hear guys like [Big] Pun, Big L, Nas and Biggie Smalls. It was those dudes a little bit later on that kinda influenced me to wanna be an emcee and step my game.

Fresh Off The Press:What I believe to be the best work I’ve ever done, Hunger Pains, the LP , dropped on November 10th on Coalmine Records. I don’t wanna take anything away from all the other work I’ve done but I guess with time you cut the fat out, get the better production, and grow as an artist so this definitely represents the best material I’ve done to date.

Cop The Album: You’ll be able to walk over to your Best Buy and ask for my album and it will be there! It might not be in every single outlet, but it definitely will be available. Of course there’s also every online retailer where Hip Hop is sold that will have it, including iTunes and Amazon for digital downloads.”

Bridging The Gap:The B-side of my actual single features Masta Ace and the joint we did was called ‘Brooklyn Bridge.’ We’re both Brooklyn cats so it was kinda like bridgin’ the gap between someone older and someone younger in Brooklyn. It felt good to work with him ‘cause I’ve been a fan of the music since I was a younger dude.

Thanks To The Label: Coalmine Records is an indie company and [owner] DJ Dutchmaster has a vision for how he wants certain things to go and for certain collabos, to be so he chased the initial action to go reach out to the artists and producers to start workin’ on the ideas for a lot of the stuff. We worked on this together and a lot of creativity came out of Coalmine Records.” 

Nothing Major:I have two offers as we speak for major record contracts right now, and one of them is in paper. I can sign the record contact if I want to and Coalmine Records would allow it, but I don’t want to do it because they have no soul and they’re Satan. [Laughing] I just fucking hate them, and I’m not gonna be fuckin’ raped of my life just so I can run around and tell people I got a major deal – fuck that! I’d rather have the opportunity to maintain my balls and be a real person and do what I do. I could sell one tenth of the records and make more money; these motherfuckers wanna give you ninety cents a record or somethin’ – get the fuck outta here and fuck that corny shit!

Remembering An Inspiration & Friend With Integrity:First of all rest in peace to my dude [Ol’] Dirty [Bastard]. He was a really good dude and a lot of people don’t know that about him personally. Dirty was my man and we would just hang out on some hang out shit. ‘Where Brooklyn At’ was actually produced by Kanye West’s team at KanMan Productions, and it was a big record. As far as we know, it was the last song that Dirty did, but people say there might be one other track that was at the same time, like a Rhymefest track or somethin’. We planned a video that Dirty was in and there was no question that we were gunna go the video, but the old label (TSOB) had shot a video previously with the company and left them with a balance; they did bad business. They finally worked it out and my old label was gunna pay them the difference, so we set a date but we had to cancel that date. A new date was set, but Dirty had passed away like a week before. They wanted to do a video without him after he died just because it had his name on it and I think they thought it would be a good way to bring attention towards me off of his death. I wasn’t really fuckin’ with that so I just bounced from the whole shit and they let me go out of the contract so I basically left the company. I never did the video because I’m not a scumbag.

Get Connected:Go check me on Facebook as ‘Bekay Artist‘ and MySpace at MySpace.com/Bekay or you can follow me on Twitter @therealbekay.

Final Words:Fuck Drake! [Laughing] Nah, I’m just kidding … sorta!