The “diamond” District of Columbia is having a big fourth quarter. Wale is gearing up for his major label debut. Oddisee, X.O. and yU made a critically-acclaimed collective effort, and David E. Beats, a double-threat producer/rapper says he wants to be next.

Having recently relocated to New York, Beats has been rubbing shoulders with stars, with plans to go into the studio shortly. In the meantime, the artist has looked to France to package his own projects with unique videos. He explains to DXnext how he got where he’s at, and where he wishes to go.

David E. Beats, In A Nutshell:I am a man that loves to make music. I try not to be too complicated…I am just me.
On Being Able To Play Musical Instruments:
It is a skill that takes time to develop, and being able to play an instrument opens more doors for you musically. It allows you to add more depth and flavor to your sound; something that won’t sound so cliché, but will be original and unique. Playing instruments helps because being able to read and write the language of music is a vital skill in music production. Often people wonder how I can create such a live instrumental feeling from computer based programming. It’s only because I can play the guitar and keyboard and place my drums in the way a real drummer would play them, without quantization.
On Moving From D.C. To New York City:The reason of my relocation was one of contempt. I simply felt unappreciated. The hardest part of moving was experiencing the culture shock. The District of Columbia is such a slow place and New York City moves at light speed. It completely immobilized me for a while.”
How Does New York’s Hip Hop Scene Compare To D.C.’s:
One thing I’ve learned in my travels is that all the scenes in every genre are the same. It’s just that New York City is a much bigger place, and you happen to run into the occasional celebrity more often.”
On Making Memories in New York City:I don’t have many memories yet. I have walked many red carpets and met many celebs. My time has been moving too fast for me to sit down and think about one moment.” 
His Influences:Nearly all Hip Hop producers influence my work to some degree. I usually study
guys ranging from Kanye West to Soulja Boy [click to read] and figure out why their sounds are liked by people. Then I emulate that in my music.

What’s In David E. Beats’ Future?:The project I am currently promoting is EXIT, which is an album about my journey from DC to New York City. It is a concept album featuring acoustic guitar interludes and amazing lyrics and beats. Early listeners have already hailed it a classic. It is due to drop in January of 2010.”

His Recent Music Videos: I have shot two videos; one for the lead single from EXIT called “Over Here,” and one for the song that is generating rave reviews entitled ‘Maybe Tomorrow.’ ‘Over Here’ is being described as highly artistic and symbolic of the ‘1-step-forward, 2-steps-back’ grind. It was directed by Louis De Caunes, an awesome director from France who puts a new spin on Rap videos.
 The Most Important Lesson David Has Learned In The Music Industry Thus Far:The biggest lesson I have learned thus far is that weakness will never be tolerated. Go hard or go home.”
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