With Caribbean parents, roots in New York City, and a current residence in South Florida Dynas is as cultured as his music displays. Over the years he has developed quite an underground foundation while also piercing the surface of the mainstream on a few occasions. Although he has performed alongside some of rap’s greatest names this emcee evidently remains level headed about his career and where it might go. Dynas, like most other artists, has dreams of going big but he also has the common sense to understand that overnight celebrity status is not a reality for most.

Brief Description:I’m an emcee outta the South Florida area. I’m just an artist that some say is in the mold of the Talib Kweli‘s [click to read] or the Mos Def‘s of the world. I’m more of a conscious rapper like the Little Brother‘s [click to read], etc., that’s who I am.

Upcoming Release: The album that’s coming out on the 29th of September is on BBE and it’s called The Apartment. It’s my first hard-copy LP; I did a digital release with Rawkus back in ’07. It consists of songs with [DJ] Jazzy Jeff, DJ Spinna [click to read], J Dilla, Slick Rick, S-1, and Tiye Phoenix to name a few. Basically it’s just a combination of the years that I’ve lived on my own since leavin’ the nest. It’s kinda like a rite of passage type album. It’s a manifesto of who I am.

Leaked Out:The leak to get everybody interested and to let the fans know we have somethin’ comin’ through is ‘Totally Tanya’ [click to listen] produced by Illmind [click to read]. It’s a real good record and it’s gotten tremendous feedback.  I think it’s really indicative of what the album is really about in terms of sound.

The Official Single:The first official single I have will be ‘The Apartment’ produced by J Dilla. It’s about my time spent in my apartment and all the stuff I went through; how I lost money, gained money, gained favor with women, got outta favor with women, the struggle with bills, havin’ lots of dough, the ups and downs and the ebb and flow of life.”

Doin’ It On Dilla’s Production:
I hooked up with BBE some years ago and met Dilla when they had brought him down to Miami. Shortly after that I got the beat CD, and I recorded the song, we played it for him and he was cool with it. It’s unfortunate that before the record could ever be release he passed away.”

Realistic Expectations:
I do not think that this album will get me rich – period. I think, I pray and I wish that people would listen to the record, whether they download or purchase it, and appreciate the artistry. I don’t think I’ll be on MTV, I don’t think A&Rs from Def Jam are gunna knock down my door; it’s not that I don’t care for that, I’d be lyin’ if I said I wouldn’t wanna be further along in the game than I already am, but I do hope for the respect of people within the industry. Like I would love to get a [DJ Premier] track so hopefully Primo will hear the album and be like ‘Let’s work,’ or somethin’ to that degree that’s what I’m lookin’ for … you know like ?uestlove [click to read] and cats like that.

Downloading Preview:
If you’re downloadin’ my music to peep it and decide if you wanna buy it then I’m cool with it and I don’t have a problem. There are artists I can’t find in my local market that I’ve purchased on iTunes, but before I purchased them I may have peeped them on whatever site. To some degree I’ve downloaded a few things; very rarely though, I usually just buy it on iTunes. When a brother’s broke and he wants to hear the new ‘blah, blah, blah,’ or whatever it may be I’ll download it but as soon as I do have the funds I’ll pick it up. If I like it enough I’ll go out and support it but if I don’t like it enough it goes right in the trash on my desktop.

Label Situation: I signed a deal with BBE to do this record with an option for another record. I was lookin’ for a label that was synonymous with good music and I felt like BBE was one of those labels. There’s a love for the music in Europe that is so nostalgic. The sound that people like me produce is well received and well respected in Europe, so based on that I felt like it might be in my best interest to go with the label that is located there. Most of the shows and tours the underground artists are able to receive are generally across seas as opposed to here in the US. You get paid and you’re appreciated. As opposed to tryin’ to compete with the Lil Wayne‘s [click to read] and the Drake‘s and the Kanye West‘s of the world you can go over there and for that trip you’re a Lil Wayne or a Kanye or what have you.
The Imprint:
The label I own is called Bad Gramma Records and it’s basically an independent imprint that I created. What I do is joint ventures as opposed to being signed as an artist. It just so happens with BBE that the deal was a good enough deal for me to sign as an artist but before that everything I did was with my label.”

Tough Lessons:The toughest thing so far is that nothing lasts forever. Relationships don’t last forever in the industry and your popularity doesn’t last; your respect is probably the only thing that’ll last. Money’s not consistent all the time and that’s probably the biggest lesson. When it’s there it’s good when it’s not it’s not. If you’re doin’ this for money you’re probably doin’ the wrong thing.”
Get More:If fans go to my MySpace page [click here] they’ll see some songs I’ve been featured on over the past five or six months that are out. Outside of that they can just Google me and they’ll see a lot of music ‘cause we did some leaks about a month ago. Also just contact me on Twitter [click here] as well if they wanna follow me and see what the hell I’m up to. Just give me a chance – the music is dope.