In the 1990s, from The Twinz, to Soopafly to Lil 1/2 Dead, it seemed like anybody that was down with Tha Dogg Pound was awarded with a major label contract. That all changed with the times. As the DPG family unveils new rappers, producers and executives, J Wells is one of the affiliates that represents all three. While some may know him more for his work with Kurupt and Snoop Dogg, he also owns a record label and happens to have a solo project in the works, where he raps and produces. From touring with Snoop at the age of 19, to collaborating with Kurupt on a whole album, and also creating a platinum selling R&B hit, J Wells is a definite triple threat that has only grown and expanded since he first emerged.

Just over a week ago he released another full length project, Digital Master 2.1, that he produced and rapped on. Featuring many of the industry connections he