Last Sunday, July 12th, we launched Funk Volume’s 7th Annual Don’t Fu[n]k Up Our Beats Rap Contest on HipHopDX. #DFUOB7 is the longest running rap contest on the internet. It allows artists to purchase and download beats, create a 2 minute track, make and post a music video, and share their submission for votes from their peers. From there they win some dope prizes, including cash and an opportunity to perform as part of the 2015 Funk Volume Tour.

One of the newer initiatives at HipHopDX is to provide real-life, “music industry 101” experience for artists looking to get their music heard. We currently live in an era where artists can create their own magic from the start. This includes recording, producing, making videos, distributing and marketing their project all from the comforts of their own home. Hosting contests like #DFUOB7, along with other future events and projects, will allow HipHopDX to provide upcoming artists with an opportunity to learn directly from people who have done this before; artists, producers, managers, and label executives.

Before you head over to check out the contest (and submit your entry), let me take a second to walk you threw how it works.

The Contest

Submissions opened on July 12th with voting opening on July 19th. From July 19th – August 9th, artists will be able to download beats and submit videos. Everyone will be able to vote for their favorite videos. Once voting closes, we will choose the top 25 winners (videos must have over 250 votes to be considered). Funk Volume and HipHopDX will choose the top 3 winners based on the quality of the music and video.

6 Clicks to Enter

Get Your Beats

Once you land on the contest page, click Buy Beats to listen to and select the beat (or beats) you’d like to use to create your entry. Once you have finished your selection press the Buy Beats button.

Create Your Profile

Hit the Create Your Account link if you don’t have an account and fill in the forms. If you do have an account fill in your email and password and hit the Sign In button. You could also save some time by using your facebook credentials , you link your DFUOB account to your Facebook profile and you are good to go.

Finalize the Purchase

You will be taken to the purchase page where you can see the beats you are purchasing and your total . Use a credit card or Paypal to finalize the purchase. Once you are done paying you can…

Download Your Beat(s)

You can sign in from the Contest homepage to download your beats. Once you are signed in, you can click on the “download” button in your profile page and wait a few seconds for your beat to download. It’s best to do this on a desktop.

Now it’s All Up to You

Record Your Track and Create Your Video

Once you’ve downloaded your beat(s), this is where the magic starts. This is your chance to make your masterpiece, the song worthy of being the grand prize winner! Once your song is recorded, create your video (no longer than 2 minutes) and post it to Youtube.

Submit, Share and Vote

Once your video is uploaded to Youtube, head back over to the contest page and Sign-in. You will land on your profile page where you can submit your entry to the contest.  Once your link has been submitted you can use Facebook, Twitter, or share your video link directly!


GRAND PRIZE: $2,500, opening spot on the Funk Volume 2015 Tour (3 dates) and a feature on HipHopDX
SECOND PLACE: $1000, opening spot on the Funk Volume 2015 Tour (1 date) and a feature on HipHopDX
THIRD PLACE: $500 and a feature on HipHopDX

Seems pretty simple right?

As of today at 2pm PST, we’ve had over 2000 users register and 200 entries submitted. Check out all the Submissions & Votes.

Remember voting started July 19, 2015.

A huge thank you to Dame & the whole Funk Volume Team who have allowed us to host this amazing contest for music lovers and creators on our site.

If you haven’t already:

Submit. Share. Vote. #DFUOB7