In 2007, the same year the first iphone came out, we launched a mobile version of HipHopDX. We saw that a few of our readers (3-4% of traffic) were checking DX on their phones. Reaching all of our readers is extremely important to us, so we decided that we should deliver them a slimmed down version of the site—something you could check out while on-the-go. Since 2007, our mobile user base has grown to 65%, and about 6 weeks ago (April 26, 2015), with the dedicated work of our development and design teams, we launched our new mobile site.

At its core, the HipHopDX mobile site focuses on content and how our readers experience the content. Our goal was to create an experience that works. An experience that delivers the best Hip Hop content possible while making sure it’s easy to navigate, easy to read and easy to use. We took away all the noise so you can simply read the story you want to read, listen to that track that you didn’t even know came out, watch a music video from your favorite artist or knock out a comment saying that you “will never come back to HipHopDX if we write another article about Iggy Azalea”

Now, let me introduce you to a couple new features that we have added to the mobile version of HipHopDX. Welcome to HipHopDX Mobile v2.0.

Our Menu

Click on the hamburger and our mobile menu drops down. Home, News, Singles, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, Editorials and Release Dates are all there for you to peruse. Each section gets an icon and you will see these icons on different parts of the site. This way you’ll always know what section you are in. Like I mentioned last time, we have trimmed down our sections and cleaned things up a bit.

Quick Navigation

A few days after launch, we pushed a couple of updates. One of them was the Quick Nav . It’s a fast way for you to get to the section you need. We choose sections purely by the most popular on the site. News, Singles, Videos, Editorials and more (which is an additional easy-access link to the menu).

Breaking News, Announcements

We talked about this new bar on the Desktop site in our last article. Sometimes a news story is too important to miss. Sometimes we have a new feature that we want you to know about. We will use this new announcement bar to tell you about it. Click and you shall receive. Hit the “x” and it will be gone ’til we push something new.

Hero Box

The Hero Box is the the Big image when you first land on the mobile page. Swipe left and you will see the 5 most important stories in Hip Hop right now.

Archive Feed

The Archive Feed consists of a chronological stream of DX articles. It exists on every page and its purpose is to provide easy access to all of our most recent articles. On the Homepage, the feed starts right under the Herobox  and includes a variety of articles from all sections. In other sections, the feed starts right below the section header  and includes articles that are specific to that section.

Each new article in the Archive Feed is separated by a line . You have a picture of the article , the title , summary , section with it’s icon  and how long ago it was posted . Finally, If there is more than one comment you will see a comment bubble as well. Touch anywhere in the box and you will be taken to that article.

Next week I will post Mobile v2.0 – Part II. Where we will talk about how all the article pages differ from each other, and how we focus on content.

We want to hear from you! the good, the bad and the absolute ugly. So post your thoughts below. Our only job is to make this site better. Day after day, month after month, year after year.