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AZ: The Format From A to Z

AZ speaks on his relationship with Nas, his new album and something about a 50 Cent diss track(?) Hmmmm...


Bleu Davinci: Rap Game/Crack Game?

Bleu Davinci has an album on the way but he takes the time to address rumors that BMF is drug related, Jacob The Jewler and what really is BMF.


Jae Millz - The Last Of The Best

When the hell will the east coast jump back into the Hip Hop scene? Not just claiming to bring it to bring it back, but one that can actually start a movement to put the east back into the limelight?


40 Cal Responds About Fight With Loon!!!

What really happened in the fight with Loon? Did 40 Cal really get his ass whipped? 40 Cal gives us a different story...


Loon: Up Against The Word

Loon whips a member of Dipset's ass? Oh yeah, he talks about his new album, being done with Diddy and beef with Jim Jones and Mase.


Gillie Da Kid: F*ck Lil Wayne!

By now you heard the rumors. So HipHopDX has let Gillie Da Kid air out his former Cash Money buddies in the aptly titled "F*ck Lil Wayne!"


Yo Gotti - Back 2 Da Basics

Hailing from the north side of Memphis, This ya boy Yo Gotti. After years of hard-earned grinding, Gotti brings the rap game his major TVT records release Back 2 Da Basics.


Omillio Sparks: Brotherly Love?

Sparks talks about the demise of State Property, his relationship with Beans & Freeway and President Bush.


Pastor Troy - Stay Tru

Pastor Troy brings the streets a new album titled Stay Tru. Kind of crazy as he titles it the way he's been delivering bars for years.

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