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G-Side - Starshipz & Rocketz

Unlike so many of their peers, G-Side is actually concerned with such antiquated concepts like album cohesion and, more importantly, humility. Starshipz succeeds by staying down to earth.


Big Mike: Still Serious

From Geto Boy pinch-hitting, to almost Death Row stardom, Big Mike pioneered swamp swagger, see why he's still something serious.


Z-Ro - Crack

The production, split between Ro & underground H-Town stalwarts like Cory Mo & Mr. Lee is appropriately morose. Post-Screw, the above ground Houston sound has mostly turned larger then life, more showboating car show buzz than promethazine burn out.


Kool Keith: Chromosomal Beatdown

Kool Keith talks about AIDS patients marrying, cutting Cornell West's hair and being the first rapper to go to space.

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