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Childish Gambino's sophomore set, "Because The Internet," is ambitious, self-referential, experimental and an overall improvement from his 2011 debut, "Camp."

Childish Gambino used to wonder where he fit in. Raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia, he claims on his 2011 debut Camp that he used to get called "Oreo" and "faggot." He also raps that he sounds weird, not to refer to his persistently prepubescent squeak, but "like nigga with a hard 'r.'" Yet another line points to his short-shorts and jokes, although in retrospect, he could have clarified that particular punchline: Did he mean his NPR-referencing one-ups ("Terry Gross on the mic, I'm the Talk of the Nation?") or his stint as the only "cool young person" of "30 Rock's" writers?

But he won't, not anytime soon. Now, he raps because he has quit his day job at NBC's "Community." He raps because, well, he can. Most of all, in his ambitious second album Because The Internet, he raps as if to pass the time. Anxious introverts may recognize what Childish Gambino does here, repeatedly: flit around, try to be sociable, but then flee. Childish Gambino still manages to mostly hold our attention, though, because he concerns himself instead with his own terms.

He had introduced himself exhaustively in Camp, filling every second with some autobiographical detail, question about blackness or brash cultural reference ("Something crazy and Asian / Virginia Tech"), as if worried that people just won't get him. Now he comes and goes as he pleases. Windshield wipers swish back and forth. Power 106 cues up a song by Lloyd, prompting a sing-along-turned-realization that, unlike this girl he's seeing, he can't imagine settling down in Oakland. He sits at a piano, playing but failing to drown out the laughter from another room. Fans of Frank Ocean's open-air channel ORANGE can appreciate how producer-in-crime, Ludwig Göransson helps Childish Gambino slip from one quick thought to another, without warning and worrying about pleasantries.

Others, though, may feel frustrated by Childish Gambino's choices, where he chooses to escape from where he chooses to dwell. His squeak may resurface when he concentrates on spitting, particularly during the album's most visceral songs, ones that sound inspired by A$AP Rocky ("WORLDSTAR"), Cruel Summer ("Sweatpants," featuring Problem) and Yeezus ("No Exit"). But he's also sharpened the ways that he touts himself—the toying with rhyme patterns, the tinkering with his rhythms, the un-sexy pop culture tidbits like "Clarissa Explains It All" references—to the point where, when an all-male crowd crows as if engrossed in a Rap Game Gladiator, the excitement feels justified.

Or, as he wanders into the 10-minute stretch of "Flight Of The Navigator" and "Zealots Of Stockholm," this acoustic meandering and grimy wriggle out, Because The Internet slows to a dull crawl. By then depression had poked through, in lines-turned-asides about failed relationships ("Shadows"), loneliness ("3005") and insomnia ("No Exit"). But here, it fully sinks in like those Residence Inn notes did on his Instagram profile, the ones that say, "I am afraid of the future," only not as articulate. Childish Gambino gives in; to those who only take their Rap music as self-assured and hyped-up and motivated, it may feel like he gives up. But hey, he knows that he didn't ask for your opinion.


  • Harry Coward

    So much more than an album, Because The Internet is art.


    its one of the best out of all the other projects so far

  • chris

    dope!!! different sound and something to bump while watching the sunset.

  • Brad

    Childish is king. Perfect album.


    3005 was the only good song on the album.

  • Dazz

    I love this album. There are tracks that were immediately stand out (WORLDSTAR, pink toes, crawl) but the more I listen more I love the more experimental tracks ( exit, I. flight of the navigator, III. urn). The only thing I don't get is the story. I've mostly heard it on Spodify.

  • X-Apt

    AOTY cemented (along with Legends Never Die)! Shit is dope!

  • Anonymous

    SHE (Gambino) sounds like a 5-year old boy. Wait, what?

  • Enrique

    The fact that people needed the script to understand what childish Gambino was trying to do is sad, try listening to the album more then once. By at least the 3rd listen you should start realising this is the best concept album this year, hands down. 5/5,

  • Ian Jones

    This album is a masterpiece. Hands down. Need I say more? If you've rated this lower then a 4, then you're just ignorant or deaf.

  • ChrisLaLaa

    A really a good album that is defiantly for sure!

  • ChrisLaLaa

    Amazing! such a good album in rap music that my dad even liked it

  • Franklin C

    i love this album idgaf what anybody says

  • ZM

    mannnnnn christina lee you stfu

  • Donnie G or Gambino

    I think the album really is the sum of its parts and I have really come around to it, its pretty intense at times but I think its super forward thinking

  • Italian Icies

    Damn haven't heard from this dude in a minute since he was rolling with Mobb Deep. It's fucked up how his twin brother was murdered back in the day.

  • MigIzzel


  • Sean

    User rating needs to rise.

  • Marquez Cantrell

    Great Album. Front to Back

  • Anonymous

    rap album of the year. concept was dope, screen play was creative, and the songs over all were just good.

  • yep

    Its just a solid album all the way through honestly its nothing less than a 4 out of 5 in my opinion. We'll see if it get's better over time. I'm definitely a little baffled by the low rating on here, Spin and the rating given by the Needledrop.

  • Johnny

    best album of the year personally, might seem like a bit of a stretch but it just delivered in every way, more than just an album, more of an experience

  • Rian

    Great Story, great production. Beats YEEZUS by far. Very creative and it's very conceptual.

  • hazel123

    Gambino is pushing the meaning of rap, and I love it.

  • Anwell

    Felt like this was predetermined to not get more than 3,5. It seems like Christina Lee has something against Childish Gambino, and it shows in the review - thats not professional. "Now, he raps because he has quit his day job at NBC's "Community." He raps because, well, he can." I mean, what weird thing is this to write? Artists make music because they want to, not because they can, not because they are famous enough or rich enough. When you listen through the album more than two times, and look at the lyrics, theres themes and lines that make you wonder. Yes, he raps because he can, but he also has a passion for art, for writing, for making complex rhymes filled with metaphors and triple entendres. I think he has captured something important about our era, our culture, our way of life nowadays. In a time where you can be anyone on the internet, he is trying to find out who he is in real life. PS. The album is made as a standalone project, so you do not need to read the script in order for it to make sense. It takes two hours, though. How many times do you listen to the album? How many hours do you use afterwards reflecting about it?

    • Anonymous

      @christina you say its boring but yet you didnt read it? so youre an idiot is what im getting from your statement. smh at the retarded youth who cant even read 75 pages...shit probably barely can read at all

    • Christina Lee

      Bullshit. Yeah, um, sorry, like I just don't have the attention span to read a boring 75 page script. Ooh, so creative. As I stated below, this isn't 30 Rock or Community, this is hip hop.

    • Anwell

      Yeah its weird, but I hope those who dont care for it now will appreciate it later on!

    • hazel123

      Couldn't agree with you more. Just look at these god-awful immature comments.

  • childishness

    Amazing album... new fav artist. might actually constitute me buying the album just to support him. good ish.

  • Smilin' Mercenary

    Great Album must listen

  • marcusjt

    great album, especially if you read the script with it!!! Hot fire

  • lohen

    Better with a blunt 5/5

  • Roscoe

    Very good album. I read the play and liked it more. I don't like the fact that Idk if I could take anything he said in his interviews seriously... like did he really try to kill himself?... probably not smh (smh cause it might be a lie, but I don't want him to die)

    • Roscoe's Swimsuit

      I have a hunch that in the last interviews for the past few months he's been "in character" as the boy in the screenplay, hencing the same or similar outfits he's been wearing which is the same as the play and his persona matches the same as the boy in the script. GENIUS if u ask me

  • That Boy

    i believe everyone is entitled to their opinions, but if you dont read the 72 pg screenplay at (its not even THAT LONG... its spaced out as fuck and you'll breeze through it in less than 2 hours if you're half-way literate) you're really missing out on the core of what this album represents. this aint a five because yeah this album has flaws and aint perfect. but holy shit dont sleep on what this dude is doing. 4.5 easily with the accompanied screenplay. an understandable 3.5 without.

    • LOL

      nigga you wiped ur ass with ur computer screen. LOL.

    • Christina Lee

      If I wanted to read something boring and tedious, I'll read all +10000 pages of the dictionary. Anyway, I've read the script. Highly unorthodox to place a script with an album, but creative nonetheless. Yes, I admit it. it wasn't half bad to read. I found myself somewhat intrigued by the plot & the characters. After finished examining the script while sitting on the toilet, I ran out of toilet paper. That was when I noticed I forgot to go grocery shopping today, so I did the best thing I could and used the script to wipe my ass. Hey, looks like Childish isn't completely useless after all:)

  • blahblah

    "Terry Gross on the mic, I'm the Talk of the Nation?" - except terry gross is not host of talk of the nation. she is host of "tell me more". Talk of the nation is cancelled anyway. *facepalm*


    Wow. Great album Gambino. 4.5/5

  • Zack Bundles

    Just checking every review to see if any site is crazy enough to call it a bad album.

  • Andrew Auernheimer

    One of the best of the Year! Dude can spit..even the singing is pretty good. Not a Drake rip off either. Writer, Comedian, Actor, Rapper...Talented!

    • Anonymous

      He would be talented if he had any talent. He has no voice to work with, good production does not make a Mickey Mouse sound like a man.

  • Anonymous

    Very puzzled how this album gets such a high ratings from hiphopdx readers. 3005 is a straight Drake ripoff and y'all mothafuckas hate on a Drake heavy. Makes no sense

  • Anonymous

    Tyler the Creator was a character in "Wolf" just 8 months ago... exactly

  • Christina Lee


  • Anonymous

    I believe the reason why people are hating on this album so much is because it's something new. Name the last time an artist wrote a full script and transformed himself into a character for an album...exactly. I would be afraid if I were a critic though, especially when this album is promoting social media and individualistic thought that may soon take over their job. All-in-all, I rate the album a 3.5, but adding the script and everything that comes with it will bump it up to a 4.5. But on a more important note I believe the ground breaking idea of putting an album along with a full blown play/movie cannot be put on a scale. I believe this will be the future of music

    • Christina Lee

      I don't have the time to read a 75 page script. Let me listen to the album, that's it. This isn't 30 Rock, this is hip hop (Ha ha ha, that rhymed. Maybe I should become a rapper.) Anyway, should I come across that script, I'll gladly read it & throw it into my fireplace to keep my house warm.

    • Anonymous

      tyler the creator... boom

  • Cole Rowland

    Because the Internet is his third album. It was Camp and then Royalty. Gambino has an amazing ability to switch up his style whenever he pleases. Album of the year.

  • Anonymous

    sounds like a Weezy-wannabe!!!!!!!!

  • Darius

    Most complete album of the year hands down! Old school/new school vibe

  • Anonymous

    never go by dx ratings they gave rapsody a perfect 5 while being to afraid to give GKMC a perfect score. 3-4.5 is their true scale.

  • Anonymous

    He may be no. 1 on the charts next week.

  • kendrick lewis

    This album was soo disappointing he had so many chances to make the songs so awesome but instead he decided to make hella short songs and just fill seconds with random noises :(

  • dad

    I just read the script and it def ads to the already incredible album. Dude has some talent.

  • P

    Meh, haven't listened to it in full yet so I'm not rating it, but from what I've heard it sounds pretty average. That 3005 song sounds like it is wrapped in bubblegum. Gambino's songwriting is pretty bad. Production on the other songs I've heard is nothing new. His rapping is mediocre at best. You guys are handing out 5's way too easily. We're never going to changer the precedent for hip hop music if we call every album a 5/5, which is essentially saying it's flawless.

    • Christina Lee

      You must be smoking even more than Snoop Dogg if you think that album didn't deserve a 4.5 because that shit was funkier than a skunk with athlete's foot. It's a throwback to artists like Cameo, Zapp, The Gap Band, Prince, The Dazz band, etc.

    • Anonymous

      What is your idea of an album that should get a 5. BTW the review was awful. I am not saying it is a 5, but it shouldnt even be in the same category as shit that got a 3.5. They just threw a 4.5 at the Snoop Dogg album, I have a hard time believing that it deserves. I have not listened to it yet but will give it a shot. That album better be fucking good. MIND YOU, WE ALL HAVE DIFFERENT TASTE. I would rate brussel sprouts a 10 but you would probably disagree.

    • TRUE

      TRUE. and he my fav artist

    • Christina Lee

      "You guys are handing out 5's way too easily. We're never going to changer the precedent for hip hop music if we call every album a 5/5, which is essentially saying it's flawless." -this is a smart man right here. hubby material, even.

    • Darius

      I rated it a 5 because it definitely is from my perspective. Hottest album of the year, including everyone. Might want to check again, because you are sleeping on a classic album

  • Holygraal

    This is more than an album. It's an experience. Especially with the added screenplay. Gambino accomplished what he set out to do. 5/5.

  • De

    Hiphopdx should strong consider re reviewing this album after listening to it with the script its written for. Made me look at this album in a totally different light.

    • Christina Lee

      You guys are handing out 5's way too easily. We're never going to changer the precedent for hip hop music if we call every album a 5/5, which is essentially saying it's flawless.

  • Mary Fields

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  • Adrian

    Think it's the best experience of the year.

  • rone

    Pretty insane. Shows indefinate artistic growth. Keep writing Mr.Glover because I will always be listening.

  • jamestkirk24

    Amazing album. 5/5

  • Ella Hukill

    upto I saw the check for $9548, I did not believe that my brothers friend woz actualy taking home money in their spare time from there labtop.. there great aunt started doing this 4 less than 22 months and at present cleared the dept on there home and got a brand new Lotus Carlton. more information... its just the small minds of our ppl. see a little bit of money and nothing else matters. its sickening really. i know white ppl do it to us but its imo its worse when we do it to ourselves.

  • Childish.Gambino

    Dude lookin real depressed in that video and cover art, I have a feeling that next year or later were going to mourn the loss of Childish Gambino, self inflicted gunshot, hopefully not, hopefully im wrong

  • Because

    Seems like some people get it and some don't. 4.5/5

  • The internet

    4.5....underrated but noticed

  • mikelifecray

    Hes such a slept on artist because he raps a little different, but everybody will realize hes a top 15 rapper right now.

  • gambinogirl

    This is the best album ever. If you read his script this album tells a whole entire story that even links to his last album. He is to talented and amazing.

  • paul

    Give credit when due. this album is great!!! low-key may be better then drake.

  • Anonymous

    GIVE ME A CHANCE Youtube is all about finding new artist, & though I been rapping for a while im still consider a new artist. I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support

  • royalty

    its a 4.5 album in my opinion and childish gambino is my favorite artist. top 3 songs on album to me is 3005, sweatpants,and world star in no particular order but the other songs are beast and its so different. i think the website editors gave it a 3.5 because they judge music for a living and have high standards because they hear a lot of good music in their time.they are looking for something to exceed their expectations for that 4.5-5 star rating. thats why every album they rate its 3.5.

  • dad

    5 Stars, sick album and dope beats from Gambino. The production is much better on this album than "Camp"

  • mrparedes

    some really creative risks but they ended up working out great. it's been a dope album and the script just makes the experience a pretty good one.

  • So Icy Boi!

    correct rating. Gambino is a pop star. swag

  • dudelovekk75

    I'm not really into rap music and can only listen to a rap album once or twice, but this album here, i have done more than ten sittings and there's a helluva lot more sittings i still have to do. Dope! Dope! Dope!!

  • skinner

    Concept album at its best.

  • Beyond Imaginative Greatness

    Dope Album

  • frmmtl

    This is a highly conceptual album. In and of itself, its standard, perhaps deserving of that 3.5 stars but coupled with the entire experience that he's created with the screenplay, the website, the short clips, it's honestly a masterpiece. Nothing like this has EVER been done before. It is at such a high level. Bino himself has gone on to say repeatedly on interviews that he's not just a rapper and he's right. If you compare him to what's happening in the scene right now, against Meek Kill, Big Sean, ASAP, and even Drake, the content and the lyricism are outside of conventional rap music where most of what we here is about bitches and hos, money and pussy, and cars and drugs. How many more tracks do we really want to hear about the same shit? Bino is changing up the discourse and also the medium. Why? Also @Eye Control: the fact that you put 4 Rick Ross albums in a list of 10 best Hip Hop album already means I don't respect your opinion.

  • Anonymous

    This guy has too annoying voice for me to actually like his songs. With deeper voice he would sound so much better.

  • kj

    lemme guess christina lee... you one of those dumb bitches screamin who thinks DRAKE is an innovative artist and produces true quality music. when in retrospect he is a douchebag rapper just like the rest of them in the game. childish talks about his feelings and people dont like that shit cuz it isnt about bitches or the club or any of that other stupid mainstream shit. he talks about stuff that actually matters. this bitch has no right to even breathe her opinion. the fuck outta here.

  • Eye Control

    Guys I'm gonna have to agree with this 3.5 rating. He's got potential but he's probably not gonna make MTV's Hottest MC's list. Here's a real list of the Top 10 hip-hop albums of all time for real hip-hop heads. 10. OutKast - ATLiens 9. Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP 8. Snoop Dogg - Doggystyle 7. Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt 6. Biggie Smalls - Ready To Fly 5. Nas - Illmatic 4. Rick Ross - Deeper Than Rap 3. Rick Ross - Teflon Don 2. Rick Ross - God Forgives, I Don't 1. Rick Ross - Mastermind Let me know what you guys think. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Why?

  • 21

    This deserves more than a 3.5. Amazing album by Bino. 4.5 out of 5

  • Anonymous

    Dope dope dope album,the art of innovation at its finest....fuck this review


    This review had barely anything to do with the actual album. All you did was referred to Camp and didn't go into the actual album. If you haven't yet, read the script @ It's a beautiful album, Honestly in the top 3 best albums of the year. You didn't even note the rawness of "Crawl". That was a major game changing track. I hope people don't ruin this album with reviews like this.

  • realnigzzlegoe

    why do u guys even do review when u give them all the same 3.5/5

  • Anonymous

    You HHDX writers need to start researching shit before you write news articles or dish out your opinions. Does this reviewer even know that the album has an accompanying script that you are supposed to read alongside? Does she realize that this is actually a concept album and that the lyrics are in fact coming from a fictional character that Donald Glover created? I usually don't complain about HHDX reviews since I understand and embrace the concept of differing opinions but this shit is just sloppy. WTF is up with this lazy writing HHDX? Here's a suggestion: How about you wait for the album to actually come out instead of rushing to get your misinformed review out the door? You're not doing anybody a favor with this nonsense.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, but giving every album a 3.5 makes you look just as unprofessional.

    • Christina Lee

      It's just that...why should I give EVERY album I hear a perfect 5, like y'all do? Like come on, you're gonna sit there & tell me that Necro & Kool G Rap was a 5? Hell no. It was a 4 at the very least. If we gave EVERY album a 5, then how would that make us look? Unprofessional, that's how. It's fine if you would like to disagree, but don't tell us to listen to the album again because once we've made our judgment, that's it.

    • Troof

      Why so touchy though, Christina Lee? Honestly? This is how you grow as a writer, by taking criticisms and using them to enhance your abilities. I don't usually bring the hammer down on reviews but this anonymous cat is right, this is a very sloppy review. There's no reason for you tell the guy to go fuck himself though, I think anyone who holds DX reviews in any sort of high regard can point out that this isn't a good review. The thing is, this guy actually gave you TIPS on how to be better prepared for your next review that you write. He was trying to help you and you brushed him off. It's great to give your own view points on an album, but the MOST IMPORTANT thing is to make sure you are well-informed before you give an opinion. The internet is plagued with far too much ignorance (ie: people not well informed) on blog sites, or review sites. Just take the critique, and keep it movin. It doesn't sound like you are built for this game...

    • Christina Lee

      How about you go fuck yourself?

  • nasser

    best album of the year

  • Backdraft

    Before getting into the album, this review is poorly written/organized. It read like the author pasted the tracklist in Word & comments were just plugged in around it. This isn't the typical hip hop album...or music album in general. It's the soundtrack to a multiplatform story. Even if all the songs were wack, that's the most creative thing a rapper has done this year, if not period. The songs aren't necessarily from Donald Glover's perspective, but instead from the character he created in the context of the story...if you're too lazy to read the screenplay a quick google search would explain it. On creativity alone I give the album a 5/5

  • e

    if it got a 4.43, why did u dumb asses only fill out 3.43 Xs...?

  • Derrick

    This album is very cohesive, tells a story, and a great one at that.

  • chase

    will it be on the android market?

  • Jb


  • adultishcarlito

    Im here because of the internet

  • jamestkirk24

    Instant classic. Loved it. Top 3 album of the year

  • Mavis Smith

    just before I saw the bank draft which was of $7049, I have faith neighbours mother was like they say trully earning money part-time on their laptop.. there sisters roommate had bean doing this 4 only 9 months and resantly paid the mortgage on there villa and purchased a great new Volkswagen Golf GTI. published here... I listened to it twice and I'm going to stand by my opinion. Not everybody gonna like the same shit. Different people like different things. AAAAAAARGH!!

  • ChristinaLee

    Contrary to popular belief, I AM NOT A SLUT. I repeat I AM NOT A SLUT. Just because I give the best head in the western hemisphere does not mean I'm a whore, I'm just good at what I do, like when I write reviews. Childish Gambino whines like he is still going through puberty that nigga needs to grow the fuck up, but this album is decent so I gave it a 3.5/5. Suck my tits bitches!

  • Anonymous

    cmon guys do you actually think it was really that great? tell me whats it selling. You obviously don't think its that great since you aint putting up the cash to buy that shit so don't go on some review site complaining it was album of the year and shit when you didn't put up the cash to back urself up.

  • Reggie Noble

    I hate to rain on everyone's parade, but I highly doubt that the person posting under the name "Christina Lee" is Christina Lee. I posted under a fake name just to prove a point. I am not Reggie Noble. People fall into the trap too easy. Btw, Solid Album from Gambino

  • jody

    hottest album out today

  • Killah

    Christina Lee is one sensitive cunt. I ain't even a Bino fan, but this is the worst written review I have read on this site, and that is saying a LOT. Quit your day job and kill yourself.

    • Christina Lee

      I am new at this whole writing thing, I admit. And I am a sensitive cunt. But, I don't really listen to hip hop. My favorite rapper is Macklemore. How much does THAT tell you? I will take your feedback into account the next time I write a review, if I still have a job here. I have suicidal tendencies and really hate myself. If things keep going the way they have been going, I will kill myself. Thank you for the push.

  • Austin

    This is at bare minimum a 4.5 star album.


    Dude fuck this site. I've listened to this album about 5 times now. This guy gave us one hell fo an album. Best hiphop album I've heard all year. How the Yeezus gets a 4.5 and this a 3.5. this ia a more complete album by far. they talk about his lyrics being of par yet they give yeezus a 4.5 THAT WAS HANDS DOWN THE WORST LYRICS EVER WRITTEN BY KANYE. I'm a kanye fan but kanye got lazy on that shit. when he wrote "he aint with u he with beyonce you need to stop acin lazy" cmon man,Gambino put thought and heart into this shit. DEF AOTY on my opionion in terms of hip hop. Fuck hip hop dx

  • AO

    Awful review. Way to full of yourself girl. Just review the damn album

  • Jexam

    Maybe I missed the point of the album, but this feels incomplete and awkward. Now unlike Camp which I really enjoyed because all of its mellow beats and flowing lyrics it contained, this sounds mellow as well but in a way that it completely strays away from hip hop. Still I enjoyed Shadows,3005 and Pink toes for what they are. My rating is 2.5 for this while I gave Camp almost a 4.5

  • Carson

    the lyrics were on point. dude is really talented on all fronts. the album is a soundscape. sounded beautfiul imo

  • Dillon

    Amazing, love every song

  • geo1378

    You people are seriously disrespectful to Christina Lee the reviewer. If you dont like the review fine but name calling and hating someone for an opinion is ignorant as shit. You sound like a bunch of spoiled entitled little teenagers. Get an education and get over someone elses opinion. Move along if you dont like the review. 3.5 isnt a bad score either, i need to listen to the album before i can give my rating.

  • Anonymous

    this album was great. the production was incredible on a lot of songs, he goes from rapping to singing with great lyrical prowess and internet references, which keeps with the theme of the album, the whole album also makes more sense if u read the script along with it, which puts it more into context.

  • Ofay Watcher

    Good beats. Wack lyrics. Typical. Yall should check out tsu surf - neva forget. Now that's how you do real hiphop.

  • Christina Lee

    Damn, man. It's like you can't make these readers happy for shit. They just CANNOT be pleased. You give these motherfuckers your honest opinion and where does it get you? OK, I get the fact you disagree with me and you don't like my review, but you don't have to resort to immature name calling. Damn. Did your mothers teach you any manners or where they all strung out on the crack pipe? As I stated earlier, just say you diagree and keep it the fuck moving. I don't want to hear no bullshit like, "listen to it more" or "worst review ever". FUCK YOU! How about you create your own website and review your own albums? Let's see how long before you go insane from the comments sections stating that you favor niggas like YG or Migos isntead of "real hip hop" artists like Madchild or Big KRIT. Miss me with that bullshit, you fucking turbo nerds.

  • Latonya Bell

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  • Anonymous

    some dumb bitch reviewd this. girls dont get hip hop. they base what they like off of how cute the rappers are #FACT

  • mando155

    this was really dope, wtf.

  • d

    This is awful DX. Album's been leaked for a while now, the writer should definitely have spent a bit longer listening to it. Think I'm done with this site now. Sick of late news and bad reviews. Gambino 5/5 though.

    • Christina Lee

      The fuck you mean "listen to it longer?" I listened to it twice and I'm going to stand by my opinion. Not everybody gonna like the same shit. Different people like different things. AAAAAAARGH!!!

    • jamie.jamal

      god awful, most of his shit is just him trying really hard to be depressed, or tryna impress aiko, or tryna be drake , but pretending his trying to be ye. HE IS WHACK

  • On da Hop

    this album is a great listen and its something so fresh.. fuck them comparisons dx gave him,. this new nigga 5star shit

  • Get Better Writers

    So this album is not only on another level sonically, but a masterpiece and cohesive in its own right. It's not as free flowing as Camp, it's a project one would only truly understand via hallucinogenic experience. Regardless, if you compare this album to anything else out there it's unique and exactly what Kanye West tried (and failed) to do with Yeezus.

    • Christina

      Nigga are you roasted right now? Pfft. because the internet might as well be a look inside a suicidal bipolar patient's head. Can he just have fun FOR ONCE? God the motherfucker is boring and depressing, and his delivery puts you to sleep. I need a nigga with some charisma to wake me up. Yo, go cop that Young Rich Niggas 2. #MigoGang

    • LoMdKing


  • Anonymous

    I think its better than a 3.5

  • Anonymous

    Gambino put out an album and mixtape while he was on Community. He doesn't rap because he left the show, he left to do his own show on FX.

  • Shaz

    Ambitiously digital, dazzlingly morphous, lyrically clinical....Great work.

  • emperor

    This album deserves more than 3.5 stars. Anyone getting tired hiphopdx giving majority of albums 3.5 stars?

  • Tyree

    Very ambitious piece of work from Gambino. Haven't seen depth like this since Lupe Fiasco's The Cool Great listen and growth from Camp and Royalty. Not perfect, but top 10 albums this year

  • Wow

    It seems that even a little bit of criticism warrants an attack from everyone on the internet today. Because of the internet everyone is sensitive and depressed ala Gambino. This review is too short, lacking depth and detail and just seems lazy. I am usually pretty excited to get on here and read reviews but over the past year it has becoming tedious to read through some of these reviews. I do thing HHDX has lost a little bit of touch and the 3.5 ratings are getting boring.

    • Christina Lee

      I'm sorry you feel that way. Stay tuned for our next album article, where we'll be reviewing Chief Keef's new album & probably giving the highest praise possible & lauding it as a magnum opus of sorts.

  • steveadore

    Only One song in all of hip hop this year that made any sense. Murdering PSA by the Roostar Incorporated. Makes you re-think ALL of the nonsense in rap culture.

  • Kid Cav

    Terrible review, should quit your day job.

  • Bino

    HHDX is a hoe ass nigga. and when I see him ima slap him like the bitch he is

  • ChristinaLee

    Hey Guys this is Christina. I am a stupid twat who doesn't particularly care for hip-hop, and I like to evaluate rapper's personalities instead of the music they put out. Thank you for listening. Suck my tits

    • ChristinaLee

      This is the REAL REAL Christina Lee. I would suck Gambino's dick, but he rejected me cause he didn't like the pimples that surround my mouth-hole. 9 times out of 10 when I have sex I like it in the butt. In the future, I will keep the adult diaper business relevant. P.S. Suck my mosquito tits

    • Christina Lee

      Ha ha fucking ha. This is the REAL Christina. I only really listen to Minaj when she's on soft beats with pop artists, but lemme tell you bout this kid Childish Gambino. He dont know art, and dont know shit, but ill suck his dick behind closed doors cuz he got da cash. Oh ya, and suck my tits.

    • Christina Lee

      Ha ha fucking ha. Pussy ass nigga. Don't quit yo day job.

  • ProblemOfficer

    you crazy for this one Bino

  • Daniel

    So should we (the readers) just expect a 3.5 out of every album you (HHDX) reviews? If you guys are going to review albums review albums don't try and appease the people by putting a "safe" score for every album that comes out. If its a 1 give it a 1 if its a 4 give it that. This 3.5 stuff is just showing you guys really don't know what you want to say about any albums.

  • abe

    I appreciate the album review. I look forward to listening to it tomorrow.

    • Kid Cav

      The script is part of the album, why skip it? It's 73 pages in screenplay format, which is somewhere near 30 or 40 actual pages. If you struggle reading 40 pages, you should probably go back to elementary school.

    • Christina Lee

      Skip the script & just listen to the album, okay? Ain't nobody got time to be reading some 600 page script.

    • Kid Cav

      Do yourself a favor and watch the 24 minute short film before hand, and then read the script that accompanies the album at, it has a full stream of the album with the songs set at each corresponding scene. It makes the album so much better.

  • Brewhorse

    Great Album. I agree with the score but the review talked too much about camp and not enough about this album. It's like the author wasn't even aware of the screenplay or any of the media surrounding BTI that Bino put out before.

  • Joseph Hooper

    The album is great. I think everybody should give it a listen. Definitely one of, if not my favorite album of the year.

  • LaceUp

    Fuck Childish Gambino he been dropping gay projects and this is no different

  • shuttaman

    and I didn't call bitch cuz you was a woman, you woulda been a man and I still woulda called you bitch. saw the name after i put in my comment. Stupid bitch.



    • Christina Lee

      Don't try to explain the fact that you're still an asshole. Fuck you. Go fall off the Grand Canyon and break every bone in your body, then die slow.

  • shuttaman

    3.5? Nigga you a faggot fuck HHDX and the man from ktt along with the lupe section. bitch.

  • NotABlackKid

    Whoever reviewed this needs to take a minute and do some research into the album they about to talk about. No mention of the year long build up of Bino becoming THE BOY through out all his interviews. No mention about the songs and videos that were all part of the story "Centipede" and "Yaphet Kotto". No mention of the screenplay and how the album ties in to it. This review gets a 1.5/5. The album gets 4.5/5, but the "World" that Bino has created: 5/5

    • Christina Lee

      By far the most boring, unenthusiastic freestyle I've ever heard. And people actually like this kid? I can't lie, I actually fell asleep during the 0:50 mark.

    • NotABlackKid Get up to date with the rest of us.

    • NotABlackKid

      Ain't nothin' more important than the mula You ain't really eatin' girl, you gotta get your food up We so steady eatin' baby, you already know that The way I'm droppin' new shit, I'm sittin' on the toilet But I'm guessin you just ain't know what I'm talkin about.

    • Christina Lee

      Wow. Absolute hot garbage. Don't be mad, UPS is hiring.

    • Christina Lee

      Feel better now that you got that out of your system? Good. Great. Drink some Exlax the next time you're full of shit.

  • cj

    this is a terribly written review.. DX, do better..

  • the doc

    the DOC gives this 5 stars...banger............. better then Gay-Z magna thats for sure HA HA HA

  • Anonymous

    I dont say this with any malice or intent to hate, but man this review was very hard to read. It just wasnt written well, the sentence structures are very odd and confusing, and it just doesnt flow at all, I'm kinda disappointed I was really looking forward to this album review

    • Christina Lee

      UGH. You cannot please anybody these days. Maybe a trained monkey should write our reviews instead. Maybe that would make you feel better.

  • Baby

    Excellent project. Worst review ever, so hard to follow..

  • IceKrunk

    This shit is fucking classic.

  • Lawless

    Oh look it's another 3.5 rating from HHDX, the same rating that they openly admitted means that they don't have a clue what to rate it because they know people like it but some don't - why you even bother rating then? KMT, I give this album a 4 after many listens. Starts strong and gets slower but deeper later on.

    • RappingJackOff

      I could win a blowjob with a good HHDX review? Christina, I'm sending my albums to HHDX.

    • Christina Lee

      If WE can't rate it, then why don't YOU give a better review? We're plenty sick and tired of you DX users coming on here giving us shit because we didn't give your album a trophy and a blowjob. Just stop it. Say you disagree and keep it moving. No need for the snide, smart ass comments.


    This shit knocks, but I give it a 3 at best. And to the other user below me, this isn't what I would consider album of the year. That title rightfully goes to YEEZUS.

    • Kanye West

      You ain't spend 13 million dollars trying to empower yourself! What's the name of your clothing line? We don't know!YOU AIN'T GOT THE ANSWERS, SWAY! YOU AIN'T GOT THE ANSWERS! YOU AIN'T GOT THE ANSWERS, MAN! YOU AIN'T GOT THE ANSWERS! I BEEN DOING THIS MORE THAN YOU!

    • Sway

      I'm asking YOU for the answers!!!!

    • Kanye West


    • Sway

      You ain't gotta turn up, man. This ain't no fucking show!

    • Kanye West

      I am Captain Kangaroo in the flesh. Smuckers. Kotex. M&M's. Let me create more. Or do you want to marginalize me till I'm out of my moment? I am the number one, most impactful, artist of our generation.

  • Southerna

    Jesus Christ this is the worst review ever. I would have excused the crap review had you went into detail why you felt this way, but you didn't. HHDX is losing its touch man. Disappointed. This is a definite contender for AOTY though imo.

  • randommbaredude

    the album was great

  • rnrnrnrn

    Good album, but I think Hop has AOTY with Knock Madness. 4/5

  • God

    This rapper has evolved since Camp and his style of rapping has only gotten better

  • Aryan


  • ricckythegiant

    one of my favorite albums of the year i actually think he does Drake better than Drake but in a way that also kills the vibe just a lil

  • lloyd

    i can get jiggy with this shit

  • Feelthereal

    I like this shit. I can't get jiggy with some of the songs yet but maybe they'll grown on me. Songs like Shadows, Telegraph Ave, 3005, Flight of the navigator and Zealots of Stockholm are straight fire thou. He's like the mixture of Frank Ocean & Drake, which isn't a bad thing at all.

  • Great album

    One of the best 'hip hop' albums released this year

  • WorthMentioning

    Great review, although I feel it lacks a significant dimension since you did not make ANY mention of the fact that its also semi-fictionally linked to the SCRIPT ( he released which was meant to accompany the music. I believe the narrative jumps between fiction and autobiography through use of the Character "The Boy." And having a review that does not mention the script AT ALL I feel is doing the project a disservice.

  • Anonymous

    Corniest rapper currently.