Lil B - I'm Gay (I'm Happy)

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I'm Gay (I'm Happy) is a definitive body of work that has some powerful moments, and is a devil's advocate counterpoint to so many of Rap's conventions.

Editor's Note: As this is neither an album nor a mixtape, DX decided to go with no rating on this one.

If VH1 ever makes an I Love 2011, they'll damn sure be talking about Lil B. The longtime front-man for The Pack is not new to the Hip Hop scene, but through being the face and voice of the #Based movement, he's joined Odd Future, Kendrick Lamar and Mac Miller as another crowned star who needed no storied label to become it. Lil B has released five "official" solo albums in two years, but it's hard to call them that - when they aren't nationally distributed and usually have free versions easier to find than legit download. I'm Gay stood the chance of swinging a hammer at a Berlin Wall within Rap, and then the Based God threw (I'm Happy) on there to waffle, missing any pride parade bookings. Announced with a flood and released with a trickle I'm Gay (I'm Happy) is a definitive (yet free?) body of work that has some powerful moments, and is a devil's advocate counterpoint to so many of Rap's conventions.

There are two really great things about Lil B: his sincerely positive intentions, and his ear for production. As alluded to around the album's title controversy, the 21 year-old wants to uplift his many (Twitter) followers. "Unchain Me" is a cry from a  mountain of joy, and a break from fame, where Based God says that he's turned off his phones from the evil, and brought himself closer to spirituality. "They told me that I'd never make it rappin'," he says at one point, speaking directly to the criticism commonly received for B's offbeat flow and stream-of-consciousness content. True, Lil B is perhaps a verbal tagger more than a formally trained graffiti artist, but underneath Clams Casino reworking a Lost Boys soundtrack gem, it all seems triumphant. The same can be said of "Gone Be Okay," where Based God rhymes over a barely altered film score to encourage love, friendliness and hope amidst these troubled times. The craft of rapping is poor, but the presentation is so sincere and so authentic that it's taken differently than it might appear on another album. Lil B's I'm Gay is not unlike a novice rapper presenting his demo to the world, and awaiting constructive criticism with an earnest smile. It just so happens that the production and sequencing of this project are infinitely better than a typical demo submission from the pile.

Goodhearted intentions can only get one so far. Clumsy rhymes (and non-rhymes) like "I'm nicer than grandma with a cup of iced tea" on "Trapped In Prison" are quick reminders that Lil B's craft could give Waka Flocka Flame the gas-face. However, unlike Brick Squad's aforementioned rapper, Lil B touches on social epidemics. "I Hate Myself," although it's spoken akin to a contemporary R. Kelly ballad, deals with the effects of negative images of Black people portrayed in the media. Still, it might be the deft reworking of a Goo Goo Dolls multi-platinum single that gives this work its greatest talking-point. "Open Thunder Eternal Slumber" sounds like a 50 Tyson freestyle more than an album-worthy Based God track. With some really powerful moments, I'm Gay frequently veers back into the pocket of interesting Internet production with one-take proclamations overtop.

As with any sub-movement in Hip Hop, there are core Based God fans. With the musical influences, the sincerity, the spectacle of it all, there is so much to love in a culture that's frequently grown predictable and monotonous with trends. Lil B appears to have given his growing fan-base a high-mark, and proven that together the ants can indeed intimidate the elephant. To that elephant - the mainstream, who is still figuring out what to make of the Dudley Do-Right rapper who still has "hoes on his dick 'cause he looks like Jesus," there are definitely some walkaway jams on I'm Gay (I'm Happy). The degrees of separation between Based God and Lil Wayne are shrinking, and today's meme is tomorrow's emcee.

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  • Gary

    Don't hate before you listen

  • Scotty

    Best Rapper Alive all haters really love basedgod on the slick.. GO listen to the album jack asses

  • Anonymous

    @YouSerious? Yo, I just wanted to say I know where your coming from. It's hard to see rappers like Lil B with great thoughts but poor delivery get more attention than artists like Aceyalone who has a great flow (in my opinion one of the best in hip-hop period) and amazing delivery, but is rarely mentioned, and might never go gold (I say this hoping he actually will someday). The reality sucks, but you can't take away from this man's work. This is an album you can tell he put his heart into (assuming you did listen to it). His lyrics weren't about bullshit either (no wonton soup type shit on this album). They were about actual problems delivered in a way that would make most artists hesitate because of how open he was to the topics. On the album nothing was private between him and the listener, no tricks or clever wordplay, more like words thrown into a flow. People just understand this album and him better than maybe an artist like Atmosphere (another amazing artist/group that doesn't get the hype they deserve). Does this make any of them less or more intelligent or tasteless? No. Frankly I wouldn't associate this with anything Juiceman or Lil' Wayne has dropped, too real to compare. In a way though, this puts him in that same bracket of misunderstood artists. Examples include El-P's lyrics, Evidence's flow, or even Billy Corgan's voice. I personally give it a 5, just for the sheer heart that I felt coming out of this album.

  • TheFED

    Real shit, I was hating on this dude based on the fucked up shit he has on the internet, but his album is in no way like any of that Like Jesus or Wantaun Soup bullshit he has. The beats were nice and he was actually talking about shit and rhyming. I cant hate on this dude anymore. And he has one hell of a fan base that stays true to his shit. Go to his Youtube channel and check out the comments his fans be leavin; they think th

  • electricallyrelaxed

    Lil b's style reminds me of free jazz. It sounds wrong if you dont know what you're listening too. It seems like to the average person his his flow is off the beat, but i think its more of in the beat. Try not to be so closed minded and actually LISTEN to what is being said and how hes saying it. Then, think about it. At least his music is interesting, as oppose to the stagnation that exist on the radio. creativity ftw

    • YouSerious?

      No. If Miles Davis played his solos off beat on "So What" then it wouldn't be a good song. There are several different rhythms you can use in a song, but an off-time flow and mumbling vocals are signs of a subpar rapper.

  • u mad?

    lil b just trolled all of hip-hop, the goal as an artist is to get your message out,make money, fame,etc. lil b is an average rapper but a genius at marketing.



  • Aaron Palmer

    I dont know how many know these, but when he was with THE PACK he was able to stay on beat.

  • lilb is that nigga


  • hachitori

    Thank god for rappers like lil' B Green Ova, Kendrick Lamar, Shabazz Palaces Odd future etc. for throwing a monkey wrench into the stagnant pond that hip hop was becoming. Having a Nas flow is all well and good, but taking risks is what makes for interesting music.

    • YouSerious?

      Ok, if I went to a jazz concert and a soloist went off beat with his playing, I would think it was poor playing. Likewise, Lil B is a rapper who has put out songs like "Bill Bellamy"....I got 10 felonies, really? If ANY serious rapper started putting out songs where he rhymed off time and mumbled his words, his ass would be roasted for it. Honestly, it doesn't matter if Lil B is thinking "profound thoughts" when he expresses them so poorly. There are so many songs by so many other artists who deserve more praise than Lil B that I would rather listen to. My problem is that nobody even cares about people like Ghostface, Common, Nas, Atmosphere, or Outkast at this point. They want to dickride this guy because he made an album called I'm Gay. That's stupid. P.S- if you don't play an instrument on time with the beat then you're considered a poor musician, therefore if Lil B can't rap on time or get his fucking music mixed properly, I'm going to assume he sucks.

    • Hachitori

      See, that's the problem. You are reducing his musical output, which involves his artistic vision, songwriting, choice of collaborators/producers etc. to the fact that you don't like his delivery. Lil B's whole musical practice is a risk. And even if you don't like a lot of what he does, you have to respect his originality. I'm not a fan of everything he releases, not by a long shot, but he has a distinct style, and he has made me sit up in my chair and take notice. Have you heard Rain in England? P.S. Rapping on a beat isn't hard. Vanilla Ice can rap on a beat, but does this make him worth listening to? I dono, maybe you think it does.

    • YouSerious?

      Interesting risks? what are you smoking? Lil B CAN'T RAP. not rapping on beat is not a risk, its just fucking embarassing.

  • Lupe Espinoza

    Okay so BasedGod's flow ain't the best. So what?! His message & will towards his music surpasses by far even the GREATEST of MC's in the rap game today. He isn't the greatest but his message sure fills in for his confusin flow. "I'm Gay (I'm Happy)", definetly a historic album in Hip Hop history.

    • YouSerious?

      This is not a historic album. This dude's not saying anything mind bending and you think he's good cause you don't know what the fuck lyricism is.

  • Noah Smith

    @YouSerious? Kanye is a better MC than Hov. Yeah, I said it.

    • YouSerious?

      I don't see what was so profound about what Kanye said on "monster" why don't you enlighten me? I enjoyed Jay's verse more. Also, I don't care about where Jay and Kanye stand now, its fact that Jay has had a greater career than Kanye West. Plus you ignore that there's been alot of statements saying people have written for Kanye. You can't be better than Jay if you've ever used a ghostwriter.

    • Hachitori

      @ YouSerious Jay is the man for sure, but recently I have to say that at times lyrically speaking Kanye takes it. Have you heard Monster? And here we are just discussing MCing. If we consider the fact that Kanye started his career producing FOR Jay-Z and has production skills for days, then well...

    • YouSerious?

      Yeah um..all of jay-Z's albums went platinum too and people dickride Kanye because he's a different flavor from the usual MC. However, you can't say a guy who's had OTHER PEOPLE write his fucking songs is better than Jay. Not to mention how Kanye admits that Jay-Z has bodied him on just about every song they've been on toghether (such as the diamonds remix). Honestly how the fuck are you gonna try and use sales as an arguement? If you wanna do that then I'll tell you that Jay-Z's Hard Knock Life album went 5 times platinum, which is higher than any of Kanye's albums. You're entitled to your opinion but i have a right to question why you'd make such a claim that a guy who's overrated is better than Jay-Z.

    • Maurius Mustin

      Dude why do you compare Everybody's stuff to reasonable doubt? Ok yes that was a great album but the man likes Kanye more. Kanye is a genius. ALL of his albums have went platinum. In fact College Dropout sold more than reasonable doubt. Not saying I think Kanye is better than Jay, but he is worthy of all praise. This does not mean I'm dick riding either just stating facts.

    • Hachitori

      @Noah Smith Agreed.

    • YouSerious?

      Do you know what Reasonable Doubt is? That one album shits on any album of Kanye's. Also, how the fuck can Kanye be better than Jay when Kanye's had people ghostwrite for him?...

  • Ali

    Album is beyond horrible

  • Brutus Mandingo

    sooo should i even waste my time on listening to this ???

  • Jamaal

    @Marius, @Andre Stokes, @Dogg Pound what yall need to understand is no, no one needs to rap like Eminem, Jay, or Kanye but there is such a thing as bad music and or rapping and Lil B is it, if you have no standards and taste in music ppl like yall are whats gonna keep bad rappers like Souljah Boy, Waka, and OJ Da Juiceman in business

  • Maurius Mustin

    It's funny how people spend so much time ranting about how someone is sooo terrible and how they lack this and they lack that. Not every person that picks up and microphone is going to be Eminem, Lupe, Lil' Wayne, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Pac, Rakim, Biggie, etc. Every artist has something different to bring to the table. Music is not defined by one type of style. Music is an artistic expression of one's self. So what if B's flow is off or he lacks the lyrical depth. This man put out a body of work that he apparently work hard on and is proud of. He still has growing to do. Stop with all the negativity. Please.

    • crys

      you are so true.

    • YouSerious?

      Yeah uh you aren't that sharp. I'm not saying you shouldn't listen to fucking Lil B, I'm trying to argue why he's NOT GOOD and I don't get why someone would like to listen to his songs that are off beat, poorly mixed, and lack substance. Are you seriously going to try and argue that nobody here can make it? You don't know anybody posting comments on here so that's a baseless assumption as well. Yeah not everybody has the same taste but you can't honestly sit there and say "Wow, Lil B is a great rapper".

    • Maurius Mustin

      Read what I say before you comment. Just because you or your friends don't quote his lyrics does not mean millions of other people don't. And that is your opinion. Everyone is entitled to one. See what you people fail to realize people don't like the same things. Therefore you should respect ones opinion because you want the same thing. I guarantee none of you can make a name for yourself in the music business. Lil B is not a good rapper but people still love his music. NOT EVERYBODY HAS THE SAME TASTE.

    • YouSerious?

      I have never quoted Lil Wayne, and neither has anybody I know who listens to rap. Lil Wayne spits punchlines with no substance whatsoever, go listen to Paid in Full, Ready To Die, and Reasonable Doubt. Those albums shit on anything Wayne or Kanye have ever done.

    • slick dreams

      so you are saying if a rapper comes out name lil rat an his look goes, (chorus) I get bread I like cheese (8 Times verse go.. I'm lil rat and i'm the greatest, I'm a new cat and i wear the latest i should not critisize?? you are crazy

    • Maurius Mustin

      I'll give you the fact that he can't stay on beat and has no definite rhyme pattern or scheme but seriously cut out the hating. He garnered this buzz for a reason. Apparently people like his style enough to listen to it or take the time to comment on it. And Kanye And Wayne are legends. Look at their bodies of work. Ummm how many platinum plaques? How many quotable lines and singles? C'mon man.

    • YouSerious?

      Maurius, you lose all credibility when you mention kanye and wayne in the same list as jay-Z, Biggie, and Rakim. Also, the point of reviewing music is to realistically look at the quality of the artist's work. Lil B's music is very poorly done and its really just horrible quality. Why should I give this guy props when there's so many other talented musicians and artists who don't have his hype?

    • JayC91

      @Marius, @Andre Stokes, @Dogg Pound what yall need to understand is no, no one needs to rap like Eminem, Jay, or Kanye but there is such a thing as bad music and or rapping and Lil B is it, if you have no standards and taste in music ppl like yall are whats gonna keep bad rappers like Souljah Boy, Waka, and OJ Da Juiceman in

  • Andre Stokes

    Lil B = Based God Many listeners might judge Lil B as a terrible rapper *Blah, Blah, Blah*. However, let's get one thing straight, Lil B is defining Hip Hop in his own unique way. Hip Hop was always an art form. Hip Hop isn't a standardized exam (Either rap like this or you're trash). The exact message of "Negative Judgement" that Lil B is trying to convoy, you listeners are doing. Lil B's flow is based. Basically, he's delivering his songs as if he was based, so people are going to love it or hate it... It's original nonetheless. Stop the HATING

    • YouSerious?

      Sorry, but Lil B's flow and lyrics are just plain bad. You cannot tell me he's doing anything positive with putting this out except that he's really trying, but the reality is he is a bad rapper. Are you even listening to his songs? His flow is embarassing to hip hop as a genre.

    • Jake

      Couldnt have said it better myself brotha!!!! And its the reason why we have the White Girl Mob thinkin its jus a hobby the way they rap. SMH "@Marius, @Andre Stokes, @Dogg Pound what yall need to understand is no, no one needs to rap like Eminem, Jay, or Kanye but there is such a thing as bad music and or rapping and Lil B is it, if you have no standards and taste in music ppl like yall are whats gonna keep bad rappers like Souljah Boy, Waka, and OJ Da Juiceman in business"

  • Dogg Pound

    I'm loving this album. Its completely not like most of the many down south based mixtapes he has. Its never perfect rap but its sounds like its meant to be like that. I love his style of "my homeboy next to me" rap! I understand it! Quir hating on ni**as

    • James

      Agree Doggpound needs to know its okay to like it, but to say that its "Good Music"? How do you even know he's tryin to actually rap and not making a joke out of it?? "@Marius, @Andre Stokes, @Dogg Pound what yall need to understand is no, no one needs to rap like Eminem, Jay, or Kanye but there is such a thing as bad music and or rapping and Lil B is it, if you have no standards and taste in music ppl like yall are whats gonna keep bad rappers like Souljah Boy, Waka, and OJ Da Juiceman in business"

  • lilbasedgodcom

    I'm glad people are beginning to come around on Lil B. From these comments, it looks like there's still a lot of ignorant homophobic idiots, but I guess such idiots in society will only bring the rest of us closer together. Lil B's beats are almost always a hit, definitely. IF you truly want to know what Lil B is about, you gotta check out the Rain in England album.

  • lol

    this is an album you stupid fucks. at what point did this become a "mixtape"

    • Chase

      When Lil B himself released it for free a day after it was put on iTunes, plus more than half the tracks where leaked before the albumtape was ever released, hence why it's both.

  • urdaddy

    this is garbage! a rap album called "im gay" wut a sad day in the rap-hip hop worLd and if u support this album u dont kno south san diego! dnt support this trash

  • dumbbaby

    Spot on review. Lil B cant rap (yet) but he has that something, its hard to define but one else has right now. Also, if your favorite obscure and highly skilled rapper had as good taste in beats as Lil B, he wouldnt be obscure.

  • unclesam

    This shit was surprisingly dope, really. The production was topclass, lyrically it was on point (although he made some missteps and said some stupid mixtape shit). I'm gonna give it a five, just because of everybody rating it down without hearing it, otherwise I'd given it a 4.

  • Dennis Dweezy Richards

    i cant front the beats were nice but lets face it the nigga cant rap

  • Rollin20

    Seriously, i hated Lil B before this and i'mma probably hate him after this, but this album is actually a good album. Good production and good lyrics, the only big problems, is his flow, but it's still a good album for me. Would give it a 3.5/5, but since we can't vote like that, i'mma give this a 4 star.



  • ismokerocks12

    cant believe ppl listen to this shit hahahahah


    The production on this is ok. His flow is pretty bad though. I'm feeling his content, but It's hard to listen to, the flow and word play just aren't there. Still better than the nonsense polluting the radio waves though.

  • Anonymous

    I'm confused this is under album reviews but it's not an album? What's the point of reviewing a body of work but not giving it a rating.

  • clams

    Fuck the rating banter, great review

  • YouSerious?

    People, in all honesty, you can't sit there and say this guy can rap. He has to have the worst flow I've ever heard from someone who's got this much of a buzz. Yeah its nice that he's trying to spread a good message, but this is like if your 10 year old kid was saying that everybody in the world should get along just because. The message is there, but the presentation is so elementary and lame its not even worth noticing. This is not a good album. To be a rapper, you need to be able to be good at....rapping.


    Album Dope as Fuck, whatever the freakin title. Different from what i expected from what i thought was a bubblegum rapper. Makes me wanna shout Im gay too... not. Lame excuse not rating the album hhdx...

  • Sam I Am

    He called it an album and itunes called it an album, hence its an album. This just shows how inconsistent you guys are. I listened to the whole album and it was just horrid. like Soundclick rapper horrid. Beats were ok, but lacked polish. All the lyrics were forced attempts to come off as conscious, but with bad wordplay, trite delivery, and stumblings in the flow altogether, this is just unprofessional. I gave this a 2 out of 5. Idiots like this meshack (if you were going for the bible iteration, way to fuck that up, man) are the reason why Hiphop is hard to take seriously. "Haters" I despise that word so much because imbeciles like you go around throwing that word around without understanding the meanings. If Lil B was to receive a perfect 5 based on this flawed logic, that means Gucci, Waka, etc all make 5 star music as well, huh? A bad "artist" is a bad artist, plain and simple. And other idiots like this RA saying he nice because he's "attempting" to be conscious. If i came out with an EP 32 min in length and all I said, "The war in Iraq was a major no-no" throughout the span of the disc, that means you cant tell me shit, right? After all, its a true topic and its talking about something that happened in the world, right? Exactly. Disgusting. You two are the probably the type to rock skinny jeans and sag em with your ass hanging out, ol Big Sean-looking, snapback-wearing, like it in the butt, fruity niggas....smh This "album" gets a two out of 5 because the beats weren't too bad and even though he attempted to talk about real things, the delivery and wordplay was below-elementary level. Do your jobs, DX.

  • Kyle Meshack Luellen

    gave it a 5, just for the haters

  • Kang Munir

    Um what is a album - hiphopdx? Please define. Is it the fact it could be had for free that makes it not a album. Or that it doesn't have a physical release. So the commercial distribution of an album is what defines what a piece of art is. That's very interesting logic to not rate the most divisive albums this year from one of today's the most important artists. Divisive, not just because it's title is "I"m Gay" but because the polarizing Lil B has made it. Not rating it is disrespectful to the artist and makes hiphopdx seem to have an anachronistic view of current music delivery. Please tell us, what defines what is a album?

  • hiphopjudge

    im sorry but no

  • RA

    The album is dope as fuck period. He spitting real shit over seemingly seamless beats. He even says " I need to know my history because i hate myself". When the last time a muhfugga said that shit in a song??? At 21?? The young man is gifted and his other shit is satirical. If Ghostface or RZA used some of his clumsy rhymes it would be deemed original. The imagery is there and so is the wordplay. Stop hating ppl the young man is nice and has a plan fa yall asses,this just the beginning. Dude aint even radio yet lol...

    • YouSerious?

      Don't you ever compare Ghostface to Lil B. Lil B used "concious" rap topics to try and sound like he's a mature, good rapper. He uses these song ideas and cliche lines to hide behind his HORRIBLE flow and wordplay. Ghostface is one of the most unique rappers we've ever had in the game and he's always on point, and when Ghost is rapping about something different you can tell whatever it is, its really something he thought of that's unique to him and nobody else could pull it off. Lil B could NEVER make a song like "Apollo Kids" or "Mighty Healthy"

  • no!

    i am not homophobic he just sux! lol

    • Andre Stokes

      Lil B = Based God Many listeners might judge Lil B as a terrible rapper *Blah, Blah, Blah*. However, let's get one thing straight, Lil B is defining Hip Hop in his own unique way. Hip Hop was always an art form. Hip Hop isn't a standardized exam (Either rap like this or you're trash). The exact message of "Negative Judgement" that Lil B is trying to convoy, you listeners are doing. Lil B's flow is based. Basically, he's delivering his songs as if he was based, so people are going to love it or hate it... It's original nonetheless.

  • ark

    lol just give it a 1/5

  • ComeOn

    I don't get how it's not an album or a mixtape. It's 44 minutes, which is longer than other albums and mixtapes. Hell: The Sequel by Bad Meets Evil is just 37:18, and not promoted as an album or mixtape - it's an EP. Why does that get a rating and I'm Gay doesn't? I know why. It's because the writer is afraid to assign it a rating. No matter what rating he gives, there's no winning, so I get it. Just don't come up with some weird excuse for not doing it. (I did listen to this all the way through, but don't really remember any of it. So it's not that good and I don't care what the rating is).

  • Deathless

    The irony of these homophobic posts is astounding. The hip hop community has always had it's issues with rampant misogyny, materialism and homophobia and yet i'm still surprised at the ignorance on display here. Either that or it's just a bunch of kids. However... Interesting album. Interesting character.

  • rj

    He sucks cock just read the album title

  • stacey

    this guy gets knocked out look it up on youtube lil b gets knocked out hes a fag

  • youngvito79

    Shits tight.. u homophobic insecure men need to stop giving this album a bad rating just because u guys are intimidated by the title of the album and insecure with your own manhood... Real fu__ing talk...



  • louthegreat

    great album production sleek lyrics & a positive message its a cool album! 5stars

  • Killalex

    Music for faggots

  • Don Tha Truth

    if anyone thinks this is anything but putrid garbage, you are gay, and gay as in homosexual, not happy. shit's trash, and this motherfucker should die in the depths of hell, giving satan a blowjob and getting his ass fucked by a demon.

  • Salaam

    I would buy "I'm Gay - The Instrumentals"

  • Anonymous

    "Editor's Note: As this is neither an album nor a mixtape, DX decided to go with no rating on this one." - why can't you rate a mixtape anyway?????

  • david

    Don't be scared to loose some credibility HHDX by rating this album. I think you guys were scared to rate as for the controversy it would cause. HHDX is some wienies !

    • Anonymous

      No Shit! What a buncha pussies. This album is shockingly halfway decent. I have listened through a few times at work, and it has its moments. It isn't for everyone, that's for sure. I would rate it at least a 2.5/5, hell maybe even a 3/5. I can see why some people really love this shit too. I can also see why hip hop purists hate it. Lil b sounds mentally challenged at times. He is also sincerely dedicated to his music. And because of that, I won't hate on him ever again.

  • mcgruff

    Interesting conversation going on here. I go with 4/5, and nah... they were right not to rate.

  • aarontodavis

    Lil B is nowhere near Lil Wayne lol Dey didnt rate dis albulm cuz it wud've got a 1/5..while the production isnt dat bad, the content and lyrical ability of Lil b jus isnt worth listening to and definetly not purchasing..does he have a hit song? is he even mainstream yet? U cnt compare him to Wayne in no way possible, Wayne's Rebirth would outsell lil b's best work my rating: 1/5 only thing worth listening to is his beats on the albulm, no recommended tracks

  • ps

    yeah ... hes trying hard, its too harsh call that LP garbage, but this guy aint rapper his flow is just too bad he cant rap

  • what?

    "The degrees of separation between Based God and Lil Wayne are shrinking, and today's meme is tomorrow's emcee" fuck does this even mean? they're making it seem like Lil Wayne is good. like most cats are trying to get on his level, when in all reality if they get on his level they'll be downgrading.

  • Anonymous

    from the review, hiphopdx is probably giving it a 4/5 or a 4.5/5, which is too much for an album that at best is a 3/5. yea subject matter may be great. but what about flow? what about similes and metaphors? the album gets monotonous and Lil B treats his subject with way too much simplicity. rhymes are too basic.

  • fegrthjk

    omg, such chickens hhdx. just cuz its a controversial album yall dont have the balls to rate it cuz you dont want på be either homophobic or gay.

  • kiolj

    Album would be classic if he could only flow...even a little bit...

  • Good

    Better than section 80. at least somebody from the west is stayin true to hip hop

    • Anonymous

      for real, I have no hate towards Lil'B but if you think this is better then Section80, your IQ is under 80.

    • onederin star Y!A

      hahahaha cocaine's a hell of drug

    • You Know

      While u gotta have ur own opinion, in my mind this is nowhere close to section 80. I was really excited for this after lupe talking bout it but in my mind it is just 'good'. I get what hes goin for but I dont see it as a complete success. Kendrick on the other hand killed it with his album

  • Smh

    This album sucks. Lil B tries but fails. No hate on the nigga, he tried to do something new but failed. He just can't rap, his flow is wayyy off. Just Stop Lil B. You're whack.

  • AbstractLife

    This shit is wack AF and this nigga need to get a new day job.

  • f

    How is this not an album? I am absolutely fucking done with DX. Peace the fuck out, enjoy your shitty website.

    • Frank Rodriguez

      +1. Lil B posted a link on his facebook/twitter for his FANS. It's really not that difficult to purchase this ALBUM. EVERY ALBUM is easier to get free than downloaded, you fucks.

    • Sean

      I'm with this guy. The ALBUM was giving out to people who don't have the money to buy it. So are you saying this site (the one with ads all over it) can't buy a $9.99 album? Jesus I'm done with this site and I'm sure others are after this. Rate the fucking album and move on. You act like the people who come here care about your bull shit reviews. This site is full of mad black kids bitching about "REAL HIP-HOP" and how Lil B is killing the game. I'm a little sad that you the reviewer didn't get what the album was all about.

    • DX Fam A Lam

      It was given away for free. Some people just opted to pay for it. No samples were cleared. No physical CD versions were released. Do the math, cuzzo.