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Self Made Vol. 1 isn't bad, but it still comes off more like a mixtape hosted by Best Buy than a true official album.

While mostly relics of the 90s (back when anything could sell with a No Limit tank on the cover), posse albums are still something of a tradition among rappers hot enough to justify releasing major label "mixtapes". Rick Ross proves that he does in fact have that heat with Self Made Vol. 1. Unfortunately, the rest of the group upholds another tradition by struggling to get out from under their leader’s large shadow.

Rick Ross and Wale provide the most name-recognition in Maybach Music Group, so at least one of them anchors nearly every track on Self Made. This works well enough for Ross, but ends up defeating the purpose for the other emcees who all seem content to simply tune their style to sound as much like The Bawse as possible. No one would outright confuse Pill or Meek Mill with Ross, but their flows and concepts on "Pacman" or “Tupac Back” respectively, are heavily Ross-influenced.

Even Wale falls into the trap on “600 Benz” (with Jadakiss) sounding way more like the rest of the group than what we’ve come to expect from him. The production tells a similar story—a few beats from Lex Luger or The Inkredibles, but mostly a lot of other producers doing their best to sound like Lex Luger or The Inkredibles. Wale and the various producers had a big opportunity to help keep the project afloat, but they don’t seem to have taken the task seriously.

There definitely are good tracks to be found—“Rise” with CyHi Da Prynce provides the laid-back, introspective balance that we all love from Ross’ solo albums (even though he’s not actually on it). Meanwhile, even if “600 Benz” is questionable for Wale, it works in spite of itself. In fact, Self Made mostly lives up to whatever expectation anyone would have of it. It’s just that simply meeting a low standard doesn’t amount to much in the grand scheme.

Self Made Vol. 1 isn’t bad, but it still comes off more like a mixtape hosted by Best Buy than a true official album. The headliners don’t seem like they’re really trying, so even when the other acts are, they’re still smothered by their leaders’ apathy. If you’re waiting for the next Rick Ross solo album, this will do, but the rest of his crew still has a lot of work to do to make themselves into something more than sidekicks.

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  • Anonymous

    This song get you ampted,It make you feel like you could rule the WORLD....

  • dadukee

    not bad, it defintly grew on me but still a solid start for MMG

  • quin tisdale

    it was actually what i expected ross do a little better on his own but meek and wale are both talent so is pill i love all music even a hater dont talk about somebody they dont know and t.moses she sounded great fill in the extra gaps on the track looking forward to hearing

  • Bizzalls

    I don't see how anyone CANT hate on this.

  • Wade Moore

    It was worth the 13 dollars that left my pocket not a big ross fan so im glad he was barely on it wale and meek did they thing but me bein from philly i was expectin 2 hear sum real shit from meek but i guess this what the industry do 2 niggas

  • Underwood Delmas

    This Album Is Dope I Agree.. Riding The Pole Could Of Been Left Off.. But Everything Else Is Solid.. Ridin The Pole For the Strippers So I Respect It.. Anybody Who Works For SomeOne Else.. Should Check Your Record B4 You Worry About Another Nigga 4 1/2 Stars

  • Darren Daniels

    rollingstone has pill as the emcee to look out for of mmg, but it seems like wala ran the album. dont get it twisted millz is that nigga 215sp

  • BHBEntertainment

    Shit is straight.....check out the rawwest website

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  • Andrew Anderson

    Im not really a big fan of the Album its not terrible but its not great either I already am not a fan of Rick Ross just wanted to hear Wale and Meek Mill...... Pill is straight trash i give it a 3

  • Anonymous

    Lol at people giving it 5 stars. 5 stars means classic. There is no way this is a classic.

  • Anonymous

    5 stars bankin album ross and wale are a problem together!

  • Anonymous

    copped this album 5 stars dont see how anybody can hate

  • Green

    Aren't People Getting Tired of hearing the same old bullshit rap? Thats what this is recycled bars recycled beats bullshit rap music. Im sure officer Rick Ross is nice guy and all that but i dont get it i guess the majority is just a bunch of dumb ass people.

  • 305 reppa

    We still got haters talking about "Officer Ricky"? Are you that lame that you believe that EVERYTHING rappers like Jeezy, Jay-Z, Biggie or who ever else you call "real" are saying in their raps? Every rapper ("real or "fake") has attorneys and managers and publicists and stylists and a whole slew of handlers."Real" gangstas ain't got time for that nor are they trying to be dictated to about how they should sound and what they should wear. It's entertainment, like it or not and 95% of what you see is FAKE. As far as entertainment goes, Ross is as "real" as it gets. You're either a "real" gansta and are facing indictment and Fed charges or you're a "real" good business man. Make no mistake, Ross (and every other successful rapper) are good businessmen and nothing more.

    • sayy whattttttttttttt

      jeezy a real nigga bruh bruh dont get it twisted he dont got no handlers nigga mite have a menager to set up his tour dates and thats prolly tha nigga he grew up with,but ross got handlers (puffy) that dress em up tell him what to do who to sign on which songs to hop on what tatts to get etc etc =fake gangsta who raps about selling yayo when he went to college and his parents were well off doctors who drove benzes

    • rick carol city corrections employed from 1994-2011


    • D90

      but they wasnt COs... ross is a pig and nothing more

    • word man said it man.

  • Anonymous

    it sound like a mixtape

  • lonestar_playa

    its a average album to b honest witcha. fair review

  • jedwards2fly

    Album was a banger. I really think Meek Mill shined throughout. Wale's delivery wasn't on point with the beats. I mean the lyrics was still there but he just sounded kinda off. Pill held is own, J cole killed his verse and Ross seemed like the OG that made everything click. I say this was a solid release and the future looks bright for Meek.

  • nduku

    we listn to good music so hater go jack urself of

  • Vincent Byronic Hero Salamatino

    I'm gonna get this album just to hear Meek Milly rap. And a lil Wale.

  • MC Pooh Wiggler

    Wale's hunger in his early mixes is relevant to the majority of the world. Very disappointed at the delivery of this new album. Honestly this is a huge let down. 600 Benz? A small percent of the world have those? Completely irrelevant to the target audience. - MCpoohwiggler


    WTF THE GOAT ? of what ? hes corny as hell he cant rap , and hes fake . hes not a gangster and not from the streets . gullible foos . Officer ricky is garbage his career been over

  • SaF

    this is classic shit haters. probably the best album of the year. Ross is on his way to become the GOAT!!!!!

    • WTF

      Are you some kind of muthafuckin moron? The GOAT of hip hop? Officer Ross? First of all, dude is not even anything special, second of all, he's a fraud. Where are you from, Montana?

  • Walter

    Album is decent, lots of haters on here...whatever though, DMV in the building.


    man this shit is total garbage . wtf officer ricky is just wack wale is boring and the other dude is weak Tupac is back has to be the lamest shit i ever heard . its disrespectful too

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    this album is fire all the way 5 stars!!!

  • Anonymous

    nobody working harder than the fastest growing label in the biz

  • tyjoe

    5 they spittin wale still holdin it down meek millz im glad ta see him make it from battle rappin not to familair wit pill but he can hold his own too MMG KEEP IT MOVIN

  • urBETTERjudgment

    the review is a bit off and the reviewer sounds like he was hired by 50 lol. truthfully i think wale was the stand out as far as lyrics but meek mill will definitely grab the "Hood, Hood" audience with his emotional delivery. the only dude i dont fuck with is Pill and its not that he cant spit i just dont ever care about what he has to say. out of the 15 songs the only ones i can do without is Ridin dat Pole, Don't Let Me Go, and Big Bank. the rest are dope to solid tracks although im on the fence about PacMAn cause it sounds to much like John Doe and i already said how i feel about pill.

    • CaliKushBlunt

      Agreed. Wale needs to do his own solo shit. He always sounds the best when he stands alone. Rick Ross continually tells lies in an effort to call them "tracks" but until he clarifies that his rhymes are all fabricated stories that he heard while working on C-Block in the State Correctional Facility, I will not recognize him as a true musician.

  • Yakstar

    Its Decent I just think they should have put a little more work into the songs and tracks when recording. Some of the versus were garbage...The Curtis Mayfield sample was lack luster!!!! You have to go in at this stage in the GAME!!!!! Just becuase you have a HEADLINER in the group DOESN'T MAKE YOU ONE!!!!! (Wale, Pills, and Meek Milli come on SON...

  • Deadtsock

    First couple of tracks sound just like one another, for such a diverse group of rappers, there was very little diversity in the production of this album.



    • niggar plz

      ppl who hate this album r 50cent fan or fags or btch niggers,this bradaz ryt here trying to go to the top, they trying, they living their dream n u what have u done lately besids running u big ass mth stop hating n live ur dream n get that paper full lol.....

  • Philip Carpenter-Powell

    Definitely feela like a mixtape. I disagree that Ross influenced their styles that much, most specifically Wale, but the beats fit Ross' style the most. I think Ross shouldn't have made so many of the hooks, most of them sounds nearly identical to the BMF hook, and they aren't really good despite them being somewhat catchy.

    • mjhardhitta

      I agree ross was on far too many of the songs and for the most part all of the beats sounded the same. I had never heard Pill before but his delivery is ill.

  • Nico 3

    It's a step-up from Triple C's. The main problem is who Ross has rapping alongside him. Meek Mill and Pill? They suck hard, and drag alot of songs down with their stale delivery. To me, Wale saved it.


    Solid lyrics, very solid production, bit too obvious and a tad misplaced at times, 3.5/4.

  • Christopher English

    It's alright. The lyrical content is definitely better than that of a Triple C's album....

  • Kidd Ruki

    It's just average, leaning slightly below.

  • Killa Cam

    Not bad, usual ish from MMG...

  • Tae90

    this album is straight.... if u got subs... this shit gone bang hard in the trunk!!!

  • Azhar

    Quality shit from MMG... I personally like Triples C's cd better, it seemed more focused and together,but this is still good..Erbody trippin on the review but aren't we the ones voting for the rating, just saying... Pill seemed a lil outta place..its a solid 4 stars

  • aarontodavis

    definetly wudn't buy dis..only a couple decent tracks, not a fan of Ross..I hope Wale does another solo albulm

  • Be 4 real

    Dope Album all the way through!


    Wack album , Tupac is back = wackest shit ever .. what is the meaning of that corny shit .. Officer Ricky is a fake cop 50 cent already exposed him , his career been over with . nobody buys it

  • hygrtv

    terrible cd from an even worst group of rappers

  • Sigh

    Let me let you kids in on a little secret... You can listen to more artist than your favorite rapper. I know it's a hard concept to follow but try it. I promise you won't explode.

  • HHDX super lame

    This site is ran by Republicans anyway. Look at the ads. And Eminem's worst shit is listed at the top of all their side bars. Hate on nerds, hate on. LOL! Rozay!

  • Wack Site For Real

    Can we go back to the Source days with real reviews by cats who actually UNDERSTAND hip-hop music. Can we please?

    • The Don Robinson

      If we were back in the Source days garbage like this wouldnt even be on the sheleves so we wouldnt have to worry about reviewing it

  • Bom919

    shittt this is a bangin album 4.5 stars hands down a summer banger. the features were picked really well too. I was impressed to see J. Cole and Cyhi on here. Tupac Back and That Way and Rise are my personal favorites. overall everybody goes pretty hard but Meeks one of my favorite rappers right now

  • dontgiveafuck.

    i cant support a man with tits (aka Rick Ross)

  • Anonymous

    fair review. Dope album but one dimensional, no surprises but the shit bangs hard. Ross keeps it his album, Wale is the lyrical standout, Meek Mill is ghetto as a mothafukka, and Pill has some dope verses but kinda get lost in the mix with guest features. Gunplay has a great feature and J. Cole murders his verse. I won't pay for but it will get some spins.

  • Optimus Rhyme

    15 people gave this a 5?!? lmao HHID

  • Boss!

    Your ass is SUPER WACK if you think this shit ain't hard. Shout out to Rozay for putting new cats on deck too! If you haven't heard Pill went ham on that radio freestyle they just posted.

  • Hopit

    Rick Ross should do a song with 50 Cent!

  • Anonymous

    Wale made such a dumbd ecision signing with Ross, he lost his sound, now he sounds like the rest of them... This album was pretty wack, some ok songs, but nothing new

  • Anonymous

    I am surprised that a lot of people are feelin this album. Oh well just shows the signs of the times. Only ones I fuck wit is Wale and Pill. Oh well time for me to kick and bump some ol'skool Wu-tang, Pac, Gangstarr, and Geto Boys just to name a few. I will not be bumpin this bullshit here.

    • Shhhh

      Rubic Cube= you a square.

    • Anonymous

      Ain't nothing NEW School about me lame. You a wannabe period. And your list is predictable but I bet you don't even comprehend half of what them cats say in there rhymes.

    • Anonymous

      @Yeah you do that: I didnt ask you to miss me muthafucka!! And for the record I enjoy playing the rubic's cube its better than playin with ya mothers dirty nasty wore out pussy. NEW SCHOOL BITCH!!!!

    • Yeah you do that

      Ain't nobody going to miss your rubic cube ass.

  • Bawse Rick Ross and Wale gay Sextape

  • MR G

    haters breed by da dozens!! MMG takin over and this album is CRAZYY!!

  • RL

    not feeling this. ross is always good by himself, but his weed carriers need to just quit.

  • That Nigga In His Basement

    Will you poor hopeless SHEEP ever learn?! This album was created by the higher elite demons that have been using Rick Ross and the entire Maybach Music Group as mere puppets to brainwash you all into worship! Rick Ross is a direct third level member of an evil elite cult that prays to the great demon synchronized swimming tyrant velociraptor god known as Shytwuzinthafbad! There are such OBVIOUS signs this group shows. Just look at the name! Self Made backwards is Edam Fles. Edam Fles was a ruthless dictator space criminal who caused the people of Jupiter to starve. He raped many women. Rape rhymes with Shape. The shape of Wale's head is stupid. He looks like my cousin Denzel. I think I have proven enough. These are pure facts backed by 100% accurate research! Open your eyes you spoonfed pawns! WAKE UP!

    • Phil Dalmida

      LMAO that was funny as shit

    • mr. jones

      @ses hahaha you a fucking stupid ass nigga believing that illuminati shit. go choke on a dick faggot niga hahaha

    • ses

      shut the fuck up faggot u aint funny and if your trying to make fun of those that aint sleeping like your stupid ass then u are fucking dumb fuck face

  • Sludge

    The fans have all spoken and they are not jokin' Officer Ricky is broken what the fuck is he smokin' We destroyed cassidy and we now Rick Ross This fool ain't a playa never got his salad tossed He can't sell records so now he's gettin pissed Couldn't keep his mouth shut so now he's gettin dissed He swung a few punches but every one missed Just another mutha fucka on the poopy butts list So we had to wipe them out like we took a big shit Rick Ross is over wieght with a tiny little dick Peace this beef is over and PBF won Ricky is a bitch and he just got sonned! Poopy Butt Farts album droppin on the same day!! Who ya'll gonna buy?? Peace Y'all!!!

  • Ron Nizamov

    dope album hhdx . full of bangers 600 benz was the highlight to the record IMO

  • rocca


  • Will


  • Anonymous

    Not surpirsing this was solid. Even the Triple C album had some hot beats on it.

  • Don pedro

    "A mixape hosted by bestbuy" Fuck DX editors bad review

  • Jabbawockee

    STop Being Jealous this albuum is really good

  • Coolstorybro

    yall motherfuckers is crazy this joint is a 4 or a 4.5 outta 5 at the most....only songs I didnt really fuck with was fitted cap and riding that pole with pill....but even that song is gonna be a hit in the strip clubs....Yall motherfuckers like to hate...Im talking to you 50 cent fans...nowadays this is how you make a compilation album...Rick Ross was a man of his word...he signed artist;s and less then a year he put their shit out there...not like *coughs* JAY-Z COLE.....aint nobody fucking with Ross and MMG right now...if it wasn't for the CO thing... rick ross would go down as one of the greatest to ever do it...period

    • watch

      fuk the buzz cole will sell more in first week then this album all together ,this shit gonn move hardly over 10k in first week watch

    • Simba ova everything

      @thatrealshit dude you are delusional lol ... I follow J.Cole more than anybody on this site and he definitely does not have the biggest buzz in the game. He hardly has a buzz, 50% of these mainstream listeners still don't know who he is. Be real with your self. J.Cole does not have more buzz than Ross and his camp.

    • thatrealshit

      idk how u can hate on jay-z and cole when cole's got the most hype in the game right now and the songs hes releasing that didnt make his album are gettin more buzz than this album as a whole. this shit is weak, ross is a fuckin actor. wales solo album will b the shit if he sticks to wat got him to this point, other than that this label is trash. kendrick, krit, cole...thats real shit

  • The Mechanic

    A 3 out of 5 is fair enough. You're delusional if you think this album's a classic. Most of the beats sound exactly the same and outside of Rozay, none of these dudes are that impressive.

  • Bad Kid

    "A mixtape hosted by best buy"? I hate dx writers

  • Anonymous

    pill, meek mill, and wale i can bang at times, pissed that rick ross couldnt get good beats for this album, which is the only reason i supported them goin to maybach

  • RRDR's Represent!

    More Queer Music for Gays to bang.

    • luckylefty

      Queer music ??? If you come down to Inglewood you'd see that niggas is bumping MMG like they the only rappers out. This aint no Young Money shit my nig, Ross makes music for G's, he may not be a G him self but he makes the theme songs for th street.

  • A Level Head.

    Bad Review - Good Album. Simple as, another fail for HHDX.

  • Silence Fool

    Didn't even read the review. Been banging this excellent album for a week non stop. Cop it.

  • Bob Hope.

    Alex Thornton - You are an absolute idiot. Seriously who gave this guy a job as a reviewer?

  • silvs

    this is a 4 every track is hot except for 2

  • Calvin.

    Only people that are agreeing with this review are on that "Office Ricky" shit ie. G-Unit dick riders....think that tells you all you need to know HHDX. Awful review.

  • zkeez

    3 stars..? More like 4.5

  • Anonymous

    fake mafia shit. When the real mafia is hearing music like this they laughing at these dumb rappers claiming to be bosses. lol

  • bullshit

    Wackest review I've ever read, didn't expect any different though. How wrong can you guys actually be is ridiculous

  • CaliKushBlunt

    Real recognizes Real. All I can see is Wale, Pill, and Meek Mill. It seems like there is a fat fuck faker in there somewhere.

  • JordansOrgans

    I'm not sure how your judging your review. Ross is on hook duty for a lot of these songs and there are like two tracks that Pill has alone. This is a compilation album, you're not going to get everybody doing their own thing, if you did, the concept of the songs would vary between artists. If Wale did "what we expected" 600 Benz would sound like contemplate. C'mon son. Solid album, shitty review.

  • Primevida Vida @Primevida @DJEEZS @WSCTRadio @theamarigroup”

  • AUGangsta

    Yall trippin. I never comment on these but I felt compelled to after reading this review. Lets be fair,if you looking for dj premier beats and "I bomb atomically" this aint for you,but if you want some shit to bump before you hit the club or while you water whippin this will do. Personally I didnt havr super high expectations but I was pleasantly surprised. That joint with curren$y and the one with Jeremih goes stupid swine

  • ali

    terrible review, in no way did this album sound like a mixtape, production and lyrics was solid second best album of the year so far behind saigon

    • Nunya


    • CaliKushBlunt

      You are obviously a RRDR (Rick Ross Dick Ridder). Yeah there are glimpes of great music but for the most part it is easy to tell that these niggas went into the studio a hand full of times, with no real direction other than spit some shit. Thats why it sounds like a mixtape cuz it is all half assed pushed out quickly to feed the fans what some of what they want. In ur case Rick Ross' dick. Saigon put a decade of his life and a shit ton of effort into TGSNT, so show some respect or keep ur jerkoff opinons to yourself.

    • dmize-one

      second best album of the year?? wtf are you on dawgy??

  • BossHogg365

    Very biased rating. U didnt like the songs when u posted them on the site before the release. Take the hate away and keep it real. This is a quality album, Vol. 1 might I add. Which means they will get better. The first 6 or 7 tracks go super hard. "That Why" is a classic with Wale. You prolly didnt even listen to the album. Big Bank, On Dat Pole, and Running Rebels are the only weak tracks. #Chuuch



  • dontgiveafuck.

    - officer ricky : go back to your cell inmate ! - inmate : yes sir ! 8 years later : - rick ross (rapping) : i moved kilos down to port miami ... im the don nobody can test me ! FUCK OUTTA HERE !! no respect for lyar and hypocrits

  • LMAO

    lol ... I can tell most of you guys didn't sample the album on itunes. only like 4-5 songs are mixtape sounding, the rest are boom bap and album quality. There is quality instrumentals on here, some Jay-Z and Nas would use.

  • Mook

    No one complained when Flockavelli had all lex luger sounding beats but now it's an issue? riiiiight. The Beats on "Pacman"..."600 Benz"...and "Tupac Back" ...which btw AREN'T produced by Lex...are more epic than anything that lex has EVER produced. When I hear Tupac Back I feel like tupac is going to rise from the grave. One of the most epic song's I've heard in years. Period. And who did this review? You said one of the highlights off this album is "My Only Wish"...too "bad their isn't a song on Self Made called "My Only Wish"...smh HHDX step your research up it makes me wonder did the reviewer even listen to this album

    • Nunya

      These comments must be from MMG payroll members because THAT IS THE 2ND STUPIDEST THING I HAVE EVER READ ON THE INTERNET...ANYWHERE...AND IN THE SAME THE THREAD AS THE 1ST STUPIDEST FUCKING THING I HAVE EVER READ ON THE INTERNET...ANYWHERE. Fuck out of here w/ that Tupac rise epic bullshit.

    • C'mon Son

      Seriously....Tupac rising from the grave when you hear Tupac Back?! Its not that powerful...Its not that powerful!

  • chunker

    i knew meek would fuck himself up when signing to maybach music. BIG MISTAKE man you should have held out for a better deal or not got one at all. i wouldnt even listen to the album but i know its garbage because ross is on it. he a cop ,we dont fuck with cops in belfast ireland.

  • Anonymous

    meek millz , acid da savage , torch

  • Guluto

    i'm with the editor, this is like Mixtape it shul have been free and most of beats are more like Rick's last album

  • Jason704

    Best album this year.

  • Solid Snake

    Its not a bad album by any means, some songs are mixtape quality lyric-wise but this is a trunk music album it is expected. As a regular album id give it a 3.5/5 as a trunk music/club record alum ill give it a 4/5

  • Guest We Killin It- Barton Block

  • lol

    it does sound like a mixtape

  • Mark Anthony Harris

    This wasn't a very good review for this album. Once again, another site has let me down with there music reviews. This album is not a three in any respect of reviews. 3 1/2 would be good. A four would be best. Nothing ground breaking. However, the music is professionally done, the lyrics are there, and they have some masterfully done songs.

  • Brenda havin my baby

    Wow this sight is biased. Meek sounds like Ross because he FINALLY changed his flow? What is this I don't even....

  • NJ

    3 is very harsh in my opinion, there are only one or two weak tracks (Big Bank & Fitted Cap possibly) The rest are generally very good (Even if the artists sometimes feel very misplaced). The production is of constant high quality and no member "Let's the side down". I was personally very impressed by Pill's contribution. Overall it gets a 4 from me because it does exactly what it was meant to, build hype, i'm very excited for every solo project to come from the Quartet.

  • JorgeDope

    Hip Hop has no boundries. Whos anyone to say wat an "album" is or suppose to be. This is a good peice of work these guys put together. Far as flows or style. Who isnt doin it now? Seperate whos actually killin it tho. It's theses dudes. lookin foward to wat they bring next.

  • Teymur F Tehmezov

    not bad u can find really good tracks