After a controversial incident between members of the Wu-Tang Clan and Joe Budden left the latter rapper assaulted backstage at a Rock The Bells concert [click to read], Wu affiliates are finally giving more details about what happened that night. A member of Raekwon‘s Ice Water entourage, who goes by the name of Hanz, revealed that he was the one who punched Budden, his reason being that the rapper was being disrespectful.

The beef between Budden and members of Wu-Tang, specifically Method Man, Raekwon, and Inspectah Deck, stemmed from comments Budden made questioning Method Man‘s position on Vibe‘s Best Rapper Alive tournament. Since then, the tension between the two has created conflict, prompting a confrontation between Raekwon and Budden backstage at Rock The Bells last month.

“To say something about a nigga like Meth is crazy,” said Hanz, explaining to VladTV why he assaulted Budden. Meth don’t fuck with nobody and that’s my big brother…[Budden] got punched in his face not only for being disrespectful to my big brother Rae, but he got punched in his face because he tried to throw it off on Meth and throw it off on Deck and all of that’s family.”

Many wondered whether Raekwon had initiated the assault, but Hanz assures that his actions were of his own doing.

“I’m not gonna sit here and say Rae made me do it,” he admitted. “That was a spontaneous decision on my own because I felt like he was being disrespectful to my big brother. Did it happen because of Rae? Yeah, because I’m not gonna allow someone to disrespect my big brother in front of me.”

He went on to add that, although Wu members reprimanded him for his violent actions, he was not regretful for what he did. Joe Budden and members of Wu-Tang Clan have yet to speak on recent developments.