Judge Rules In Nas Child Support Case

A judge made a ruling in Nas' child support case - but for how much?

A day after the birth of Nas and Kelis' son, Knight, a judge has ordered Nas to pay child support.

The exact amount, according to the Associated Press, is $44,000 - over $1,400 a day.

As previously repordted, Kelis said in legal documents that Nas had failed to provide any child or spousal support, though Nas maintains that the singer overestimated his worth [click to read].

It was also reported that Nas was not allowed entry into the New York hospital where Kelis was giving birth [click to read].

When not dealing with legaities surrounding his family, Nas is participating in the Rock the Bells tour and working on an album with Damian Marley titled Distant Relatives.


  • moneyboss1978

    Nas signing bonus was 11 million but he only pockets five because of his income tax bracket furthermore thats a one time income he isn't getting 11mil a year that was a four album deal for approximately 6-8 years diviide that 5 mil by 6 thats 830000 a year of which Kelis wants 600000 another reason Black women are the least likely to be married, sad but true.

    • tayalanda

      It is a sham for a black man to say that's why it is unlikely for a black women to be married. our brothers married these white women and get their families rich all the time. Then when it's time to pay a black women it's always a problem. Where was the white women at when his black family was struggling to take care of him. No where insight, but as soon as they no one of the brothers got money they all over them.

    • Brooklynzu

      MoneyBOSS1978- Son, I totally agree with you. Black women are definitely least likely to be married. The majority of them use children and as a means to get paid. Never thinking about the needs of the child! It's all about the money...screw the child.

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