ScHoolboy Q Details Sacrificing Solo Career For Possible Black Hippy Album

ScHoolboy Q in the warm-up process for his next solo project, details Own The Summer campaign with Footaction.

Top Dawg Entertainment rapper ScHoolboy Q once again expressed uncertainty when it concerns the possibility of a Black Hippy album. The West Coast lyricist spoke on the matter during an interview with Vibe as he promoted his Own The Summer campaign with Footaction.

Q revealed that he’s not sure if a Black Hippy album will be released, but did explain that it’s a difficult feat to leave a successful solo career to work on a joint album. He also stressed the importance of timing when it concerns such a project.

“That would be tight one day if it was to ever come out, but I don’t know…People gotta understand once all your careers is doing good you can’t just turn your back on your solo career to try something new…People gotta understand time is everything,” ScHoolboy Q said.

With his Oxymoron album released months ago, ScHoolboy Q shared that he’s in the warm-up process for his next solo project.

“I’m in the studio just messing around right now,” he said. “Not necessarily like working on my next album. I’m messing around trying to get into the groove of things. Make sure I attack my album the right way I want to attack it. You know what I’m saying? And put out another top notch album. That people are gonna talk about. So, that’s my whole thing right now. Just trying to figure it out. It’s like warm-ups right before spring training.”

In regards to his campaign with Footaction, the rapper said he’ll be reshooting his “Man Of The Year” video and will help with viewing fan-submitted videos created in honor of the Own The Summer campaign.

“I’m reshooting my video, ‘Man Of The Year.’ I did it with Footaction,” Q said. “You know, we got a campaign right now, Own The Summer. You can send your videos to me on Twitter. You can send ‘em to Footaction. Or you can go online. You can go straight to the website at Whoever got the best clips I’mma watch ‘em. Pick ‘em out…Anything Q involved with it’s gonna really be Q. You know? I do things my way. Can’t nobody do nothing for me.”

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  • Anonymous

    i cant speak on an album... but right now would be a PERFECT time for a Black Hippy Tour yeah dat clak clak clak clak clak clak clak

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    if i was school boy i would give up my career for a black hippy album oxymoron wasnt anything special

    • tigerking79

      Schoolboy Q ain't great, but he is decent. Oxymoron was a nice album. The group idea is good though. Not every Rapper can excel as a solo artist. Hip Hop needs more groups.

    • Anonymous

      Why? You want a Hippy album with mediocre rappers: jay rock, ab and schoolboy. Kendrick dosnt needs these wack fucks. Just like Cube didnt need wackass Ren, Dre, Yella

  • Anonymous

    I remember the time when he didn't suck.

  • Anonymous

    Ofcourse this nigga is the Sheek Louch of Black Hippy and his career is goin nowhere. Kendrick dont need this lame hippy fucks

  • Anonymous

    ScHoolboy Q Details Sacrificing Solo Career For Possible Chance Of Another 5 Minute Interview

  • Boston hip hop fan

    In what universe did Schoolboy Q put out a top notch album? Is hip hop really this deep in the shithole?

    • Anonymous

      fuck outta here with your white boston hip hop base white rappers from boston look like fuckin pigs with their pink skin and their fuckin wasp tattoos all overs their arms you everlast's cock sucker mothafucka !!

    • Hush617

      haha , also a boston hip hop head... oximoron was cool but it was rushed imo ... habits and contradictions was iller to me... got a few good joints on his new one tho

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous


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