Chance The Rapper Discusses J. Cole, James Blake Collaborations

Chance The Rapper also says he's collaborated with Boys Noize and Jessie Ware.

Chance The Rapper says he's got a list of artists he's working with. 

“I’ve been working with Wyclef and did a little work with J. Cole,” Chance says in an interview with BBC Radio1, according to NME. "Obviously James Blake. Everyone. Boys Noize, Jessie Ware." 

The diverse group of acts is having an impact on his work, according to Chance. 

“I’m soaking in their energy,” Chance says. “These are seasoned, awesome eclectic artists that know a lot that I don’t know. Working with them and getting to see their process is making me a lot better." 

This year, Chance The Rapper has had to cancel shows due to illness, including his set during Coachella's second weekend

Earlier this year, Childish Gambino hinted towards a joint project with Chance, though further details are not known. 

For more on Chance, view the DX Daily below.


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  • Anonymous

    why he gotta call himself "the rapper", its obbvious

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Man I can't stand this dudes nasally ass voice not too mention he sounds retarded when he raps...just can't get into him or his awful flow. Same with young thug like wtf is going on with the industry, and these dudes have big names working with them, I suppose it's not different than French Montana being talentless

    • gr

      Chance is actually very talented. To compare him to French Montana is apples to oranges. I'm not sure how much of his music you've heard but he does make incredible music. I do understand what you mean about the way his voice sounds though but hey... that's genetics for you.

  • Bruthadee

    I hope he makes more songs with Biebervelli, the sexiest guy in hip-hop. I love when he takes his shirt off in da club wit Rozay and Diddy,

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