Joe Budden Says He & Hollow Da Don "Underwhelmed" At Total Slaughter Battle

The Slaughterhouse rapper also addresses being booed and why he reacted by putting the mic down onstage.

After getting booed onstage during his battle against Hollow Da Don on Saturday (July 12), Joe Budden spoke with AngryfansRadio yesterday (July 14) about the experience and explained his view of the performance.

“To be honest, I don’t know what happened,” he said of the crowd reaction. “I don’t know what happened then. It just seemed like they were ready to boo.

“It didn’t get to me mentally at all, which is the thing,” he added. “In my profession, you don’t rap over boos. It’s like Rapper 101 to know that if you at a show and niggas is booing, ‘Ya’ll, go ahead and boo. I got paid already.’ I’m either gonna wait for ya’ll to stop or I’m getting the fuck outta here. But in battle rap it’s very different. You gotta deal with it. You gotta rap over it. You can’t let it look like it is affecting you. It wasn’t that I was mad they was booing. I don’t give a fuck about boos. But my thing in my head was, ‘My mic is already bad and I really do have some shit in this third if I could just get it out.’ I can’t fight a bad mic and a million people booing. But once you threaten people that are booing, they’re just gonna boo more. That’s exactly what happened.”

Addressing the battle more generally, Budden admitted that he is “a little disappointed.”

“I thought that him and I both underwhelmed,” he said. “I know that he feels the same. There were major microphone issues which left us both with a decision to make. Hollow, his voice is higher pitched than mine, so he went with the hands-free mic which enabled him to have an amazing performance even if we couldn’t really hear what he was saying. But, I felt my words were really important so I went with the mic that you had to hold in your hand which threw everything else off. Horrible performance which went to a horrible delivery. It went to everything. Really the only thing that was good were my words and that was it.”

To read the full story and listen to the interview visit Battle Rap.

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  • Levi

    This is a draw if budden lost because he dropped the mic. In my opinion its a tie because hollow took to the air waves (media) claiming that Total Slaughter was rigged. If you aint think you were gonna take that L you wouldnt have the need to to address the fanbase in any way shape or form to insist that there is some rigging going down. The guy (hollow) already had study material to go off of if you ask me. He can wikipedia some things about budden besides just about anything else being on youtube. Its a drwa in my opinion there was sucker shit happening all around the battle besides the actual event.

  • Anonymous

    All you motherfuckers saying Joey lost is stupid ,, if u watch that good hallow wasn't saying much but screaming predictable shit and threats in Joeys face ,,, even if Joe puts the mic down he should not have lost cos that shit,,ye it was weak but guess what in a match u can get a yellow card or red card but if you ve scored more goals than your opponent then that shit don't mean you'll loose cos u got red carded these rules are plain stupid to me cos in a battle you count bars delivery not just screaming predictable lines ! Bar to bar Joey won maybe even all three rounds,,I was expecting more from Hallow but wasn't impressed ! Joey won cos even hallow didn't some sucker shit on there too,, like when he went and say down and shit!! Cut the bullshit Joey won period!! This is why this hip hop is dead for praising ppl who don't deserve praises like why tha fuck does Trinidad James and chief keef, French Montana have record deal and selling records on major records and real mcs like skyzoo, Reks, Termanology, roc Marciano don't ?!?? And why do these radio tend to push fuckery music on radio and real hip hop gets passed ??? Man fuck all you new kids supporting the fuckery in this hip hop industry for real fuck all ya'll !! You bitches Joey won ! And I think it was the stupid kids who were booing in the crowd as well cos they don't know what bars are and think that shit chief keef and Trinidad James and officer Ricky's music is he best hip hop ever! You fuckin punks!!! Fuck you!!

  • kas

    "Your flow tired, I am tired Try to put a hollow in me, I will cut your head off Now we both sleepy, hollow (sleepy hollow)" Budden murdered Hollow

  • Anonymous

    Budden underwhelms, period. LAUGHTERHOUSE!

  • Anonymous

    budden exposed these corny cant stay on beat nigguz

  • Anonymous

    This show is good for hip hop. Yall Should Visit (Thegrandreport,com) They Have Some Good Videos On There too

  • Anonymous

    budden > canibus

  • Anonymous

    according to their raps,it was a tie!...but joe lost cux he dropped the mic!..joe had bars!!...but the hollow;s jodeci line was ill

  • triPAUD

    surprisingly honest about his shortcomings and weaknesses

  • Anonymous

    fools the battle was over. he was just tying his shoes.

  • Lo

    Budden ate Hollow round 1 and 2 period.....Joe won to me hands fuckin down!

  • SlaughterHotel

    Budden was a beast. In round ONE, Yelling Stop My Time, and QUITTING in R3 lost him the battle. YOU CANT TAKE THE GLOVES OFF IN THE RING AND STILL WIN! Period!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Budden was yelling "stop my time" in the second round. That's where he was getting too cocky & full of himself and just taking up time. He would yell "stop my time" when the crowd would barely react, and Budden was also reacting to his own lines when nobody else did. He lost the 2nd round for that, and the 3rd obviously for dropping the Mic. But if someone were to say he won the first round, I wouldn't disagree.

  • J dirty

    Shoulda had rel battlerap fans in the house that could recognize a good punchline,And better audio equipment,And sway not being the judge,and not a big ass arena filled with a thousand dipshits hopin to see eminem...Smack or KOTD shoulda hosted that shit

  • Anonymous

    Budden showed battle rap is bullshit, any nigga can write a verse, memorize it and scream it at a nigga. he came in and killed this so called pro.

    • phillipkslick

      He didn't show anything, he lost. He was bodied per say, but, he had a few bars, but timing, delivery, punchlines, Hollow won easily. People don't know dope punchlines when they hear them, instead, they get hype of the most simplistic shit. Obviously due the the decline in lyricism in most mainstream hip hop.

    • HUH

      Any nigga can write a verse, memorize it and scream it at a nigga....But Any nigga can't do that consistently.

    • Anonymous

      Then go do it, you should have no problem being that guy in 6 months

    • Anonymous

      100% right!!!

  • Fred

    Anyone who thinks joe one is a dick riding muppet. Hollow got him and that was his worst performance.. Joe sounded like drake getting fucked by jimmy iovine. Predictable bars too, that sleep hollow line killed me, I knew it after his first set up it was comin.. Smh

  • CAL Boss

    I used to think Budden was a lil bitch. But I gotta respect him because if I were in the same position, I wouldn't do it. I'd be afraid of losing to someone as cocky as Hallow, cuz you know that nigga love himself so much he think the taste of his own sperm is delicious. It's hard to beat a nigga like that!

    • Anonymous

      Yup feel you... Even if Hollow lost in his mind and all his interviews from then on will be like, I won that shit fuck everybody who said I lost 'I'm the best'... Bull shit ass nigga

  • Wow really

    I expected Joe to underwhelm but not Hollow. Joe had a dry ass flow and presence but who gives a shit about that. A battle is about bars and Hollow's flow and presence wasn't enough to counter balance Joe's anvil heavy punchlines.

  • Anonymous

    aint gotta watch a movie just to see the made niggas

  • Anon Emus

    IMO they both lost and you're all a waste of life...sorry excuses for ni99er cum

    • Anonymous

      But you here and everytime I clicked reply a phantom window showed up.............. Flagged racist maybe?

  • Anonymous

    budden won anyway 2-1

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