Hollow Da Don battled against Joe Budden at Total Slaughter Saturday (July 12) in New York.  

Although Hollow Da Don won based on the judge’s decision, he doesn’t feel like he performed his best.

“I’m my worst critic bro, so I’m going to definitely feel disappointed ’cause I didn’t feel like I did my best potential ’cause of the mic,” he says during an interview with ThatShitIsHotSun!

Aside from the technical difficulties that Hollow Da Don reportedly experienced, he also says that he prefers battling in front of smaller crowds. 

Total Slaughter had a big stage for solely the battlers to stand on in front of a large audience. 

“I don’t feel I lost,” Hollow Da Don says. “I just feel like I could’ve did better and killed him.”

He has something else in the works, according to him, and if that doesn’t work out he’s well aware that his fans want to see him with Charlie Clips. 

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