Turk Discusses Lil Wayne Kissing Baby

The former Hot Boy$ rapper explains Baby's role as father of the Cash Money Records crew.

Turk, who was a member of the group Hot Boy$ with Lil Wayne, says Weezy’s kiss with Cash Money CEO Bryan “Baby” Williams was blown out of proportion. 

“They caught them in a moment where the fans and the media and all of it, they made it all an issue that it wasn’t,” Turk says during an interview with VladTV

The Louisiana rapper also says that Baby, also known as Birdman, was a father figure to the Hot Boy$, the group that also featured Juvenile and B.G.

“We was all like Baby’s kids at one time,” he says. 

Turk also compares the group to the mob and says that nobody questions it when mobsters kiss each other.

“They kiss each other all the time,” Turk says. "Ain’t nobody gonna go to them and say they ain’t no bitch or no hoe or none of that.”

Turk goes on to say that all of Cash Money, other than Juvenile, kissed Baby.

“We all used to do that shit,” Turk says. “That was a in-house thing.”

Former Cash Money singer TQ said that Lil Wayne and Baby kissed “constantly.” 

Shortly after the picture of Baby and Lil Wayne kissing was published in 2006, Baby reiterated his role as a father figure to the Hot Boy$.

Three years later, Baby said in 2009 that he would “do it again,” referring to kissing Lil Wayne. 

A photo of Lil Wayne and Baby kissing is as follows, as is Turk's interview with DJ Vlad.


  • Sometimes Shy


  • Anonymous

    It's a homosexual act no matter the excuses or the origin. Heterosexual Men shake hands, give dap and even shoulder-bump when greeting each other but we do not kiss each other in the mouth. I don't know what kind of weird shit they got going on at Cash Money with all the face piercings, head tattoos, jeggings, and mouth-to-mouth man-kissing but the shit at Kosher were I'm from.

    • Anonymous

      A lil peck on the lips isn't that bad when you consider Rick Ross, sorry William Roberts used to fist niggas assholes looking for contraband everyday for 18 months... thats the gayest shit I ever heard of a rapper doing.

    • Rozay O'Donnell

      My boss and mentor Rick Ross has kissed me on the lips all the time. Sometimes he lets me squeeze his tits.

    • ATL Nikkas Is Homo

      "Where you from though? In ATLANTA that's just how we roll. I kiss all my BANKHEAD niggas." Hey fam, I fixed that for you.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody in Miami besides the Cash Money fags kiss each other like that.

    • Anonymous

      Where you from though? In Miami that's just how we roll. I kiss all my 305 niggas.

  • LOL

    I dont know of any Italian Mob or any other mob that when they greet each other they kiss each other on the lips. Anybody know any? From any movies or sumthing.... This whole shit right here deserves a ... PAUSE

  • Anonymous

    LMAO this nigga could be caught sucking Birdman's dick and y'all suspect ass niggas still gon say "it's Ok cause he didn't deep throat"

  • Anonymous

    Baby molested them all. It's a coping mechanism. I can no longer find the video, but B.G. admits it, and pretty much explains the entire Cash Money fallout as rooted in them growing up and realizing what was going on. Baby brainwashed them all when they were young in the game. It's no coincidence that Wayne is both the youngest and richest Hot Boy; Baby has basically pampered the ni##a with riches as a means of keeping Wayne, and his own pedophilia, under control. Baby = rap game's Chris Stokes

  • Black Men Are Being Emasculated

    Well, I guess Lord Jamar was right after all.

  • Anonymous

    I always liked Juve for some strange unknown reason. Now I know why.

  • Anonymous

    HAHA The mouth-kiss of the century!

  • Anonymous

    Juve, the only real dude in that crew. Stop trying to justify your fuckery, fucking fruit.

  • j

    Never kissed my father on the mouth, and I don't know anyone who did, regardless of gender.

  • Anonymous

    I always thought there was something fishy about Birdman buying Justin Beiber that bugatti..smh

    • Anonymous

      Bieber is well on his way to being richer than Birdman in only a few short years and he didn't have to fuck over a label full of artists to get it, didnt make sense to me either...

  • spcbnd

    Same ones playing soggy waffle with they niggas too.

  • Anonymous

    What a bunch of queers

  • shh

    THEY ALL KISSED BIRDMAN except JUEVY...LOL....he was their "daddy" alright...SMDH...and ppl say kiss hi on the cheek is NOT gay????......HOW about need Not kiss any man period!..pus,..they were very under-aged.....#DROP IT LIKE ITS HOT..LOL

  • But...

    Wait...mobster's kiss one another (on the cheek), but you're kissing another grown man, who is NOT your father, on the lips...AND you're not in the mob, or even Italian...okay.


    Dont you weak ass niggas know that the mob kisses on the cheek, not the lips lol?! You gay ass niggas just lookin for excuses.

    • Anonymous

      Whatever, I kiss my good friends all the time, noth8ing gay about a deep massage or light petting, you know just rubbing each other a little, it's fine, we do it all the time.

  • Mike

    Nothing gay about this, me & my homies kiss all the time, don't see what's so gay about kissing your buds or holding hands & touching a little.

  • Real Talk 100

    Real men know. I kiss my friends on the lips all the time. It's kind of like shaking hands. People don't know this, but it's common in both the Italian mob and the Russian mob, as well as Mexican drug cartels, for men to even tongue kiss each other, to prove they are not gay or anything. I challenge one man to come forward and tell me they have never kissed their father or uncles on the lips!!! FOH!!! lol. GAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!

  • Big Tone

    There is nothing wrong with kissing your male friends on the lips, it's not gay.

  • Anonymous

    Mobs do it all the time. It's normal and not gay. It's a sign of respect.

  • Anonymous

    not on the lips tho man.. not on the lips SMH

  • diddy

    theres only one gay unit, and it anit youn money cash money

  • Anonymous

    LMAO this nigga trying to justify it to keep the doors open for a handsout. FUCK OUTTA HERE THIS AINT NO MOB SHIT...THIS IS GAY!

  • bitchmadeniggakilla

    One I always liked Juvie and felt he was the best out of that whole camp and he and TQ always thought that kissing in the mouth was some pillow biting shit! If you remember on 106&Park Mannie Fresh was co-signing that bullshit when that faggot ass so-called damu was kissing that other so-called blood in the mouth! Italian and greek men especially kiss each other which is true, but it's always on the cheek! It's a shame these niggas co-sign and still buy their music and support their lifestyle! Can you imagine if Chuck D, KRS, Ghetto Boys, Ice T, Above The Law, Rakim, Kane,NWA, Kool G, did that shit when they were at their apex? They would of been ran out of the industry and have NO FANS! If you like dick and pussy, fine, but don't be claiming no California street organization, claiming you a G, or stating how much you are a man and women are bitches in your music, and ya'll the ultimate bitches!!! and Turk is a crack-head trying to get in their good graces by co-signing that gay shit!!!

  • hiphop is for gaypeople

    Turk goes on to say that all of Cash Money, other than Juvenile, kissed Baby. We all used to do that shit, Turk says. That was a in-house thing. Former Cash Money singer TQ said that Lil Wayne and Baby kissed constantly. SO BASSICALLY THESE niggas ARE FAGGOTS! AND YOU STANS ARE LISTENING TO FAGGOTS

  • gayman

    Kiss a man (birthday and shit if its your dad.) okay but NOT on the lips! These cash money niggas are faggots. They dress like faggots, wear eyeshadow, wear pink sneakers.

  • thisniggagay


  • Anonymous

    "He's got AIDS!"

  • Anonymous

    Its not gay at all. Its okay to me

  • Anonymous

    "...other than Juvenile" though.... gotta whole new love for Juvi now.

  • Mr. Tibbs

    On the lips though? My father stop kissing me when I was 4, they grown ass men.

  • ABE


  • Anonymous

    Lol I'm finally thinkin all that conspiracy to "emasculate black youth" shit is real

  • flah101

    does lil wayne have aids in his anus?

  • Anonymous

    HA HA HAH The SmooCH Unit. GTFOH Son, Men not supposed to Kiss, yall not the Mob! HA HA HAHH HOMO THUG shit. There is no excuse for that, I don't care if Birdguy took care of him since he was an embryo, NO KISSIN Son!!, fall the fuk back and be easy. HA HA HAH

  • Anonymous

    I'm honestly waiting to hear what Lord Jamar has to say about this.

  • JRead100

    Dont give a shit what the situation is. A bunch of (supposedly) heterosexual grown dudes kissing on the lips is wierd. Especially black dudes

  • M

    Wait.. is it 2006 right now? If it is, this story is relevant. If not.

  • zachariah

    HAAHAHA talking about mobsters as if they know anything other than the movies. There is an area of the world called the Mediterranean where families and friends do this in social gatherings upon greeting. It's not a big deal, but if they want to replicate it...then go ahead. No one outside hip-hop gives a flying fuck. You are trapped in a tiny box and will never emerge unless you stop being so narcissistic. That goes for all you hip-hop artists.

  • Anonymous

    "We all used to do that shit, Turk says. That was a in-house thing." WTF?!?!?! So black men are just coming out the closet in flocks nowadays?!?!?!?

  • markdd

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  • Anonymous

    If Turk and B.G. were kissing him too that definitely means Drake, Tyga and Lil Twist all smooch Birdman on the mouth.

  • Anonymous

    "Turk goes on to say that all of Cash Money, other than Juvenile, kissed Baby." Makes so much sense now.

  • Anonymous

    baby is bangin all of them

  • IRoc

    Turk is broke as a joke and mafia men dont kiss each other in the mouth baby molested them

  • Turk

    I loved when Birdman tugged on my pole.

  • dentaldamboy

    As an accountant for YMCMB, I can personally confirm that my boss, Birdman, commands a Blood Army much more powerful than the Iraqi terror group ISIS/ISIL. If ISIS/ISIL ever tried to step foot in the 9th ward of New Orleans, none of them would make it out alive. Could someone who has the power to single-handedly destroy a terrorist organization be gay? No way!

  • Anonymous

    If they was the mob they would be kissing each other on the cheek, not the lips. Not that it wouldn't be gay as well, just saying.

  • Anonymous

    And even if they were gay, what's your problem with them? Is that why you hate cash money?

  • Thats fucked up turk

    young homo thug licking his lips doin the birdman hand rub to this video

  • Anonymous

    As expected, teeth-boy is pulling every excuse out the bag to defend the gay behavior of his heroes at Cash Money.

  • n-BREEZY

    did ya c the guy in the back he dosent want no kiss lmao

  • Anonymous

    I wonder did they fucked

  • Anonymous

    boy helllllll nahhhhhh then juvenile real for not doing that shit lmaoooo mafia is french niggas that do cheeck to cheek not lips nahh bruh yung thug type shit there

  • Anonymous

    I don't know why he's bringing up the mob in this shit. The mob kiss each other on the cheeks, not the lips.

    • Anonymous

      "Oh please, I would take down your ass if you were to approach me. You'll be running scared." You would take his arse down? GAAAAAAY... no wonder you think men kissing on the lips is normal. When the fuck does a dad kiss his son on the lips at all, especially like this. This some lean in close your eyes kind of shit

    • Johnson

      That whole convo had me laughin, like wtf is this white people on some incest shit and this troll is justifying it trying to say "men and sons kiss each other all the time" lol fuck outta here with that devilish act, and lmao @ the last troll tryna flex his lil muscles on the internet

    • Anonymous

      Actually, I'm laughing at you. Thanks for the laugh.

    • Anonymous

      You scared like a pussy right now.

    • Anonymous

      Do you always act tough on the internet, Steve Urkel?

    • Anonymous

      Oh please, I would take down your ass if you were to approach me. You'll be running scared.

    • Anonymous

      You're the one acting like a bitch, acting like two men kissing isn't gay when it is.

    • Anonymous

      Stop acting like a bitch.

    • Anonymous

      You're just making up bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      I knew their families for many years. Saw their ids. They were fathers of my friends.

    • Anonymous

      Your friends are gay and were kissing their boyfriends, not their fathers.

    • Anonymous

      Some of my friends were kissing their fathers. I knew it because I know their families.

    • Anonymous

      They're not related, period. You didn't see father and sons kiss, you saw gay men kiss.

    • Anonymous

      Some do and cash money are step related. They brothers. I see fathers and sons kis all the time back when I was in middle school.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, the mob does have family members involved. Birdman and the rest of Cash Money are not related. Fathers and sons don't kiss at all unless they're gay.

    • Anonymous

      That's because the mob doesn't have family members. Cash Money has Birdman as their father. Fathers and sons kiss all the time.

  • devlindadude

    birdman some child molester or some shit?

  • Anonymous

    So all of the Cash Money men kiss each other. I'm not surprised.

  • Brillo Wilson

    I wasn't even in the group and I kissed Baby. #UptownShit

  • Anonymous

    ohh so u gay too bitch hahaha i knew i just like juve for some reason

  • Anonymous

    Dentaldamboy's about to have a field day with this one.

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