It isn’t rare for European men to kiss each other hello and good bye, although in most cases it is on the cheeks and not on the lips. Gangsta rappers, and this term may or may not apply here depending on who you ask, do not kiss each other, lips, cheeks or otherwise.

Gillie Da Kid, the man who claims to be Lil’ Wayne former ghostwriter, also claimed “ya kiss Stunna on his mouth bitch.” (see the video below of Gillie talking greazy)

Now the good people here at HipHopDX don’t take sides or pass any judgement. But we will show you this:

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Take it for what you will kiddies.

Shout out to the Shake (the Masta), for hooking it up.

One last note, before those of you who will inevitably become upset by this and call us hypocrites and what not for putting this up when we’ve always given Wayne his due…shut up, you really don’t know what you’re talking about. Whether or not we think Wayne or Baby are good artists is irrelevant, its our jobs to cover the happenings of hip-hop, it isn’t our job to play favorites. Would it have been better to ignore this because we are a fan of his music? No, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs. Deal with it.