Lil Boosie On Incarceration: "Jeezy Held Me Down The Most"

During an interview on SKEE Live, the Louisianan also says prison will make him a better person because he learned that "niggas and women ain't loyal."

Baton Rouge, Louisiana emcee, Lil Boosie visited SKEE Live yesterday (June 10). During an interview with DJ Skee, Boosie discussed his prison time in Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola and that Atlanta, Georgia rapper, Jeezy provided the most support. 

“Jeezy held me down the most,” Lil Boosie said. “I used to holler at Gotti. I’d holler at Webbie but I had so much going on that the times I did holler, I’d holler but I had to focus on my life and getting back to the free world.”

Lil Boosie also stated that his time incarcerated will make him a better person because he learned that “niggas and women ain’t loyal.” 

“About what I went through in prison—the whole thing just as a whole—is gonna make me a better person because now I know niggas and women ain’t loyal,” he said. “So that just smartened me up. The more people get cut off that don’t abide by loyalty, that’s more for me and the homies. It just made me a better person and it made me understand that I can’t mess up and do stupid stuff, little small mistakes, because they’re gonna try to slam me to the cross. Now, I’m ready. I’m focused. No more ‘Free Boosies!’”

The Louisianan expects to release his next project, Touchdown To Cause Hell July 2014. 

“Double album coming July 15,” Lil Boosie told DJ Skee. “It can be compared to [Tupac Shakur’s] All Eyez On Me. That’s speaking a lot, so you gotta go and support it to see if I was speaking about something. But it’s a crazy album. You’re gonna listen to it 10 years from now.”  

Lil Boosie was released from the Louisiana State Penitentiary on March 5 after serving nearly five years on drug charges.

His release from prison was followed by the Boosie Speaks press conference. During the press conference, Boosie discussed his time spent in prison, his place in the rap game, and his plans to release Boosie The Movie.

View Lil Boosie's interview on SKEE Live this Friday (June 13) at 8PM EST on AXS TV.  

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  • D-Train

    What are you guys giving this dude so many props ? What has he done for hip hop ??? I could 20 dope artists that you never speak about but a dude with gold fronts that's been locked up gets all the shine...Haven't we been down this road ? Can you promote a good black artist like BluePrint or Quelle Chris, Blu Or Lauren Mayhem so they can get a following.. We've already been down this road please I need more cats that are or have been taking this culture forward not backwards....

    • Young Guwop

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  • Ghostly

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  • Anonymous

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