Funkmaster Flex Blasts Dame Dash

Funkmaster Flex to Dame Dash: "Don't be mad 'cause I'm still current and you're not."

Funkmaster Flex has addressed Dame Dash, who reportedly referred to former Def Jam executive Joie Manda as a culture vulture.

“Right now, stick to artwork and clothing and slippers,” Flex said in a rant on New York radio station Hot 97. “Do that. That’s all you. That’s your lane. Let me do this music thing up here. I got this. Roc-A-Fella didn’t give me any money to play nothin’, always had paper. Nice try!" 

Flex also specifically spoke regarding the term "culture vulture."

“Culture vultures?" he says. "What is that? People who are not of his color capitalizing on the culture? Is that what is being said? Don’t try to say you ever paid me to play records. Tell the story of how you was tryin’ to pay the person next to me to get me to play records. You remember that conversation?

“[Jay Z's]‘Ain’t No’ with Foxy Brown would've died out here if Def Jam didn’t pick it up,” he adds. “There was a movie soundtrack, Nutty Professor, that picked up that single. I remember it clearly. Remember when the culture vulture cut you that check? I’m tellin’ you what this is ’cause I been in the game and a lot of people can’t comment on this and that’s what this cornball is banking on. If that didn’t get picked up by Def Jam you would've been Boo Boo Records, OK?

“When your label situations get signed in the ’90s, he was getting $2 to $3 million in overhead,” he continues. “He was getting million dollar video budgets. He was getting million dollar album budgets. The culture vulture cut him those checks! Who put a gun to his head to sign those deals? New York City, everybody would've took those deals and he took them and was successful at it. He’s a sore winner. The culture vulture allowed you to call yourself the cakeaholic. Def Jam let that logo live. You don’t wanna look in the mirror and take the mistakes you made! Don’t be mad at me ’cause I’m still current and you’re not. Don’t be mad ’cause I stuck up for my friend.”

Funkmaster Flex Says Dame Dash Owes Money To Curren$y & Beanie Sigel

During the rant, Flex also alludes to money he says Dash owes rappers. 

“When you gonna give Beans his $11 million for State Property that you didn’t give him yet?” he says. “Is that a culture vulture? You did it to yourself. He had another label deal after the Roc and he signed Curren$y. Curren$y put out two albums. You didn’t pay Curren$y on one song, B. Who’s the culture vulture? You didn’t pay him cause you didn’t see how digital he was. You didn’t have a computer. You were in a slipper, art coma." 

Curren$y addressed these comments on Twitter, saying, "yeeee hahahaha."

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  • Anonymous

    Lol you're not current nigga, shut up

  • dadonjuan

    Dame Dash and Flex both have legitimate points. After carefully listening to both sides, I come to the consensus that HIP HOP has sold out to POP. Long live the HIP-POP king, FEminem.

  • HUH

    OK...Now put up Dame Dash's response from the Combat Jack Show.

  • ninhuinh

    fuckmaster flex is so full of himself. no one likes this nigga with that said idk what's going on here but still, fuck flex. All he does is ruin songs

  • wasd

    every time i see this nigga i got to turn away or look at the ground or some shit his ugliness is just too graphic

  • Anonymous

    Flex salty AF!!! LOL!!!!

  • Anonymous

    currency and spitta just ethered dash

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Flex is a douche of the ultimate caliber. I worked at the camp where his illegitimate son goes to. his son name is Dante. each kid at the camp gets a few mins at night to talk to his parents Flex tells dante he can onlt text him. terrible father, doesn't give him any money. he is a total shit bag. sucks his guests dick, then talks shit about them when they aren't in the studio LIKE A HOE ASS GIRL NIGGA fuck flex

    • Anonymous

      shut the fuck up bitch. yeah summer camp? need me to spell it out for you, you illiterate fuck. it's pretty public he's in a feud with one of his ex girls over his son Dante. look it up faggt

    • Anonymous

      WTF are you talking about? Summer camp? This is the worst name dropping anecdote I've ever heard

  • truetalk

    Funk Flex speaking the truth, this is just not for Dame Dash, this should be for all ya'll unchanging no adapting stuck folks...Culture vulture my a$$..

  • So

    Nothing to read here move along, just one working nigga blastsing another dumb nigga that had it all and by being stupid lost it all, ERRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Flex is airing out a broke has been. Wow. That's gangsta. Take a look in the mirror and realize that you aren't the pulse of music. None of these artists you suck up to respect you. They secretly think your a piece of shit.

    • weaasd

      nothing wrong with beating women. it's when you're also scared of confronting men that you become a pussy. if you beat men AND women there aint no problems with that.

    • Anonymous

      he is also proficient at beating women

    • Anonymous

      Word this guy is good at yelling and fucking up songs , oh and interrupting every guest during every answer in his interviews, besides all that he's a decent dude but STFO

  • WTF

    You stupid cunts. Flex is a imposter and a faker, that mf works for the White People that are trying to destroy Hip Hop. Flex is full of shit, he even dissed a dead 2Pac!! Culture Vulture is real and FUCK DEF JAM! They signed so many wack "artists" its not even funny, they are on purpose trying to destroy Hip Hop

    • D-Train

      Well said, Flex is a sellout he was hip hop for a minute and sold out and went corporate... He plays bad music just like every station in america....Dash was hip hop and had a good business mind until Jay Z sold his soul and dissed him... Def Jam is no longer a great label they are a gimmick label...

  • Mack

    Funk Flex is on point here. Dame Dash needs to fall back.

  • POPE

    Flex is a cornball, but he's speaking some truth. why dont these two old niggaz just slapbox.

  • Anonymous

    FakeMasterFlex is a damn culture vulture FUCK OUTTA HERE! Faggot ass radio nigga don't even support his city's music scene FUCK HOT 97 AND FUCK THIS BITCH ASS DJ!!

  • Anonymous

    dame dash is a hater, cheater and a broke nigga who is 49 years old

    • .

      How can you say Dame broke I have seen recent video of this guy on private jets,driving a Bentley,chillin in beach front homes in Malibu. Last i checked Broke people don't do that shit.

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