Mac Miller Launches, Answers #AskMac Questions On Twitter

Mac Miller confirms his appearance on Ab-Soul's "These Days," reiterates his Kendrick Lamar reference on "Faces," and champions Vince Staples.

Shortly after answering dozens of questions on his Twitter page tagged with an #askmac hashtag, Mac Miller posted the URL of his recently launched promotional site OldJewish. Visitors to the domain are tasked with building a digital “sammich” in return for a download of the rapper’s recent Faces mixtape.

Earlier today, Mac Miller opened up his Twitter page to fans’ questions about the release.

Within an hour of his initial Tweet, the #askmac hashtag began trending in Pittsburg. Among the questions that Miller received, one fan asked how Kendrick Lamar might respond to his mention on the ScHoolboy Q featuring “Friends” track from Faces.

On “Friends,” Mac seems to rap: “I got them 4G, L-T-E connection bars / No 'Control,' fuck Ken Lamar (fuck you Kendrick!)”

Asked about the possibility that Lamar might respond with a diss, Miller again referenced his own lyric.

During the campaign, Miller also confirmed his appearance on another TDE rapper’s album.

Responding to another question, Miller hinted that a collaboration with Miley Cyrus didn’t live up to her expectations and will likely remain unreleased.

Elsewhere, Mac shared hopes for a collaboration with Radiohead member Thom Yorke, clarified lyrics from his Faces release, and confirmed further collaborations with Vince Staples, Casey Veggies, and Wiz Khalifa. During the fan-based interview session, Miller also verified having completed as many as 600 unreleased songs.

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  • Will $teel

    some1 shoulda asked him y he thought hockey had "4 quarters" dumb ass wack filler

  • Anonymous

    Forbes list speaks for itself, Ross is not a boss and made as much as Mac Miller last year. I didn't make the list so don't get mad at me tell ya boy Ross to step his hustle up. Ross donated more to charity hence the same amount listed as mac miller.

  • Punch

    the game isn't ready 1.) Twisted Ethics prod. Sounwave 2.) Mortality feat. Scarface prod. Just Blaze 3.) Russell Jones prod. King Blue 4.) The Ballad Continues prod. Clams Casino 5.) Midnight Oil feat. Ab-Soul, BJ The Chicago Kid prod. Tae Beast 6.) Givenchy prod. Boi-1-da, Kanye West 7.) Baby Boomers feat. SZA prod. Digi+Phonics 8.) Rearview Mirror feat. Jay Electronica prod. The Alchemist 9.) Killifornia prod. Pharrell 10.)The Revolution Is Televised prod. THC 11.) Blind feat. Jon Connor prod. Sounwave, Willie B 12.) Marilyn Monroe feat. Isaiah Rashad, ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul prod. Nez & Rio 13.) Obsolescence prod. DJ Mustard 14.) Welcome to Purgatory prod. Digi+Phonics 15.) Red Flags feat. Game, Lil Wayne prod. Sounwave 16.) Concentration feat. Alicia Keys prod. Swizz Beatz 17.) Hunger Pains prod. Jake One

    • Anonymous

      The fact that you even took enough time of your worthless life to create this tracklist lets me know you're super lame. Your mother must be ashamed of you.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, look. An E-thug. LOL FOH You won't be laughing when you face me.

  • Ransom

    Terrible flow wack lyrics nothing good bout this fool every time I hear him on a dope beat I just think what a fuckin waste

  • Anonymous

    Yo, Mac miller fan here. I'm happy that Miller is earning as much as officer ricky even though miller only makes 6 million while ross makes far more but donated to charity. It's great to be a miller fan.

    • Jew boy

      Oh you want to be a punk huh? My number is 432-2455 so let's see some fists. Scared you punk? I dialed that number some dude came on talking about sucking dick for a dime. Was that you fuck boy.

    • Anonymous

      Forbes list speaks for itself, Ross is not a boss and made as much as Mac Miller last year. I didn't make the list so don't get mad at me tell ya boy Ross to step his hustle up.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, look. An E-thug. LOL FOH

    • Anonymous

      Oh you want to be a punk huh? My number is 432-2455 so let's see some fists. Scared you punk?

    • Anonymous

      Don't lie to yourself and everyone else because none of that shit is true.

    • Anonymous

      I am a regular at wingstop. There's almost always a line. And the liquor stores show very few ciroc bottles. Miller didn't go gold either so that arguement is bullshit. What businesses does miller have?

    • Anonymous

      You every think that Ross' businesses don't make as much money as you think? Wingstop isn't packed and Ciroc is easy to find. Wale and Meek didn't even go gold, so chart positioning means nothing. Also, Mac's businesses probably makes more than you think.

    • Anonymous

      Miller has sold far less than ross and has no label or major endorsements. How can he have more than ross? Wingstop is packed and ciroc is always hard to find. Wale has a no.1 album and meek also went no.2. Now tell me how does miller make as much as ross?

    • Anonymous

      How am I hating when I stated nothing but facts? Maybe Ross' businesses aren't making that much money, ever thought of that?

    • Anonymous

      Miller only has his albums. Ross has his albums, his label, and his endorsements with wingstop and ciroc. How can miller make as much as him? Hater.

    • Anonymous

      Please. Ross didn't even make close to 20 million. He earned the same as Mac Miller and he's not generous at all.

    • Anonymous

      That ain't true. Huge miller fan but officer ricky actually made closer to 20 million. He's just a very generous man. Miller in comparison only makes 6 million.

    • Anonymous

      Ross doesn't donate shit to charity. Mac Miller is a true young boss, 22 years old selling his records independently making that Ricky Rozay paper without endorsements from Reebok and Ciroc or having his own label and 20 chicken spots. BOSS

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  • Anonymous

    Miley Cyrus collabo, with bullshit like that he just gives people an excuse to call him wac miller. Dude sounds like he's about to sneeze every time he rhymes anyways.

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