STAR: Jay Z Sold Me Cocaine Multiple Times

On his radio show, STAR says that Jay Z sold him cocaine several times in the late 1980s.

Jay Z has long been rapping about selling drugs. Now one of the Brooklyn, New York rapper's self-proclaimed cocaine customers has come forward.

“Back in the late ‘80s, I went to this man on a few occasions, hand-to-hand,” STAR says regarding Jay Z on his Shot97 Radio show. "He had the good shit. Now his shit wasn’t as popping as the West Indians over in the 90s and in Flatbush. Them Shower Posse niggas must have had that shit shipped in from Columbia or some fuckin’ where."

Given that he was a regular customer, STAR says that Jay Z also accommodated him on occasion.

“When my money wasn’t right,” STAR says, "he extended credit to a coke head in the wee hours.” 

This type of business practice coincides with Jay Z’s lyrics about his drug dealing practices on “Izzo (H.O.V.A.).” On the song, which was included on his 2001 album, The Blueprint, Jay Z raps in the first verse, “Was herbin’ ‘em in the home of Terrapins / Got it dirt cheap for them / Plus if they they were short with cheese, I would work with them.” 

Even though he’s coming forward with these stories more than 20 years after he says they took place, STAR says he wanted to silence the people who question whether or not he really knows Jay Z.

“You ain’t talking to some silly nigga who’s trying to play Jay Z out,” STAR says. "He no longer a drug dealer. I’m no longer a coke head.”

STAR's video and Jay Z's "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)" are as follows:

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  • Anonymous

    To all you skeptical niggaz: Jay-Z really sold coke, that's a fact known by real niggaz all over BK, he just wasn't this mafia-ass, kilo-moving, big time kingpin he claims to have been.

  • Jay Z

    why he snitching on me? Amma get Beyonce to twerk for him

  • nah

    I remember being 10 years old vibe'ing to this music video because there's just something infections about it. HOV

  • Anonymous

    "dude look high in the video" Oh, really??? Maybe that's because he's smoking while talking.

  • Robizle

    how the fuck is this old ass crack head getting put on? this fuckn nobody just like Jay been suckin someone dick....

  • Nuff said...

    These niggas act like selling coke makes Jay z coo or whatever. fuck outta here, selling crack to your own ppl? aint shit cool bout that....

    • gangsta gibbs

      cause in the past My low class black ass would serve my own fucking family members I hate to say it, ain't no need to be discreet If she don't cop from me, she get it from a nigga up the street Cause he thuggin' And yo she'd probably suck his dick for it

  • grc

    star is a hump! cant believe hes still around! this guys a roach to the hip hop community for years! he wont die!

  • Anonymous



    LOL says some no name nigga.... I wouldve robbed Jays weak ass. You know he aint bout that street shit

  • JD

    Who cares. Star does more to damage himself with this. First off he's a snitch and second off all he's a drug addict. Would you rather be the dealer or the addict?

  • Anonymous

    That's some snitch shit!

    • Anonymous

      what does that even mean when an artist is constantly trying to snitch on himself? Yo! I sold mad drugs. Damn! That guy told everyone I sell drugs!! Now they're going to know my big secret.

  • claradaveyyma

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  • claradaveyyma

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  • Anonymous

    Too bad he didn't overdose useless mutt

  • luke

    I just find it hilarious how everyone comments like they know Jay or star personally or the people they're around or where they came from. Most of you sound like women trying to vouch for people you don't even know based on hearsay and interviews and youtube clips of people who were around them. F all that. Now one thing for sure star wasn't lying when he said the coke game was heavy back then in flatbush and the 90s on the east side of things. That's fact.

  • Anonymous

    "uh nope he was not" He m ade his fortune off music and business. You know this. Don't play dumb.

  • Anonymous

    for real tho this biracial fuckboi is the walking/living embodiment of a bitch made nigga. ever since he dissed aaliyah after she died I been knowing this nigga ain't shit

  • Anonymous

    Does this lightskinned nigga have a thing with Jay-Z? I've seen he mentions Hov on almost everyone of his shows

    • Anonymous

      lol I feel you, you remember when he got all butthurt cause Jay wouldn't do a interview with him? plus just a week ago this nigga was on air talking bout "Jay and I are both 50 years old"

  • Anonymous

    this dude will disregard his own self respect to be a famous cokehead that got served by jay...typical lightskinned suburban nigga...not the ones from the hood eather.. they got more sense

    • Anonymous

      if he's not intimidating how come niggas don't say/do shit after star tests em? i ain't dickriding the nigga, but damn, he doesn't seem to be that much of a embarrassment to me since nobody has retaliated over the years.

    • Anonymous

      star is embarrassing not intimidating..i can see why jay-z don't fuck with that nigga.. seem like he dry snitching for promotional reasons.. dude look high in the video

    • Anonymous

      He also went strapped to see Jay after a show cause Jay said he would never do an interview with him, needless to say Jay ran faster than Usain Bolt that day. Later on Hov got on that Miss You track and some shit like "cause of your (Aaliyah) honor, I won't bring it to pistols" lol

    • Anonymous

      i forgot about his henchman story. no wonder he fucks with godfather 50.

    • Anonymous

      after that aaliyah diss this nigga went like 20 deep to see Jimmy Henchman real talk, when he got there Jimmy got all shook and was on some "let's talk it out" shit lmao, talk down on star all you want, reality is he's the only one able to diss these niggas and get away with it

    • Anonymous

      he hates on hood niggas every day for 2 hours

    • Anonymous

      "he got a permit to carry he stays strapped at all times" It don't matter. If this rap niggas really about that life, they should at least say something.

    • Anonymous

      he got a permit to carry he stays strapped at all times no one says shit after like 20 years of hating

    • Anonymous

      He definitely ain't pussy, I done seen him checking a whole lot of so-called hood niggaz and not getting touched for it

  • 614grind

    I don't even understand the big issue. Who cares how old he is? He's still going strong.

  • DG

    WTF is up with this dude's mannerisms. Looks like he's still on that coke. Must be exhausting constantly moving around like that. What a self absorbed weirdo

    • Anonymous

      he might have been drunk. lol hes a hardcore alcoholic who used to be super fat, he even had to get a liver transplant and still drinks vodka all the time

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    lol Jay-Z was 16 in 1986 when he was in a group named: HIGH POTENT with JaZ-O and was doing songs. This nigga never sold coke! No one from BROOKLYN ever stepped forward to say he sold coke!

  • Anonymous

    i didn't know it was possible to be both a dealer and a cokehead to many contradictions

  • MrYepp

    Irrelevant Bitch-Ass always talking shit...

  • Anonymous

    this nigga star is a dick head...

  • Anonymous

    So what? Jay-Z probably gave this fool a "Fuck Nigga Price" because he was a coke head. So what? Even these rich, spoilt suburb kids who have never been to the hood sell cocaine and weed. Is this suppose to make us respect Jay even more? GTFOH. let me know he was on some Frank Lucas shit shipping that ish from VIETNAM or Columbia maybe u did get my attention. I m tried of rappers who were dime bags sellers rapping like they were moving that ish like Frank Lucas. No!!! Jay sold dime bags to his hommies(probably the excess from his own use) and Fuck Idiots like Star. He was no Drug Dealer. He just sold dime bags. I believe they are called "street legs". The real drug dealer is the dude who shipped that isht from overseas and the dude who sold it to Jay. I am an Adidas fan to the core i collect n buy that isht to my last $$$$. Once in awhile i sell the ones i dont like no more to my hommies or on E-bay, does that make me a Sports shoe Retailer? hell NO! DUMMIES.

    • Anonymous

      I know for a fact Mobb & Jay got their hands dirty in the streets. Yes some exaggerate but if you're sitting back thinking you're not a dealer unless you're a kingpin, then think about the people doing time for a couple vials or a half ounce. Don't be silly. And get it out of your minds that everybody is lying/exaggerating. The game is ruthless, make a lot of you run home to your momma, scared to come back outside.

    • Anonymous

      Being short don't mean shit when you use guns. Mobb Deep been rapping since they were in high school but its not like they from the burbs like Rick Ross. They were in the hood sticking niggas up. Hav's brother caught a bunch of bodies before he took his own life.

    • Anonymous

      Prodigy is 5'6" Jus Sayin.. n Who Said You Can't Be Gangster if you're short... Also, Hov doesn't come from an easy neighbourhood, selling crack is putting you're life at risk on the daily as expressed in his book Decoded n Many of his songs... But I do agree with 'Slick Rick'.. Great storytellers exaggerate..

    • Slick Rick

      All the greatest storytellers tend to exaggerate, my man. Nas with that whole Escobar persona, Mobb Deep with that gangsta persona(them niggas is only 5'3, by the way), Biggie Smalls and his alter ego, Frank White, hell even Kool G Rap.


      Jay-Z was good with drug dealer to drug dealer transctions, he made most of the money when the dude who put him and jaz on got aids....

    • Anonymous

      But when you make a 100k before a record deal then you ain't selling dime bags are you?

    • RapppersAreLiars

      Best comment Ever!!!!! LOOOOOOL

  • Anonymous

    He also claims Jay-Z is 50 years old like him.

  • Anonymous

    He must be on crack claiming to be from Brooklyn but wearing a Patriots cap.

  • Cormega - Glory Days

    he was buying coke for 10 years all thru ny could well have bought a few bags off jay I couldn't care if its true or not. His show is the funniest radio/youtube show around even when he just taking calls from sum drunk high nigga from Houston talking shit its straight comedy respect

  • diamond street

    Star Jones is a coke head nigga, still tlkin about coke on the media, Jay's been ballin n still ballin

  • Biggie Smalls

    that goddamn credit? Dead it / You think a crackhead paying you back, shit forget it!

  • Anonymous

    Today for Ross: He's enjoying his no.1 hit, all without having to crossover for major hits. Today for Jay Z" He's fallen the fuck off, having to turn to gimmicks like collaborating with pop stars and paying samsung to take a million of their copies. He even had to beg for a feature from ross for relevancy. That's to keep him from suffering like 50.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous 1, everything you say is all a lie.

    • Anonymous

      In Jay's defence.. Who stays relevant after this long, it ain't easy... Shoutout to Nas, another great lyricist still doin his thing... Shoutout to both legends while i'm at it

    • Whatchutalkinbout

      Magna Carta Holy Grail seems worse than it actually is cause of the hype. From a Jay-Z album people expect greatness and he's fallen somewhat flat with releases like Blueprint 3 and Magna Carta Holy Grail. Even Jay's not so phenomenal albums still beat out Rick Ross' works though. Mastermind isn't all that. Less than half of it is worth bumping again.

  • rjaey

    yeah,but, didn't jay-z diss that nigga star jones on that aaliyah's "miss you" remix track? i know he did because i had that single since late 2002...

  • David Tran

    Time to end this G.O.A.T. foolishness. In this constant debate about Jay-Z being the best ever I read things like "Nas will destroy Jay-Z" or "Eminem got a better flow than Jay" Those are OPINIONS. When will you fools learn that you can't win a debate with OPINIONS. Every rapper has a different style based on where they are from, the time period in which they were most successful, and their unique personality. We all can go on for days about our personal preferences but in a debate criteria like this is completely IRRELEVANT and automatically BIASED. The only way to win a debate is with cold hard FACTS. And the fact of the matter is that, when you weigh all of the tangible criteria (Sales, Critical Acclaim, Consistency, Longevity, and Impact) Jay-Z makes the strongest case for the G.O.A.T. Eminem has sold nearly twice as much as Jay-Z, and he is Jay's equal when it comes to longevity and impact. But Em lacks the consistency or critical acclaim that Jay-Z has (Im not talkin cult/fanboy classics, Im talkin CERTIFIED classics. XXL/Rolling Stone/Source approved) Eminem is VERY close though. Nas has enjoyed more critical acclaim and more overall respect in the hip-hop community through the years. And he's definitely equal to Jay with longevity and impact. But he hasn't been no where near as much of a consistent presence in hip-hop as Jay has. And he is obviously lacking in the sales department. Lil Wayne just may be the most consistent rapper of all time. He's no slouch when it comes to longevity and impact either. His glaring flaw? In his 12 year career Lil Wayne has yet to drop a truly critically acclaimed classic album (and it can be done in this climate. just look at kanye's discography). Also, contrary to popular beleif, Wayne lacks in the sales department. Sure, Tha Carter III and IV are blockbuster albums, but his OVERALL sales of 10 mil US pale in comparison to Jay-Z's 31 mil. 2pac is a touchy subject. When it comes to impact, pac takes the cake. No other rapper touched the world like 2pac did. He, like Em, has also sold more than Jay and he was very consistent in his time. Sadly, 2pac passed before his time which allowed Jay-Z to surpass him in longevity and critical acclaim. LL Cool J was the prototype for what a G.O.A.T. could be. He has enjoyed the most longevity, and he was fairly consistent, but his sales, acclaim and overall impact are no where near the likes of 2pac, Eminem, and ofcourse Jay-Z. Biggie, Rakim, Common, Snoop, the list goes on. All of these MC's are great but none of them have the total G.O.A.T. package like Jay-Z does. Jay-Z is the 3rd highest selling rapper of all time, and the richest. He's one of the most acclaimed (perhaps only rivaled by his boy Kanye). He dropped multi-platinum albums YEARLY from 96'-03', and he is still going strong today. He's been in the game since 88'. He's impacted hip-hop in countless ways from starting one of the 1st successful MC-owned record labels, to being the 1st non-athlete with a signature shoe, to surpassing the likes of Elvis with #1 albums. Jay-Z is without question the Greatest MC Of All Time. Period. You don't have to listen to him everyday (Im currently on my Kendrick wave). You don't even have to like him. But for goodness sake, RESPECT THE FACTS.

    • tigerking79

      How can Jay Z be the greatest when most of his catalogue is him biting other MC's style. His best album, Reasonable Doubt, was a complete rip off of Biggie Smalls' style. Jay Z is a great business man, not a great rapper.

    • Anonymous

      Wow.. you put a lot of effort in that essay.. Its actually almost accurate. And I do respect Jay-Z, I see the facts too Lol... Nas > Jay-Z thou, he just is better overall, i never cared for sales and Nas also has more charisma, is more likeable etc

    • NY L

      Congratulations!!! You won today's L for writing an essay in a troll infested comment section.

    • Ja Rule Nation

      Jay-Z stan catching feelings Nas > Jay Z nuff said

    • Nobodygonreadthat

      Shit man, if you gon' type these long-ass essays might as well start a blog or some shit. Comments aren't meant to be that length.

  • Anonymous

    And this is Lord Jamar's #1 homie.... lol!

  • Beanie Sigel

    Jay Z is 50 years old y'all! Not a fan of his, but thats def a good look for hip hop. His wiki says 43 or 44, but Nas rapped "You 36 in a karate class?" in Ether in the year 2001! Come on Jay, stop lying man!

  • Denzel Washington

    No u didn't.!!!!.no u didn't!!!..u disloyal snitch ass bitch!!!!....

  • whataclown5505

    So now he wants some of Jay's business money or something? what a clown lol

  • Anonymous

    Wow hhdx. That quote in h to th izzo is misinterpreted. H dad rapping about fronting hustlers work in that bar. Not crdit with fiends.

  • Anonymous

    Jay need to stop wearing skirt

  • Anonymous

    RAT SAJAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    RAT KING COLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IROC

    It doesent seems to amaze me what someone would say to create a buzz for them self just goes to show this lame got this crap on every Rap site without a shread of evidence even if was true its so old why repeat it SNITCH plus its more than likely a lie

    • Anonymous

      hes not trying to create buzz for himself he does his show every single day live and says shit like this daily

  • yolo

    this guy is a fuckin lame... dude be doing and saying shit for attention

  • Anonymous

    how is this not snitching

  • DrebinSlevin

    Star making HHDX news. I guess Lord Jamar has fully replaced Star on VladTV as the Angry Light Skinned Moron. Must be cheaper because he doesn't need to buy Star anymore.

  • killakm

    Do ya homework on Star there's jewels in the shit he throws. He's not some whistleblower he was just showing how far they went back.

  • Anonymous

    give us the minutes next time long ass video

  • Anonymous

    and u believed him? hip hop dx has to be the worst website ever.

  • Anonymous

    jay z sold crack cocaine not cocaine. this coke head was high when he says that

  • minnesota slick

    wonder how much jaz-o i mean jay-z paid dude to say this? kicked him down a couple racks to give him street cred cause drake's dis hit him hard i guess

  • PrickJames

    Funny.... Beyonc slobbed my knob in a junior high bathroom in '94!!

  • imho

    isn't this the same fuck boy that used to diss buckwild on air for being a junkie? fuckin hypocrite

  • Anonymous

    LOL this guy is crazy

  • girl

    I suckd Jay-Z dick in 1999

  • bumpy

    Who gives a fuck about what Star says! His an idiot!

  • Anonymous

    Jay Z was small time and everyone knows it.

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