Angela Yee Discusses Declining Hot 97 Job & "The Breakfast Club Show" On REVOLT

Angela Yee also says that that she was surprised Kanye West appeared on "The Breakfast Club."

Angela Yee says that The Breakfast Club Show’s television program on REVOLT is going to be an accurate reflection of its radio show. 

“The plan is that the show is not supposed to change at all,” Yee says during an interview with Page31TV. "They’re just supposed to film what’s going on. They made it very clear like, ‘You guys do what you do and we’ll work around whatever it is that you’re doing.’ The only difference is that we’ve gotta look a little bit presentable. I guess that’s about it because, so far, from what they’ve told us, we ain’t gotta change nothing. I guess we’ll see what really happens when it happens. It’s a tremendous opportunity for us and we’re excited about it. It’s just another way to get ourselves out there and bring more opportunities for it. We’ve gotta be there every morning to do the show anyway. I think people would love to see what goes on in the studio live everyday. We just can’t be the bums that we are everyday anymore. We’ve gotta snazz it up a little bit—just a little.”

Yee, who was on SiriusXM before she went to Power 105.1 as part of The Breakfast Club, says that she declined a job offer from New York radio station Hot 97.

“It was a practical decision that I’m glad I made,” she says. "When they offered me the job at Hot 97, I just didn’t like the whole way that it happened. Cipha [Sounds] and I used to work together at Sirius. He left to go to Hot 97 and he definitely wanted me to come with him. Before they even offered me the job, they told everybody in the building that I was coming to work there. They were pitching me for advertisers. Mind you, no one had spoken to me. No one had offered me a job. So my job is like, ‘Yo, are you leaving and going to Hot 97, 'cause that’s what we’re hearing?’ I’m like, ‘No. I haven’t even spoken to anybody over there. No one’s talked to me.’ So I think they just assumed no one ever turns down a job there. So, she’s gonna definitely going to take it. I came in there. They offered me the job. I said, ‘Well, I need to think about it.’ And he was like, ‘You need to think about it? What do you need to think about?’ I’m like, ‘I need to think about the low money that you offered me because I make more than that at Sirius now.’ The fact that I wouldn’t be an equal on the show, that was one of my main things. It was Cipha Sounds and [Peter] Rosenberg. I said, ‘Am I gonna be equal to them?’ [They said] 'No you’re not. Your name’s not even gonna be on the show.’ I was like, ‘Well, I have my own show right now. Why would I leave having my own show to come be on a show that I’m not even part of? I’m just an extra person and you’re paying me less money.' Practically, it didn’t make sense to me, practicalitywise. That’s why I turned it down.”

Angela Yee Surprised Kanye West Appeared On The Breakfast Club

Yee says that she thought that Kanye West would turn down an offer to appear on The Breakfast Club.

“Well, I think we never thought Kanye [West] would come on the show. You have to commend Kanye for coming on because Charlamagne gets on him all the time—and not just him, but Kim Kardashian, also. So I was like, ‘Oh, he’s never coming up here.’ You know Kanye don’t need to come on our show. So when Kanye came, we were all like, ‘Kanye’s not coming.’ Even that morning, we were like, ‘I don’t believe he’s going to come. He’s gonna cancel at the last minute.’ But he really did come, so, I have to say he knew everything that was being said about him—that Charlamagne in particular was saying—and he came up there just to kind of confront him. I think that was a great thing that he did. He came to our home, to Charlamagne’s house where Charlamagne had the platform and he stood his ground. He didn’t go crazy. He went crazy after—but not on that actual show."

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  • Fredrick Greenback

    She's an average looking woman, however, she has an amazing personality, great job and no kids.



  • Anonymous

    Yee is Legend. Much respect. I'm surprised Kanye came through too. Now we waiting for Drake....

  • COCA


  • Kobe Banging That!!!!1

    No lie....I love Angela Yee.....she has a way of keeping them on topic. And I rarely see her ask stupid questions. If you think the station sucks because of the mainstream music play, that's just the game. If you love real lyrical hip hop check out this kid Chilly Phil. Hails from Freeport, Bahamas and I already feel like he's the future of Caribbean hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    PPP you are a jerk!

  • A Cold block in jersey

    lmao she born in jan 74 she 40 years old acts like she 22. The breakfast club is only worth watchin when they have a guest and cause of charlamagne .Yee is boring as shit n too nice to do a good interview and envy is a fuckin boring faggot may as well be a block of wood sittin in his chair nigga brings nothing to the show

  • Anonymous

    how come nobody scooping her??? shit I know Angela is ALWAYS out and about in them NY clubs and shit, but god shes bad. I wonder whats wrong with her..

  • Anonymous

    my nigga Vado tapped dat azz

    • Anonymous

      You a lame talking about what another man you don't know hit. Sound like a cheerleader. The lame generation strikes again. SMH!

  • Anonymous

    Hot 97 is the lame show! Nobody listens to that station like that anymore. She's lucky she didn't take that job. The ship is sinking thanks to Ebro thinking it was cool to turn on NYC and support other artists from outside the city instead of the city they broadcast too.

    • Anonymous

      Power 105.1 is Hot 97's evil twin/clone. They're just as bad. Every song Hot 97 plays, if you switch over to Power 105.1 they're playing the same song. SMH! We have choices now. The city doesn't want to wait till late night sunday or when Kay Slay is on late night to hear NEW music regardless of weather it's a new or established artist with new music. Mix that shit in. Make the DJ's be DJ's instead of dudes just playing records like robots. I can get better playlists on Pandora. And more exclusives from bloggers then Hot 97 DJ's minus Kay Slay. That's sad! But now I got Beats Radio, iTunes Radio, etc. Fuck I want to tune in to a station that is only going to play south music and artists from every other region and only play the artists from the city late night when half the city asleep. SMH! They better ask Flex how cats got the iPods and iPads hooked up in their cars for music now. And for the record Joey Bad Ass is wack and Bodega Bams rhyme like he's from the south. SMH! Bronson got bars. Not familiar with Smoke Dza. But that comment has to be Ebro because he stay mentioning the same names. LoL. Half the city rhyme like they from the South now because that damn station. Like The Lox said, cats would've made the music they really wanted to make instead of all this trash you hear now if they new they would get radio support.

    • Anonymous

      ^^Ebro is that you?

    • your name

      actually hot makes it a point (when they can) to support up and coming NY artists. cant really say the same for power. ultimately the normal playlist is controlled largely by the advertisers, but DJs play local artists on their mixshows fairly often. hot DJs and specialty shows (like Rosenberg's sunday night show) will play artists like smoke dza, bronson, joey badass, bodega bamz.. power DJs, not so much.

    • Anonymous

      What's Hot 97?

  • Anonymous

    shi no givap di pum pum

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  • Anonymous

    ....He didnt go crazy. He went crazy afterbut not on that actual show." ClASSIC TBC STAY WINNING

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