New York’s Hot 97 made headlines recently when the station’s Program Director labeled artists such as Sean Price and Joey Badass as “minor league” artists with dues to pay. The comments led to significant backlash from artists, fans, and other industry figures.

In an interview with Conspiracy Worldwide Radio, Peter Rosenberg discussed the issue.

“It is true that it was said, but it was out of context in that he really didn’t mean to include Sean Price in that group,” said Rosenberg of Ebro, the Program Director. “He kind of described it to me [as] he was trying to name some different people that had a movement, so he included Sean Price; but in retrospect, he didn’t really mean that Sean Price is in that same category as far as being ‘minor league.’ Sean Price has already done the minor leagues, years and years ago.”

Rosenberg continued, adding that, while many others were concerned with the “minor league” label, Price wasn’t. “I talked to Sean Price the other day, and I said, ‘Listen, [Ebro] didn’t mean that about you. But I’ll be honest, between me and you, I know you don’t care about the major leagues. You don’t have any interest in that. Really, you’re a major league emcee, but you don’t like playing in the big times.’ And he totally understood and agreed.”

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