Stat Quo released his latest EP, ATLA: All This Life Allows, Vol. 1 today (February 25). In an exclusive conversation with HipHopDX, the former Shady/Aftermath/Interscope emcee details the motivation behind taking a more revealing approach to his music.

“One of the guys that works here at HipHopDX—a friend of mine—Soren Baker, he used to tell me all the time, ‘You know, you worked with Dr. Dre,” Stat Quo says. “’You worked with all these different people. People want to know how that feels. They want access. That’s why the internet is so key. They want access. They want to see what’s going on behind the velvet rope—the curtains. They want to know the real shit.’

“With this album, I’m telling you the real shit,” he continues. “Yes, I got tax problems. Yes, I got some foreclosures on my house. Yes, I’ve been cheated on. Yes, I have cheated. Yes, me and my baby mama have problems. Yes, I don’t see my son enough. I’m going there. I’m opening up. The façade is over. It’s been lifted. I’m free.”

Stat Quo Says Hip Hop Is More Than "Bottles & B*tches"