Jay Z Gives J. Cole His Original Roc-A-Fella Chain

Jay Z and Kendrick Lamar join J. Cole for a concert in New York's Madison Square Garden.

Jay Z gave J. Cole his original Roc-a-Fella chain during a New York concert yesterday (January 28). 

The gift was presented to Cole during a performance at the Madison Square Garden stop of Cole's What Dreams May Come Tour. Jay Z  was not the only guest to hit the stage with Cole. Kendrick Lamar also made a special appearance. 

Jay Z has often rapped about the Roc-a-Fella chain. On "Interlude" for instance, Jay Z said he had "the hottest chick in the game wearing my chain." Others have also referenced the chain in songs, such as Kanye West. On "School Spirit," West says: "Roc-a-fella chain, yeah, that's my rapper style." 

In 2012, Cole spoke about one aspect of Jay Z that he appreciates.

"One thing I appreciate about Jay Z is he let me do it my way and let me figure it out," Cole said at the time. "He never compromised or interfered with my creative process. There was a never a point when he was like, 'I need to come in and play big brother and show you how to do this.' He let me figure it out, and it feels better to win like that. It feels better winning knowing that I figured this thing out on my own and if it wouldn't have worked, I would have been okay with bumping my head and failing on my own terms, rather than winning on somebody else's."

More information regarding J. Cole's recent Dreamville partnership with Interscope can be read here. A stream of Cole's Revenge of the Dreamers project, which was released yesterday as well, can be found here

A video of Jay Z presenting Cole with his original Roc chain can be found below, via Instagram user chineyassassin.

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  • Anonymous

    his original roc a fella chain was platinum. that looks like gold

  • Anonymous

    one of the best shows i've ever been to. first time they were on stage together

  • wow

    this is like the first time im hearing of jay showiong some type of emotion towards cole. i was starting to wonder if jay even cared about him as an artist

  • Mentally Ill Edition

    Due To This Real Many Hip Hop Heads Terms Him The Promising Pillar Holder Of Hip Hop To a Level We Can't Wait..... Now Needs To Know How To Post The Marks Of The Beast...Action

  • Anonymous

    reminds me of when those preachers "lay hands" on people and they fall out.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    every rapper has a label. hilarious how many rap labels there are in america that go no where and earn nothing. no shots to cole i'm sure he'll be successful.

  • Anonymous

    J.cole has a label deal through interscope ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL YA'LL SOUND STUPID

  • ryan

    I doubted J. Cole when he first came out then I listened to Born Sinner and that definitely turned me into a fan.

  • Beanie Sigel

    Nigga you know how many times I stopped niggas taking that chain!!! That aint right

    • Anonymous

      I've done made more millionaires than the lotto did Dame made millions, Biggs made millions Ye made millions, Just made millions Lyor made millions, Cam made millions Beans'll tell you if he wasn't in his feelins

  • Anonymous

    LOL, Jay Z was probably secretly mad because he can't help manage J Cole's artists like Birdman helps Wayne out with his artists. Cole probably about to leave jay z as well. The hiliarious thing is that J Cole is the only artist aside from Jay Z's flopping ass that can move units.

    • Anonymous

      Jay would never get mad over not being able to manage someone elses artists. He got bigger things going and knows there is no money to be made here.

  • Anonymous

    if jay didn't jerk j cole why he signing with interscope. FOH!

  • Anonymous

    j cole actually signed to interscope. so i guess its a goodbye present. lol

    • Anonymous

      Actually, it's J. Cole's label, Dreamville, that's signed to Interscope, not Cole himself. Cole is still with the Roc.

    • Anonymous

      Really I DON'T think so this looks more like a passing of the torch from jay-z to j.cole this is reminiscent of Jay-z giving Kanye his chain I think a new king was crowned last night at madison square garden all held KING J.COLE!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Knock off or Replica for sure

  • Anonymous

    hand me down hova

  • Real

    Now you have a whole lot of work to do... First redefine rap n change d game or suit ur era. Gud nite

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