Game Announces "Blood Money Tour"

Game takes to Twitter to announce his "Blood Money Tour," which will hit Europe.

Game tweeted today (January 24) that he will be going on tour next month.

"UK & Europe "BLOOD MONEY TOUR" kickin off late February !!!!!! I can't fuckin wait..... Finally got good promoters," the rapper's tweet said.

With reports in October of Game signing to the Cash Money label, the Compton rapper spoke last month about his relationship with the imprint and the ongoing process of signing a deal. 

“Right now I’m just enjoying my free agency,” the OKE rapper said at the time. “I had talks with Birdman and we’re trying to figure out what it’s going to be, how it’s gonna work.”

Game’s tweet from today is as follows:

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  • Anonymous

    yup cant tour in the states GAME OVER

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  • detroit niggroe

    Game really turned weak as hell nowadays. I remember when this nigga seemed like the real deal. Now he just another industry hoe

  • 901DATSME

    Hell yea, Hell yea

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  • No hate today

    I would go to see game even tho he aint even in my top 20 n talks a lot of dumb shit he got a good few tracks id wanna hear

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