Mac Miller Says He Wanted To Get Jay Electronica On "Eggs Aisle" Song

Mac Miller recalls another collaboration with Jay Electronica that never saw the light of day.

Jay Electronica appeared as a guest on Mac Miller's "Suplexes Inside of Complexes and Duplexes," but in a recent interview with MTV News, Miller revealed that he had different plans for Jay Elec.

Apparently, Miller originally wanted the Roc Nation emcee on "Eggs Aisle," a track that appears from Miller's Live From Space album. "'Eggs Aisle' is a beat that [producer E-Dan] sent over and I loved it off top, made the song real quickly," said Mac. "Initially I was gonna get Jay Electronica on that record."

Miller continued, "I think what happened was 'Someone Like You' and 'Eggs Aisle' had a similar soundscape to them," he said. "They had similar synths in there, so it was one or the another for us when we were cutting tracks."

"When I sent him 'Suplexes' he was like, 'This is the one,' which was dope to me because it was a sensei/grasshopper moment when Jay Electronica picks my beat over E.Dan's," said Mac, laughing. "So ['Eggs Aisle'] got pushed to the side, but something like this is great to get its life back."

Watch the interview below:

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A live stream of Live From Space was made available on Tuesday (December 17), the same date as the album's release.

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