Black Milk Would Like To Collaborate With Eminem, Remembers J Dilla & Proof

Black Milk also discusses his thoughts on Detroit's Hip Hop scene in 2013.

Last month, Detroit rapper and producer Black Milk released his fifth studio album, No Poison No Paradise.

In a recent interview with Montreality, Milk discussed his opinion of Detroit's current Hip Hop scene. "I think it's great. I think it's incredible. ...I've been telling a lot of people, I feel like...this is the first time I'm feeling a certain kind of energy coming from the D where we have ... a nice amount of artists in the industry that's kind of giving Detroit a certain presence in the game, and I think it's gonna get crazier in the next year or two."

Black Milk also addressed the possibility of recording with fellow Detroit native, Eminem. "I would definitely like to see something like that, too. I don't know, It'd sound like Black Milk on a beat, it'd sound like Em on the verse, you know what I'm saying? Me doing what I do, Em, him doing what he does."

The discussion stayed on Detroit icons, this time the late J Dilla, who passed away in 2006 from a blood disease. "The record we did, it was a Slum Village record," said Milk. "It was called 'Reunion' that I did the beat for, I produced the track, and Dilla had spit a verse on there. Like, one of Dilla's illest verses. Like, top five, top ten Dilla verses. That was the first time I heard him on one of my beats... I was already like a Dilla stan or whatever, Slum Village stan, so to hear that, that shit kind of solidified and kind of let me know I was on the right path with what I was doing musically, production-wise, so that was kind of like my little stamp of approval. That was probably one of the craziest moments of my career."

Black Milk also reminisced about another late Detroit staple, Proof, who was fatally shot in 2006. "It was a few moments, because I actually went on tour with D12 in like, 2004, I think. I can't even think of one because it's so many. It's so much crazy shit I seen from Proof. But that was the thing about Proof: he was wild but he was still focused. He was still aware of what was going on around him, whether it was music or just people in general. I actually got a chance to work with him, too, on one of his albums, and do a couple beats for him also. Those was like the two mayors and forces of Detroit city Hip Hop. Dilla, Proof. I'm just fortunate I got a chance to work with both of those dudes."

Watch the interview below:

Black Milk released his latest album through his own label, Computer Ugly, and recently collaborated with Lauryn Hill and Jack White.

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  • Freda Carter

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  • g-sus

    both being from the D, I'm surprised Em hasn't reached out to Milk for some good beats years ago. Em's beat selection has dipped big time over the years.

  • Anonymous

    Black Milk looks like the unpussified version of B.o.B. in that picture

  • Anonymous

    black milk is not only nice on the mic, but with his production skills backed behind Eminem, there could potentially be a hit fucking record...not pop wise but for the raw hip hop heads

  • Dollface

    Okay interview, but you could seriously take that first part and just put "Insert Name Here" Would Like to Collaborate with Eminem" and the article would still be on point.

  • Anonymous


  • 666

  • 666

  • Anonymous

    I'd like to collaborate with Jay Z. Remember Tupac and Biggie?

  • Champagne Papi Life

    Eminem don't really fuck with talented Detroit artists...except for Royce. He used D-12 and Obie for street cred. Those ain't even the most talented people in Detroit. There are homeless people in the D who spit better. We all know how he did Royce in the late 90's-00's. Em never reached out to Dilla, Guilty and Elzhi, and he won't be reaching out to Black Milk. He might however reach out to Big Sean since he's a pop artist, but my guess is that Sean's album sales are too low now for Eminem to want to work with Big Sean. Eminem is a bitch ass shady piece of shit who only cares about himself and money. Gimmicky, misogynist, homophobic and racist jackass.

    • BCcoastin

      dont be hatin on em because of who he chooses to rap with. WTF is that man. it would be sick to hear Em spit with these dudes but it is what it is. Em is dope. All of Detroit is dope. Elzhi, guilty, black milk, danny brown, slum vill, royce, proof, DILLA and prob one of my favs One be lo. fuck your negativity

    • Anonymous

      maybe thats because eminem is rich as fuck and he dont like hangin out with broke niggas. makes sense to me.

    • Anonymous

      I was under the assumption that every high profile rapper Em does a song with is a result of Interscope

  • Mortis

    Better than working a yellow pole in your pie hole

  • Anonymous

    Everyone wants to work with Eminem and if they say they don't they're lying or afraid of sounding wack next to him

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