Jimmy Henchman Sentenced To Life In Prison

Jimmy Henchman was sentenced to life in prison in Brooklyn federal court. He is also facing a separate murder charge.

Jimmy Henchman, a former music executive and one-time manager of Game and others, was sentenced to life in prison on narcotics conspiracy and other charges in Brooklyn federal court yesterday (October 25), as per newsday.com.

Jimmy Henchman, whose given name is James Rosemond, was convicted of overseeing an $11 million a year cocaine trafficking enterprise that stretched from coast to coast and used a musical equipment shipping company as a cover to move cash and cocaine, according to newsday.com.

Prosecutor Todd Kaminsky told U.S. District Judge John Gleeson that Jimmy Henchman continued his operation even after he discovered that he was under investigation, according to The Wall Street Journal’s website.

"About every stereotype you can think of about a drug kingpin was reflected in how he lived," Kaminsky said, as per wsj.com.

The judge said he would have given Rosemond a life sentence even if it wasn't legally mandated, according to wsj.com.

"You chose that life and this is the punishment you get," the judge said, as per wsj.com.

"His image as a music impresario was a cover for the real Jimmy Rosemond, a thug in a suit," Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch said, as per newsday.com.

Two years ago, agents seized a case containing $790,000 in vacuum-sealed plastic in $100,000 bundles, prosecutors said, wsj.com says. After the seizure, Rosemond began stashing drugs in hidden compartments in cars that were transported from coast to coast, the site says.

Henchman’s lawyers claimed he was framed by members of his crew who pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against him, including a Los Angeles dealer who admitted to supplying more than 200 pounds of drugs to Henchman’s operation during a two-year period, wsj.com reports.

Jimmy Henchman, who also worked with Gucci Mane, still faces a separate charge of conspiracy to murder an associate of 50 Cent, newsday.com reports. That charge is being handled in federal court in Manhattan.

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  • The Don

    It's ridiculous that someone gets a life sentence for selling cocaine. People can put whatever they want into their bodies and no one has a right to tell them what they can or cannot use/abuse. Even though I only drink alcohol on occasion and have never done soft or hard drugs, I don't think that personal vices should be considered as crimes. Especially when cigarettes and alcohol are legal.

  • TRE

    Yo Jimmy how does it feel to be a federal informant and still get life in jail??

  • truuNRmuzik

    THIS FUCKIN GUY KILLED TUPAC!!! 2pac raps about it in "Against All Odds"

  • Anonymous

    "as so-called businessmen, they should have calculated the risks and benefits" Agreed, but usually money blinds them to the risks.

  • The real nigga checklist for BIG GUWOP

    1) killed a nigga --- check 2) never turned on the streets ---- check 3) beat niggas up ---- check 4) sells drugs ---- check 5) throws bitches out of cars --- check GUCCI MANE IS THE BLUE PRINT OF A REAL NIGGA

    • Anonymous

      the rap nigga checklist 1) put out a classic album? - nope 2) went platinum? nope 3) selling out shows around the world? - nope 4) makes songs with correctional officers - check

  • Fuck Brooklyn

    What it do Jimmy, what that life in the pen look like tho lol

  • Foreigner with bad english

    me no like, me say fuck`em

  • Anonymous

    rot in jail fuckin fishazz nicca

  • Burmy

    Life in prison should be for murder, aggravated rape, and child molestation...THAT'S IT.

    • Anonymous

      he had several people murdered....hes going to trial for one of them in a few months he probably looking at another life sentence

  • Bring it

    Lol once those cell doors close this nicca gon be on booty duty

  • Anonymous

    Further proof that Gayme is a bitch.. The evidence is coming out daily. I bet Gayme used to sit on this dudes lap.

  • realtalk

    Real gangsters don,t talk/they just walk Evidence that all so called hip hop gangster are fake/ all your so called heroes exposed : 2PAC (probably one of the greatest rappers, of all time if not the greatest) snitching on tape Against All Odds I heard he was light skined, stocky with a Haitian accent (Say his name, now) Jewelry, fast cars and he's known for flashing (whats his name) Listen while I take you back (Nigga, say his name!) and lace this rap A real live tale About a snitch named Hatian Jack Puffy getting robbed like a bitch. To hide that fact, He did some shit he shouldn't of did. (You know what) So he ride for that And that nigga that was for with me, Resting dead, Switching sides, Guess his new friends wanted him dead. Probably be murdered for this shit that I said I bring the real. 50 Cent (probably one of the greatest rappers, of all time if not the greatest) snitching on tape Ghetto Quaran When you hear talk of the Southside, you hear talk of the Team See, niggas feared Prince and respected Preme For all you slow muthafuckas I'm a break it down iller See Preme was a business man and Prince was the killer Remember, he used to push the bulletproof BM, uh huh This here get ya seasick, I sat back and peeped shit The roll with Easy Rider and they ain't get blunted Had the whole projects workin for fifty on five-hundred If the above is not snitching I don,t know what is

    • Anonymous

      how is it snitching if everyone in New york and and the cops already knew preme was a drug dealer that had already been to jail and they knew prince was a killer too, no one got sent to prison from any of those lyrics. karma caught up with all of those cats, thats it

    • Anonymous

      knew it was bullshit when you called 50 cent the greatest rapper of alltime

    • Anonymous

      bullshit lol

  • yui

    Nigga murdered 2pac too! 2pac named him in the 7 day theory.

  • Rik Rozz

    Rick Ross Checklist: -half an milli -nu bugati -snepbeck -timbs -rolecks -popsicul -buket of KFC -sweg -titties Time to go to mi studio n mak muzik Comment if you ready for new music.

  • Rozay ate my chicken wings

    Rick Ross is a dope rapper I aint gon lie but he needs to stop all his lies he aint no drug dealer nigga was a corrections officer he was paid to snitch on inmates and get other inmates to snitch. He was so good at snitching he got an award that's where the pictures came from after he left the job he started ghostwriting for slip n slide artists. Then he saw the real rick ross from L.A and he shaved his head grew a beard called him self rick ross and all of a sudden he was a cocaine kingpin...........and ya'll niggas believe that shit ?

  • George Zimmerman

    I'M INNOCENT. I DIDNT DO IT! LOL *eat some skittles, sips some tea*

  • Rik Rozz

    Time For Sum Statistikz: Jayz- 10% sweg 10% illuminati 80% lipz Kanye- 15% snepback 5% bugati 85% nigur Rick Ross- 100% titties Comment if you like statistics.


    Everyone still so pissed off bout pac getting blasted he left enough music for like 20 albums Biggie didn't leave shit frank white fans got robbed well worse and IMO biggie was a far better mc flow storytelling and just the way he put words together

  • damn homie

    tough break nigga!!!!!,,,,hold you butt cheeks tight,,,,(dave chappelle voice) lol!!!!!

  • dj nemesis

    idc how much cocaine someone supplied, life in prison is insane...i think 30-40 years in a cell is enough to make someone learn their lesson..life is retarded

  • Anonymous

    Jay is a Nas stan. 1. Jay-Z begged Nas and AZ to be on "Bring It On" song off the Reasonable Doubt album. But Nas turned it down. 2. Jay-Z begged Nas to be on Dead Presidents so Nas turned him down so he sampled him. 3. Jay-Z sampled Nas voice AGAIN on Crack Game/Rap Game or whatever the fuck. 4. Jay-Z used to rap like the fu-schnickens but tried to switch his shit up when he heard Illmatic 5. The fact that Jay even knew Nas' child's mother is stalker-ish 6. Jay-Z said "Who's the best MC, Jay-Z, Biggie and NAS" before the beef 7. Jay-Z admitted to listening to ALL of Nas albums in Takeover 8. Jay-Z randomly showed up at the recording of "Black Republican" and put himself on that track (No, it wasn't a planned collab) 9. Jay-Z had AZ in the video for Dead Presidents 10. Jay-Z started working with people like Frank Ocean and Jay Electronica after NAS shouted them out and worked with them first 11. Jay-Z tried to get Nas on the Empire State song AND REMIX but Nas refused both 12. Jay-Z invited Nas to perform at the Carnegie Hall show recently I could go on forever...Because Jay has been on Nas' dick forever. This is why Nas called him a "STAN". For years this dude has been seeking out attention from Nas but Nas ignored him so he started sampling him and stalking him, trying to fuck with AZ and his child's mother...Like a weirdo...Then he throws a little stalker fit because Nas has been shunning him, getting angry just like STAN from the song. Nas is mature now, he's grown, I think at some point he just said "Okay, this dude loves me, he's a fan, I might as well be his friend" lol It was never a real "beef" to win or lose. Jay-Z just wanted Nas to acknowledge him all along.

  • Rik Rozz

    STRANGE STORY: Cashier: Wat U want sir DJ Khaled: Mcdonulds sawsage Cashier: Dis is Burger King DJ Khaled: Hot choklate in mi hands, and teh kream hitz mi face Cashier: Wut? DJ Khaled: Dat whoop kream on mi nose Cashier: Pleez leave DJ Khaled: U dunt even get mad, u dunt wipe et off Cashier: Am callin teh copz DJ Khaled: An teh biskut is so amazin Police: U are under arrest, wat teh fuk is yur name? Dj Khaled: D J KHALED! Am So Hood! Police: Shut teh fuk up fatass Comment if liked this strange story.

    • Anonymous

      Rockie Fresh of MMG said the nigga got nothing in common with biggie except weight

    • Anonymous

      forgot about that gay ass mcdonalds commercial DJ Khaled did! I wonder if he still gets free big macs for that shit.

    • Rik Rozz

      @truth Suk mi dik nigur

    • Ricky Rozay

      Nigga Rozay is the closest hting to Biggie. Biggies closest partner Diddy even said that shit. Ross may not be as lyrical but he make the same type of songs as Biggie. You niggas can hate all you want Ross is the new Biggie. Bawse!!!!!!

    • truth

      sum these are funny but don't ask ppl to comment if they liked it that shit sounds lame n corny like u begging for approval if its funny niggas ill let u know

  • p

    "$790,000 in vacuum-sealed plastic in $100,000" LOL I think someone took a $10,000 finder's fee...

  • Anonymous

    he be glad ja rule outta pen now, rule wouldve murked the nigga on sight for his game, g-unot affiliation.

  • Rik Rozz

    TRUE STORY: "Hov working at a bakery" Customer: I want an donut. Jayz: 500 million I got an pound cake Customer: No, juss an donut Jayz: Look at mi nek, I got an carrot cake Customer: Juss one fukin donut Jayz: Get dem an red nose, dey clown cakes Customer: Lemme talk to yur manager Jayz: Nao heres teh icing on teh cake Customer: Fuk dis Jayz: Cake cake cake cake cake cake Comment if you enjoyed this story.

  • bswag

    Future, 2Chainz, French Montana, Waka Flocka they all push much more caine , while shooting niggas dead ..and dont get caught. Jimmy was amateur.

    • Anonymous

      you just named a bunch of studio gangsters. 2 of them been robbed, 2 of them been shot up... jimmy aint ever get no holes put in his head like french

  • Rik Rozz

    TRUE STORY: Rick Ross: Wat u doin jimmeh henchmen? Henchmen: Sellin kokaine Rick Ross: Am callin teh copz Henchmen: Pleez dunt, I will buy u sum KFC Rick Ross: 18 peece buket pleaz Henchmen: fukin fatass Comment if you liked.

  • FuckAHenchman

    I'm playing Pac's "Against All Odds" in honor of this sentencing. Bout fucking time!

  • Anonymous

    Hahahahhahahahhaha, have fun in jail dickhead.

  • Leslie Owens

    before I looked at the check four $7783, I accept that...my... friends brother woz really bringing home money part-time from there new laptop.. there friend brother has done this for only about nine months and a short time ago took care of the mortgage on their cottage and purchased a great Acura. link http://smal.ly/RetxB

  • Anonymous

    lmao at internet nerds everybody is talking about "snitches" like they are real gangstas or some shit. get the fuck outta here

  • Anonymous

    justice wont be served until this niggga. dead. rip pac n big.

  • hunter

    he and puffy should be locked up for life for setting up pac in 94 technically he started the east vs west beef thankyou for giving us hit em up lol...

  • Anonymous

    50 snitched on preme and after they shot him nine times: that should be at the top of the list; Tony Yayo snitched on Jimmy Henchaman after they shot and killed Lodi; 5o snitched on MURDER INC, telling the cops they were being financed by drug money. SNI SNI SNI SNI SNI SNI SNITCH UNIT!!!

    • 3 headedmosntah

      damn i never knew it was snitching when an true hiphop gangsta artist keeps it real on his shit.. thats whats wrong with wacc ass artists now. lies are in every bar. i want the proof every one keep saying bout fif.

    • Anonymous

      do internet lames know what the fuck the word snitch means anymroe. HOLY SHIT! YOU DONT SOUND COOL SAYING 'SNITCH' SAY IT RIGHT. Calling cops = Not a snitch Cooperating with the police to take down yo boy = SNitch GOT DAMN U LAMES SUCK

    • anon

      give me the link. now.

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign 100%

  • Anonymous

    This dumbass couldnt snitch himself out.

  • Anonymous

    the Henchmen Gunit Beef was real beef bodies got dropped and shootings happend e.g 2006 before the slapping Yayo and his goons got into a big brawl with Henchmen and them in the awards after Yayo g-checked henchmen and there was a shoot out outside close by between them...they shut down the whole awards "Tony Yayo came with the goons and bumrushed the door, and it was a wrap after that" It was not too long after Yayos mothers got shot up, the nigggas who did it, allegedly got dropped, in retaliation for his mothers getting shot up Henchmen wanna hope he dont run into them Edgemere nikkas like Dead eye in the pen, Lodi was his right hand man. " Wanta talk to a rat?call jimmy henchmen he will tell U about me. " -50cent

    • Nate Higger

      "They were reported on hip-hop websites"... You are fucking dumb if you believe any of these fabricated stories on any of these websites. Internet editors are trash, anybody can write anything they want and call it news

    • K Dot

      @Anonymous but.. a lot of those things actually happened.. they were reported on Hip Hop news sites..

    • Anonymous

      Aint none of these niggas gonna be your heroes, go home niggas! they all the same!

    • Anonymous

      Lol at Gay-Unit dickrida. Jimmy is a real G, 50 and his snitch crew are faggots who talk to police

    • Anonymous

      So now Yayo's a gangsta? lol Look at you believing what G Unit used to tell you in their fabricated songs.

  • Anonymous

    some walter white shit.

  • Life in prison or RAT

    Joe budden snitched on ransom Alfamega snitched on a drug dealer in florida T.I took the stand in a murder trial but I wouldn't call it snitching Officer ricky is the ultimate snitch a C.O is paid to snitch on ppl and get others to become snitches That south nigga cant member his name robbed in the barber shop snitched in court big time Ppl say 50 a snitch but he actually hasn't snitched on anyone the order of protection is automatically issued by nypd in assault cases Im sure theres a shit-load more we don't know about

    • Anonymous

      but no one from murder inc or preme ever got charged or convicted of having 50 shot up....

    • Anonymous

      50 snitched on Preme & Murder Inc after they shot him nine times = HOW DA FUCK DOES THAT MAKE SENSE. GOT DAMN. U THE SAME IDIOT FROM ABOVE. LEARN WHAT THE WORD MEANS HOE

    • Anonymous

      50 snitched on preme and MURDER INC after they shot him nine times: that should be at the top of the list.

  • 2PAC

    Promised a payback Jimmy Henchman in due time, I know u bitch niggas is listening even though you Niggaz can't see me the game and the world is still mine..

  • Anonymous

    When is it Suge Knight's Turn?

  • us of a

    at the end of the day 50 CENT IS STILL A SNITCH WORD!!!!! so all the 50 stans come n get me

  • Rumando

    Funny how he convinced Game to make the DVD "Stop Snitchin, Stop Lyin" about 50 snitching on people but turns out he snitched on a couple of folks. KARMA eventually parks in everyone's driveway whether you do good or bad deeds but for sure after hearing this I know 50 is somewhere laughing and Tupac can rest in his grave peacefully

  • RicCat

    Here's what keeping it "real" gets you. Toast

  • Anonymous

    "The biggest twist in this story, perhaps, was the confession from Dexter Isaac. Isaac revealed he was the one who shot Tupac Shakur in 1994 at New York Citys Quad Studios under orders from Jimmy Henchman."

  • Anonymous

    Jimmy Henchman Rosemond is co-operating with the FEDS. He told them Slim was part of his drug trafficking ring. "Sources tell us thats why Anthony Slim The Mobster Johnson, was recently arrested in Lakeland by the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department. According to his August, 07 2013 arrest record, the 36-year-old Aftermath recording artist was booked on an undisclosed misdemeanor, housed, and released all within 30-minutes not only without any word of bond posted, but also no notes of any upcoming court date."

  • Anonymous

    "during the trial, prosecutors introduced an October 13, 2011 Proffer Agreement, where Rosemond met with authorities in hopes of ultimately reaching a Cooperation Agreement with prosecutors." ..... "In a blockbuster admission, Rosemond claimed that he had regularly sold Wyclefs driver E a number of kilograms if coke."

  • Anonymous

    Skinny'not real at all" Rick Ross-SNITCH

  • Anonymous

    Ray Lucas-SNITCH, Alpo-SNITCH, N. Barnes-SNITCH, what the fuck did y'all expect from this clown and he got his dues. Moral of the story kids, most of these hustler/cats are soft.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    wonder if hes chillin with fat joe in there

  • Anonymous

    You do dirt, you get dirt, that just the way life goes

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Watch the Henchman trial, see a rat rat on a rat

  • Prison for ever aint worth no amount of money

    Actually doing real gangster right there also a real stupid greedy motherfucker

  • Anonymous

    didn't he have something to do with Wyclef's bogus charity for Haiti too?

  • Anonymous

    Snitches get stitches! Have fun in PC

  • Anonymous

    Damn homie! In the 90's you was the man homie, fuck happen to you?

  • Anonymous

    Tupac's revenge A real live tale about a snitch named Haitian Jack Knew he was workin for the feds, same crime, different trials Nigga, picture what he said, and did I mention Promised a payback, Jimmy Henchman, in due time I know you bitch niggas is listenin, The World Is Mine Set me up, wet me up, niggas stuck me up Heard the guns bust but you tricks never shut me up

    • Anonymous

      Hatian set up pac for the rape trial..he even introduced him to the hoe who said pac raped her.... the police were looking to pin anything on pac at the time cuz of him getting away with shooting cops...he was a serious problem to the hip hop police..they needed help from police informants like haitian jack when the feds didnt need him anymore they deported his ass

    • BCcoastin

      damn i miss pac. emotion and truth always

    • Anonymous

      Yo money, Haitian Jack was/is not snitch and you wonder why Pac got hit in N.Y..

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