Joey Bada$$ "Summer Knights" EP Release Date, Tracklisting

Joey Bada$$ is set to release the "Summer Knights" EP, which includes five tracks from his "Summer Knights" mixtape, as well as two new cuts.

Joey Bada$$ is scheduled to release his Summer Knights EP digitally October 29.

The seven-track project includes five songs from the Summer Knights mixtape the Brooklyn, New York rapper released in July, as well as two new songs. The two new selections are "My Jeep" and an alternate version of "My Yout" that features Maverick Sabre.

Today, Joey Bada$$ released the video for his song "Hillary Swank," which is included on his forthcoming EP and was included on the Summer Knights mixtape.

Summer Knights is named after the Chuck Strangers-produced song from Joey's 2012 mixtape, 1999. The tape would later receive Mixtape Of The Year honors from HipHopDX.

The Summer Knights EP tracklisting is as follows:

1. "Hilary $wank"

2. "My Yout" f. Maverick Sabre

3. "Sit N' Prey" f. Dessy Hinds & T'nah Apex

4. "95 Til Infinity"

5. "#LongLiveSteelo" f. T'nah Apex

6. "My Jeep" f. Meechie Darko, Issa Gold, Chuck Strangers

7. "My Yout" f. Collie Buddz

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  • Anonymous

    " yeah sure" that has to be the stupidest thing I've heard Holy shit my head hurts

  • Anonymous

    Yeah right you are a fucking idiot

  • Anonymous

    Joey Badass is the East Coast Kendrick Lamar. Give this kid a year or two and he will be one of the biggest figures in hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      What makes you think he will be irrelevant? He is only getting bigger as time goes by. Him and Bronson are about take the rap world by storm.

    • Yeah sure

      It must be nice to imagine and bullshit smells good too. Fuck that shit! I say give a year or two and the guy will be irrelevant

  • DrebinSlevin

    This kid's buzz has been on silent since Summer Knights the mixtape came out, I guess none of these blogs wanna say that it wasn't nearly as good as 1999 after trying to prop him up as the East Coast answer to Kendrick. Notice how little coverage it and the rest of Pro Era have gotten in the last few months? Joey's next mixtape should be called "Nostalgia Porn" because that's all he makes.

    • Wickeeed

      All asap is doing is stealing from the south and trap movement, ain't nothin new york about that.... Although Knights didn't live up to '99, Joeys got the right idea and he transformed his "nostalgia porn" on this tape. B4.da,$ better crush 99' or this kids fucked though.

    • Fuck asap

      Stealing other people slang and trying so hard to act, talk, and rap like your from the south is not moving forward and is not being original and its not hip hopthat shit is str8 up biting oh yeah and im talking bout lame ass asap

    • Anonymous

      Harry Fraud and Chuck Strangers you lil bitch

    • Anonymous

      Then how is NY supposed to sound like then? Not like it did in 1993, its 2013! Boom-bap is dead. Asap Rocky and Ferg are the best NY has to offer right now.

    • Anonymous

      Rocky is whack and Ferg is okay, but making songs with skrillex is not how new york should sound like, rocky is also gay as fuck so to bring new york back, joey and pro era are the ones

    • Anonymous

      New York's gotta move forward, not backward... so I support people like ASAP Rocky and Ferg instead of troy aves or joey badass

    • Anonymous

      "Nostalgia Porn" is spot on, but I like how he's bringing New York's style back to a time where New York actually had a style.

  • Blakjustus

    JB is the future


    Fuck this, im waiting on B4 DA $$

  • V-Nasty is God

    Even though Joey and his deceased homeboy dissed the Based God and I didn't like them for it, I can't hold it against them. He and Pro Era are fucking nice. He reminds me of a modern day cross of Big L and DOOM. He should have made more new tracks and turned this into a LP.

    • Anonymous

      more like Nas and DOOM

    • Fuck v nasty

      He should of took the time and effort to make a whole new cd summer knights was dope but all that shits mad old now son, fuckin lazy ass rappers always rehashing and recycling and rereleasing the same shit, such a disappointment and i actaully like joey badass one of the few new rappers i like him and action bronson are the only rappers from new york who sound actually like new york

  • Wayne S. Webb

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  • Wtf

    Summer knights already came out a while ago yall r sleeping

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