Chief Keef "Almighty So" Cover Art, Tracklisting, Download & Stream

Chief Keef returns with the 15-track "Almighty So" mixtape.

Chief Keef has released the Almighty So mixtape. Hosted by DJ Scream, the 15-cut mixtape arrives two months after the Chicago rapper released his Bang Part Two mixtape.

In 2011, Chief Keef released his Bang mixtape. Other prominent releases from the Interscope artist include 2012's Back From The Dead mixtape, which spawned the viral hit “I Don’t Like.” 

Keef's 2012 major label debut album, Finally Rich, also included the popular street track. The video for “I Don’t Like” has been viewed on YouTube more than 28 million times.

Almighty So is available for download

The Almighty So cover art, tracklisting and stream are as follows:

“Almighty So Intro”

2. “Sucka” f. Cdai

3. “Ape Shit”

4. “Hunchoz”

5. “In Love With The Gwop”

6. “Young Rambos”

7. “Blew My High”

8. “Me” f. Tadoe

9. “Self” f. Tadoe

10. “Nice”

11. “Salty”

12. “Woulda Coulda”

13. “I Kno”

14. “Baby Whats Wrong With You”

15. “Yesterday”

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  • Nahh

    nahhh, Keef can do better than this tape. You can barely understand him. Boy needs some guidance. Not no "YES MEN" in his camp. They probably scared of his reaction, reason why nobody tells him his shits wack! Can't hate on success though.

    • V-Nasty is God

      "YES MEN" That's the only way that explains the flow of retarded shit he's come up with after "Don't Like". Either that or he replaced the opinion of his niggas with record label execs. How in the fuck was he a better rapper at 15/16 than he is now? He sounds like a robot going through puberty getting fucked in the ass now.

  • Straight Classic

    this album is a Classic piece of shit.

  • Chi-ladin

    I grew up in Chicago AND Atlanta both equally in the Chi from 82 to 1993 and then from 2002 to 2003 and Atlanta from 1993 to 2000 and I came back in 2005 and I still live here and I'm TIRED of these Chicago niggas dick riding Atlanta as well as the rest of the country. Every nigga is turnt up or a trap nigga or calling people fuck niggas or fuck boys but ATL shit. Chicago niggas on that drill shit need to find another lane cus' EVERY other nigga sounds like Keef and since he got signed his music has been getting garbage and you can barely understand what the fuck he is saying and he has SO many yes men around him that nobody can tell him that his shit sounds trash. His beats are hot and every now and then he says some reckless shit but all this slurring words and autotune shit is trash. Plus for the LAST TWO mixtapes he's been JACKING Gucci Mane's sorry ass style. This shit is sad that drugs have took this young niggas brain and he's only 17!

  • katherineparker198

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  • dentaldamboy

    He's the new tupac baby.

  • Anonymous

    this little kid man he just gets attention because he is reckless just like gucci mane. although i love Gucci that boy is crazy just keep giving him that drank and hyperbolic behaviour will stay if he gets sober i dont know how he will rack it up

  • Lawanda M. Bunch

    til I looked at the receipt which was of $4812, I accept sister woz actualey erning money parttime on-line.. there dads buddy started doing this for less than nine months and recently repayed the morgage on their villa and bought Mercedes-Benz S-class. check out the post right here

    • Ja Rule Army

      yawn........................does anybody even understand that shit yikes you want people to read your 'spam' at least be coherent about it. I know its the internet i aint using proper punctuation and shit but damn spell your shit right

  • Daniel

    lmao @ the photoshop effects.

  • Anonymous

    is that a face tat?

  • Anonymous

    Keith cries over 60 days in juvie but now hes wearing a 'Free Keef' shirt LOL

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