Meek Mill Says Cassidy Disrespected Lil Snupe On "Catch A Body"

Meek Mill questions why it took so long for rappers to respond to Kendrick Lamar's "Control" verse, refers to them as "soft."

Kendrick Lamar’s highly-praised addition to Big Sean’s “Control” may go down as a verse that sparked more of a social media war than a lyrical one. A number of Hip Hop veterans including Big Daddy Kane and Virginia rapper Skillz expressed their disbelief with rappers turning to Twitter rather than the studio upon hearing Kendrick’s “Control” verse. And Maybach Music Group spitter Meek Mill has become the latest artist to question why there was such a delay when it concerned artist’s responses to “Control.”

During an interview with Jay Z’s Life + Times, Meek Mill revealed that there’s no need to wait for an album to drop or meticulously plan out a response when an artist is called out on a record.

“Where I come from, somebody say ya name in a rap you get back at ‘em,” Meek explained. “Like you don’t wait til ya album come out. You don’t try to do no chess moves bullshit, no. If you rap, you get back at ‘em. And I don’t know what’s taking other niggas [so] long to get back at ‘em. These niggas be soft though…Nas say ‘Jay Z.’ Jay Z come at Nas. Kiss say ‘Beans.’ Beans come at him. Niggas go to the radio station and rap. I don’t know about all this new shit that’s going on.”

Meek went on to again express his “respect” for Kendrick Lamar, but didn’t seem as amiable when speaking on Cassidy, an artist he’s traded diss records with for quite some time. The Dreams And Nightmares rapper seemed particularly vexed when asked about Cassidy referencing the late Addarren “Lil Snupe” Ross on “Catch A Body.”

On “Catch A Body,” Cassidy raps, “I ain't broke chill, man I'm still worth a few mill/You remind me of Sisqo from Dru Hill/Fuck how you feel, you got Lil Snupe killed/And you only ride out on two wheels.” Lil Snupe was killed just months ago in Winnfield, Louisiana; he signed to Meek Mill’s Dream Chasers Records last year.

“I be going back and forth with Cassidy. I just do it cause I like that shit. I don’t earn nothing from coming at no Cassidy. I’m just having fun…I don’t gotta drop a diss rap to keep you popping. No, let’s let you die down. You know what I mean? Matter of fact, wake up, ‘I feel like coming at him today’…Yeah, that’s some bitch ass shit,” said Meek when asked about the Lil Snupe reference on “Catch A Body.” “You a bitch ass nigga. Don’t be talking about nobody that’s dead cause when you see me you ain’t gonna talk like that. So, why talk like that on a track? That’s disrespectful. Say if I see you one of my homies disrespect you. I ain’t gonna be able to hold nobody back. I ain’t holding nobody back. You sitting here talking about a dead man. I ain’t got nothing to do with it.

Meek recently released diss records aimed at both Kendrick Lamar and Cassidy with "Ooh Kill Em" and “Kendrick You Next.” Cassidy’s “Catch A Body” served as the Philly rapper’s response to Meek’s “Kendrick You Next.”

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  • 614grind

    This guy tried to put Rick Ross in the same class as Nas, Jay, T.I., 50, and Wayne.

  • hh

    meek mills sucks.....cant rap for shit.....the fact that hes rich doesnt prove shit except that there are a lot of stupid ass people out there that dont know shit about true hip hop.....stop using money to prove if someone is good or not cause you put yourself with all the dumbasses who bought his crap.....Cassidy kills him all day no question....its embarrassing for Cas to even battle this dude....

  • hubcapface

    How can Meek say when a rapper calls him out he gets back at them? Cassidy accepted his challenge for a live rap battle and he totally backed down! Cas has murdered this cat at every stage of this battle...smh

  • SJ7

    Stop foolin yourselves, Meek ain't doin shit and Cassidy is 10 times the rapper he is and more. Lmao Cassidy gonna be fine. He ain't scared of shit, he done got on Meek and Meek know Casisdy better than him.

  • Anonymous

    yall some dumb fucks thinkin meekmill better than cassidy. Cassidy is real rap. these sorry niggas out nowdays fuckin that shit up. Meek mill cant even fuck with kendrick wtf??? Yall some clown niggas who dont know rap

  • BrioneTheTeen

    Its crazy how people can hate so much on meek. What you have to understand is meek is too busy making money and music to be dealing with irrelevant niggas. Im not saying meek is the shit but like it or not the dude has talent. Everyones bashing him about how he waited nine months to comeback at cassidy when you should be worried about how cassidy dissed lil snupe (r.i.p)

  • Raul Vasquez

    Meek mills " ain't got to do shit nigga so rich he come from you're blindside and won't even know ityou niggas on here are squares MONEY TALKS lil niggas and MEEK MILLS got a lot of that and that's word from a real nigga how you feel about that !!!!

  • Anonymous

    cassidy just scared i hope meek cathes him in the street and rides for lil snupe

    • Anonymous

      meek aint doing nothing to anybody in the streets lil nigga is terrified of going back to jail he said so himself. he bitch nigga status all talk studio twitter gangsta thats it

  • Anonymous

    "couldnt meek go to him.?" Nobody who issues a challenge turns around and goes to his opponent. The ball was in Cassidy's court and he was hiding.

  • Anonymous

    "cass went plat" His first album went gold, and his second sold 93,000 1st week lol

  • Anonymous

    meekmills must lost his nigga but he still winning

  • Anonymous

    this is sad rip lilsnupe meekmills need to sign dimitriswaggkid harris add him on facebook or follow on

  • Anonymous

    meek mills his the real azz nigga

  • Anonymous

    this isad rip lilsnupe

  • Anonymous

    "Cassidy wasnt even in town when Meek wanted to battle" Ever heard of an airplane?

    • Anonymous

      meek gave him like 3 hours, not really enough time to book and catch a flight. why couldnt meek go to him.? hes the one always talking about all his money should he have a private jet on standby>?

  • Anonymous

    "This ain't the 80s or 90s, they walking around with TECHNOLOGY to do music ON THE SPOT" Your assuming Meek Mill has nothing better to do with his time than to run to the studio and record a track that will make him no money. People only respond overnight if you make it personal. Weak name calling and swearing doesn't require an immediate response.

    • Anonymous

      "Your assuming Meek Mill has nothing better to do with his time than to run to the studio and record a track" Becuase he doesnt! He can run to twitter and start instagramming pics dissing niggas all night but cant go to the studio and make a hot song? You could tell he was mad after he heard RAID and started tweeting like crazy for hours

  • Anonymous


  • sucka mcs

    sucka mcs = MMGrappers . w/ the exception of rockie fresh, boy got potential , he need to move along from that stepping stone, shit sinking quick .

  • Anonymous

    This fool posted a photoshopped picture of Cassidys mom on instagram or twitter. He said Cassidy should have died in his car accident but sayig he got Lil Snupe killed is too much for him LMAO what a fucking clown

  • Anonymous

    I could have sworn Cassidy said something aboout Meeks dead father in a previous diss months ago but it wasnt a problem why is Lil Snupe so special

  • TMZ

    Kendrick Lamar diss eminem !

  • Chi-Ill

    Didn't this nikka wait a few months after Cass drop RAID?!

  • Chi-Ill

    Didn't this nikka wait like a few after Cass Raid?

  • Cassidy

    How you get chewed up and spit out by an irrelevant nigga

  • Rebecca D. Garcia

    like Barry said I am dazzled that a mother able to profit $8387 in a few weeks on the internet. browse around this site... And please reconsider you war on drugs" is a reflection of this line, and actually the last verse as a whole. It was skillfully done.

  • LD

    Meek Mill you motherfuckerin sucka!!! Definition of a bitch!

  • xx009

  • Anonymous

    "thats not how battling works u do nt get dissed hard on raid then wait 9 months to respond" Responding the next day isn't how real life works.

    • Anonymous

      How REAL LIFE works, Meek is paid to make MUSIC. So if he's in the studio making songs, feature verses, whatever, he has TIME to respond to a diss track. A LOT of those "new" songs YOU hear are done a WHILE ago. This ain't the 80s or 90s, they walking around with TECHNOLOGY to do music ON THE SPOT. ANYWHERE. Da f*ck YOU talking about?

    • imho

      battling isnt real life shit people respond the next day on battles all the time and even if its not the next dya...its never 9 months lolll maybe 9 days tops

    • Anonymous

      waiting 9 months and using some recycled bars from a radio freestyle aint how it works either Meek lost again for catching feelings

  • xx009

  • J P

    How long did it take for Meek to drop? Statute of limitations been over when it comes to responding to that verse.

  • Anonymous

    Has Meek Mill responded to Joe Budden yet? Yeah I didn't think so.... he needs to shut his hole

  • Anonymous

    this dude took the longest out of anyone to respond to kendrick? what the fuck?

  • dj nemesis

    this comin from the guy that ducked cassidy for 9 months...

    • Anonymous

      Cassidy aint duck meek. Thats just what meek told you on twitter LOL Cassidy wasnt even in town when Meek wanted to battle and he said he would only do it that night cause he knew Cassidy couldnt get there. Sucka shit

    • Anonymous

      Cassidy ducked him before that and is scared to battle.

  • Kev

    Big Sean soft for not getting back at PAPOOSE!

  • True2HipHop

    Meek you called out Cassidy's death first so don't play with the MCs when you're just a rapper. Rappers are wack MCs Only (Yes there is a huge difference). MMGIsWack

  • True2HipHop

    He's just butt hurt that his lil snupe aka wackness was called out & he now feels he needs to defend his friends name. Too bad he isn't a lyrical combat fighter when it comes to this Hip Hop. It's Hip Hop mills not Kids Bop with you shouting & making simple rhymes (they did that in kindergarden loser). Cassidy is always better.

  • anonymous

    Cassidy just countered Meeks low blow (wishing he died in the car crash) with a haymaker, and Meek couldn't take what he dished out. If Meek was really in the streets he'd be dead with his delusions of grandeur, reckless talk, emotional reactions and illogical thinking. I've seen hoes with more heart.

  • meekisdumb

    Did anyone else find the irony in this article's headline? Meek Mill questions why it took so long for rappers to respond to Kendrick Lamar's "Control" verse LOL

  • KingO

    Meek Mill wants to be down with G Unit sooo bad, because he would be the one to resurrect the G Unit, and to have that glory, Meek would not pass this up. He clearly admires 50...But Imagine that. Revamped G Unit with Meek, Kidd Kidd, Lloyd Banks, Precoious Paris, Yayo, and the boss himself. That would be bananas....Im looking into the future. Real tizalk!!


    meek mill aint no tupac

  • Anonymous

    Clit Mill= Definition of a pussy wanna be thug

  • 666



  • EtOH

    how the fuck is Cass still alive after Meek ja ruled his career?

  • hey

  • Anonymous

    i thought he said he didnt listen to the diss track see thats a bitch ass nigga for ya

  • Anonymous

    Meek can disrespect you but the minute you say anything about his lil homie dead homie that he's been exploiting to make money he gets mad! what a chump

  • Anonymous

    its all "fun" and "competition" until somebody gets their feelings hurt LOL Meek talk that talk but he a bitch

  • Anonymous

    dont this dude got a mixtape and a group album coming out? and he talking about rappers waiting til their albums come out to diss people LMAO. nigga it took you 6 months to come back to cassidys irrelevant ass

  • Anonymous

    Meek's the reason I wish artists didn't use twitter and shit. The dudes actually selling records are the ones that barely, if at all use social media... all that twitter shit just waters down your voice and opinions, and then no one ends up buying your album cause we already know what you're all about.

    • StankinASS

      good point, reminds me of what Adam Sandler says about Myspace in that "Funny People" movie. He says "I don't have a Myspace, I fuck women, I don't have time for that shit."

  • Anonymous

    when twitter or instagram stops poppin', so will he. poor album sales & mixtapes won't keep him relevant 5 years down the road.

  • Anonymous

    Not a fan of Ems album Encore? You werent the only one. The album should have been a lot better though. This website tells you how to get the album the way I should of sounded.

  • Anonymous

    Smh, Meek got a shredded mini wheat brain.

  • REALLYStrange

    Meek questions why rappers took so long to respond to control? Is this nigga high or stupid af? NIGGA YOU WAS THE LAST ONE TO RESPOND!! WHO YOU TALKIN ABOUT? FOH!

  • dentaldamboy

    I been waitin outside meek shows for the last year tryn to suck the brown off the nigga dick but he ain't havin it. I guess I still got my aubrey graham poster to finger my ass to.

  • imho

    now im fully convinced meek mill is retarded.. 1) took him like 8 months to respond 2 cassidy..and when he did it was like what 6 bars of straight wackness. 2) you were the last person to respond to control. 3) when u battle rap on wax u supposed to diss the person ur not expected to say the shit u say in a friendly or non friendly battle rap to the person ur battling.. full retard mode

    • Art Brooks

      Co-sign. This bitch-ass talking about it takes Rappers forever to respond when they got called out. Ummm, okay.

    • Anonymous

      if timely fashion means 3 weeks later

    • imho

      @anon1-- thats not how battling works u do nt get dissed hard on raid then wait 9 months to respond lol. but after he said that he goes on saying jayz/nas then beans/kiss how u make a diss and bang the reply is right there.. then goes to say idk about all this new shit thats going on.. apparently he does its called twitter bec thats all he do when he gets dissed..but ill give him his props for being the ONLY rapper called out to respond and in timely fashion too. and the song was actually decent too

    • Anonymous

      meek aint doing shit for fun he jumps on twitter 2 hours after these songs come out and starts poppin off about his money and cars he aint built for this battle shit

    • @anon1

      meek contradicted himself, be clear

    • Anonymous

      Meek clearly stated he's doing this for fun. He can pop up whenever and keep the shit going cause this ain't making him no money.

  • anoj

    clown ass bitch right here meek is officially done. u run the streets kendrick run the backpack? but u say cass disrespected u. nigga didnt u say u wished cass died in that car crash. eat a dick meek.

  • Not Impressed

    Why does this guy think he's so relevant and popular? His first record sold what, 300K copies in total? He can't even get a second album out, he's still dropping mixtapes. I hope he's saving his tour money because I have a feeling he's about to end up like Tony Yayo. One album, then gone within the next year or two. I'm not impressed

    • Anonymous

      a mixtape artist at best. he's already peaked and put out a ton of mixtapes, creatively I think it's a wrap for dude...these new dudes are selling records and being artistic about it and meek's "hottest" shit is saying "levels to this shit" over and over.

    • Anonymous

      Do you not get radio in the ghetto? Meek has been on a shitload of songs. He'll easily see another album, but it's actually better for him to just jump on songs and keep his name out there.

    • Anonymous

      he been pushing his mixtape back since february LOL, been promoting Dreamchasers 3 more than his fucking album that flopped LOL

  • Ja Rule Army

    Meek Mill disrespected us too...wasn't going to respond. Dude needs to quit 'battling' if you call this shit that. stick to making party anthems

  • freshyboi

    "Where I come from, somebody say ya name in a rap you get back at em, Meek explained. Like you dont wait til ya album come out. You dont try to do no chess moves bullshit, no. If you rap, you get back at em. And I dont know whats taking other niggas [so] long to get back at em." Did this fool really just say that? The same dude who took 9 months, a whole pregnancy to respond to Cassidy with some recycled bars he used on the radio???? LOL

    • Anonymous

      He already issued the challenge to Cassidy to battle. Unfortunately, the hustla was conveniently out of town lol He doesn't get internet? Somebody in his camp would have heard what Meek said and Cass could have responded immediately instead of hiding like the bitch he is.

    • imho

      a whole pregnancy LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO dying

    • Cage

      Exactly, this is one of the main clowns that runs to twitter first... Fuck outta here meek, stop contradicting yourself

  • Anonymous

    When Meek says Cass should have died in that car accident its just rapping but if Cassidy says Meek got Lil Snupe killed its a problem and disrespectful now?

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